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Me and my big mouth! Just another Lee-ism!

Me and my big mouth!  Just another Lee-ism! Hey everybody.  Ok, so I don't officially have any crafty project to share with you today.  I have things in the invitation stuff but nothing I can officially show you just yet.  But I thought I should drop by to remind you that I am here, lol.  So, rather than show you anything I'm making, I thought I'd drop in and tell you about my day and how I performed what has affectionately become known in my circle as a "Lee-ism". So, today I met up with my wee baby sister in Belfast for lunch and might I just add.....with the wind factored into the snowy wintery conditions, apparently our temperature although officially a chilly 3 degrees on the thermostat, felt more like -2 according to the weather.  And believe me, I felt every single degree of that -2!  What in the name of the wee man is going on with our weather??  Anyway, thats a whole different subject that I could kick and scream about for days on e