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Shabby Rose Flower Tutorial - Using Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die

This is the shabby rose I will be showing you how to make in this tutorial.
Tim Holtz Tattered florals Die* (see note in Extras below) - cut one of each flower,
Paper - I used a mulberry type paper, but cheap copier paper or patterned paper is good too,
Water spray bottle,
Glue - which ever you prefer.  PVA, pritt stick, hot glue, silicone - all are fine,
Beads or stamen for the flower centres,
Ink for colouring the flowers - I used Tim Holtz Distress Inks,
Cut n' dry foam or make up sponge **.


Heat tool to dry the flowers but this is optional and not a necessity,
You may wish to use glitter to add around the edges or stickles.
You may prefer a button or charm for the centre.
*These flowers are very versatile.  If you do not have the Tim Holtz tattered florals, that is perfectly fine.  Try it with any flowers, should it be a different die, punched flowers, bought flowers, cut from your cricut or cut by hand it does not matter.  As long as you have 4 different sized and shaped flowers, this will work.  It will just make a different type of flower but just as effective and beautiful.
**The cut n' dry foam or make up brush are not essential if you do not have these.  It is just as easy to take your ink pad and lightly swipe it over the surface of the flowers.
You do not have to stick with ink to colour the flowers either. You can use whichever colour medium you wish.  An alternative to spraying them with water, its to glimmer mist them instead.  Its up to you, as I said they are very versatile flowers.

1.  Make small cut between petals
Take your medium flower and make little cuts between each petal down to almost the centre but not quite, just to make the petals a little longer. See photo 1. 
2. Scrunch the damp flowers into little balls
Lightly spray the flowers with water (do not soak) and scrumpled them up into wee tight balls and leave them to dry.  Do this carefully as you do not want to tear the petals.  It shouldn't take them long to dry as they are only lightly sprayed with water but you can also dry them with your heat tool if you wish.   See photo 2.

3.  Carefully unravel the flowers
Once dry carefully and gently unravel the flowers but do not flatten them completely as this will take out the wrinkles. Do your best not to tear your petals or you will need to start again.  As much as you want your flowers to look shabby, you do not want them torn. Just adjust the flower and petals so they are able to stack on top of each other.  This flower is not meant to look perfect.  See photo 3.

4. lightly swipe colour over the flower
Take your cut n' dry foam and put some ink onto it and lightly swipe it over the flowers to add colour.  Do not lean heavily on the flowers when adding the colour, it will only flatten the flowers and make the colour too intense.  Just lightly swipe over each flower and the wrinkles in the flower will pick  up the colour well.

5. Glue each layer on top of each other and add a bead
6. Pierce a small hole in the centre to add stamen
There are two ways to assemble your flower.  One way for the stamens option and the other for a bead of pearl.  Please apply whichever method is relevant to your flower as each procedure is slightly different. 
If you are adding stamen to your flower rather than a pearl or button, you need to pierce a hole into the centre of each flower for the stamen to fit.  I suggest stacking all the flowers on top of each other from the biggest at the bottom to the smallest and pierce the hole through all four at once.  That way it will be easier to thread the stamen through.

Put the stamen through the smallest flower and adjust it to the height you like.  Place some glue on the underside of the smallest flower and thread the next flower in size onto the stamen and affix to the underside of the smallest flower.  Then add some glue to the underside of the forming flower and thread the next flower on and so on until all 4 flowers are in place.

Adjust the petals and stamen to suit.  You can keep the stamen ends long at the back if you wish or you can cut the excess off.  However, I do suggest you place some glue to the exposed ends as you do not want them moving or falling out.  See photo 6.
Take your largest flower and place a small blob of glue in the centre and take the next flower size down and place it on top.  Make sure you off set the petals as well as possible.  Do the same for each petal until you are left the the smallest flower on top.
Place another blob of glue into the centre of the complete flower and place your pearl, bead or button into the centre.
Finally adjust the petals and flower to how you like it.  See photo 5.
Here are some more examples of different coloured flowers and a very simple card with nothing more than a piece of ribbon and a flower on it.  Some of the flowers are very lightly coloured and others are more intensely coloured.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  Please leave a comment and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.  Im always very willing to answer any questions you may have.  Toodles Noodles....Loops xx

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  1. oh my these are stunning what a talent
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    Donna x

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  12. Hi Lee...

    What a b'ful flower.... Actually all the flowers you have made are just lovely!!!
    And i just love how you have put up tutorials for each one.. Would love to see more..
    I always feel very high of those who selflessly share knowledge without expecting anything in return... well here you have got a follower from India!
    I am new to crafting so my supplies are limited.. I don’t have dies but I would surely try your tutorial by printing out similar shapes...
    I would love if you visit my blog too... also its my b'day today!!! :)

    Love n wishes,

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    another item for the wishlist i guess!
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    Kathleen Mc

  15. Thanks Kathleen, I didnt even see that!!

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