Monday, 25 March 2013

Me and my big mouth! Just another Lee-ism!

Hey everybody.  Ok, so I don't officially have any crafty project to share with you today.  I have things in the invitation stuff but nothing I can officially show you just yet.  But I thought I should drop by to remind you that I am here, lol.  So, rather than show you anything I'm making, I thought I'd drop in and tell you about my day and how I performed what has affectionately become known in my circle as a "Lee-ism".

So, today I met up with my wee baby sister in Belfast for lunch and might I just add.....with the wind factored into the snowy wintery conditions, apparently our temperature although officially a chilly 3 degrees on the thermostat, felt more like -2 according to the weather.  And believe me, I felt every single degree of that -2!  What in the name of the wee man is going on with our weather??  Anyway, thats a whole different subject that I could kick and scream about for days on end.  I live in Northern Ireland at the foot of the Mourne Mountains for goodness sake.....what kind of weather am I expecting??!  Unless I move to Barbados, we'll never have the sun splitting the trees get over it woman!

Right anyway, I'm in Belfast with my sister T and she's talking about going to a gig later that night and would I mind if she ran into New Look to grab some knee high one does, lol.  "Knee high socks!!!", Im thinking!  "Is she bloody mad?  I'd be going out with my Onesie on and a duvet draped over my shoulders in this weather, never mind a cute wee mini skirt and knee high socks"!  Come to think of it, never mind going out at all......I'm staying under said duvet and hibernating until Spring decides to get here!  Ahhhh the ignorance of youth!  That's what I get for being 11 years older than my wee sister.

So we are making our way to New Look, having a girlie chat and a wee giggle, as you do.  And a few shops up from New Look, there in the middle of the high street is this middle aged man, guitar in hand singing away doing a bit of busking.  Nothing strange about that, Belfast gets plenty of people busking and they are really very talented singers (Just a wee plug there for all the Buskers in Belfast, lol).  But when I got close enough and heard the song he was singing, well, that's when the Lee-ism occurred much to my wee sisters embarrassment.  He was singing Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street".  And I don't care what age you are.....EVERYONE knows this song.  And you should recognise this song for its incredible Saxaphone solo.  But wait a busker guy was playing an acoustic guitar.  An acoustic guitar!!!!!

I look at T in complete horror and say:

"How's he meant to play the Saxaphone solo bit with an acoustic guitar?"

Of course, as soon as T saw the look on my face she instantly recognised the look and knew exactly what was about to happen, having seen a Lee-ism on many occasions before.  Her eyes started to widen with horror and impending embarrassment and she stared straight at me and sternly said:

 "Don't you dare"!

I looked at her confused.  "Don't I dare, what?"  I thought to myself.  How was this guy possibly going to do the saxaphone solo with an acoustic guitar?  It's an impossible task, it can't be done!  Was that not a fair question?  What was it that I wasn't to do, according to T?  I was confused.  All I could think was "OH NO, the song will be ruined without the saxaphone solo!"  So we were getting closer and closer to this man and the next thing he sang: 

"Another year and then you'll be happy
Just one more year and then you'll be happy
But you're cryin'
You're cryin' now"

And it was then it happened.  It was like I had absolutely no control over what was happening.  It was so natural.....yet so wrong.  As it happened I saw T run away from me laughing.  What was happening?  I could hear the Saxaphone solo but where was it coming from?  I looked at the busker and it wasn't him.  T was 2 metres in front of me laughing but pulling her hat down over her face.  And then it hit me "Oh Crap", a voice in my head exclaimed. It was then I could hear this sound coming from my very own mouth!   IT WAS ME!!!  I was singing the Saxaphone solo at the top of my voice:

"Dee dee dee, de de de de deeeeee, dee dee dee, de de deeeeeeeeee"!

Yes, that's right, I completely warmed up the old vocal chords on a chilly March day in Belfast and sang the saxaphone solo, totally stealing the busker's thunder.  Well I did say it couldn't be done on an acoustic guitar, didn't I?  So I did, what I thought, was the next best thing!  And I wasn't subtle about it either, oh no.....I burst into tune for all of Belfast to hear!  Oh come on, can you blame me.  You all know when it comes to the saxaphone solo that you totally "Dee dee dee" that part.  You can't deny it.  Please don't deny it.....because if you do, that means I'm the only numpty that does it, lol.  

Anyway, as people scurried passed the mad woman who had involuntarily burst into song in the centre of Belfast, the busker graciously took back control of the song and carried on strumming and singing.  T finally retrieved her face from beneath her hat and said:

"I was going to run away and leave you, but you are always doing something embarrassing so I'm used to you now."

And so, for all you would be saxaphone soloists out there, I leave you with Gerry Rafferty and Baker Street.  Get your "Dee dee dee's" ready and sing until your heart is content, lol.