Saturday, 13 November 2021

Handmade Large Tote Bag

What about ye folks, it's Lee here.  Ok, so it's not a backpack....but it is another Debbie Shore bag, teehee.  This one is her large tote bag that she shared the tutorial for on YouTube.  By the way, do you know I have a YouTube Channel?  I haven't uploaded much on it lately but I am in the process of remedying that.  My camcorder died on me and I had to buy a new one...ugh!  But hopefully I'll be back to sharing video tutorials very soon.

Anyway, back to this tote bag.  I used a Disney's Dumbo fat quarter bundle and it has the most adorable images on it.  My wee Mamma loves Dumbo, and the colour combination of yellow and grey together, so this will be going to her.  I will share a shopping list for as many of the products I used that I can remember where I bought them, lol.

This bag has 2 zips....and might I add, these are my first ever zips I've put into anything.  And I actually did a good job, teehee.  Not perfect but, pretty damn close.  The 2 zips were actually upcycled from an old zip up fleece that I had. The fleece was falling apart so, I couldn't give it to charity.  So I sat unpicking the salvageable bits off it, ie, the zips.  And they worked out great for this bag. This pocket above, is at the front of the bag.
This is my 2nd zip and it creates the closure for the bag.  It works really well.
This tote is quite large and would be perfect as an overnight bag to carry your cosmetics, phone charger, Kindle, ipad etc., or even perfect for a picnic or a days shopping.  And seeing how plastic bags are not allowed in shops anymore, this bag would be perfect for sticking in the car and any time you needed to pop into the shops you could grab this to carry your goods.......or snacks......or ice-cream....Whoops....I meant, your fruit and veg, teehee
I added 2 extra pockets to the inside of the bag, one on each side.  Perfect for your mobile phone or lipstick, wallet etc.,
This inside pocket, I divided into 2 and it would be a perfect space for your mobile phone.
Both sides of the tote have an expandable pocket.  Perfect for a water bottle.....or dare I say, even a small wine bottle might fit (beer bottles would definitely fit)....and on each side 2 wine bottles, teehee....after all, you have to distribute the weight evenly, so one on each side is only proper, lol
You could also store your mobile phone in these pockets too and they are deep enough that your phone would be safe and out of sight of sticky phalanges, teehee
The back is just plain but you could add another zip pocket if you wanted.  I didn't feel that it was necessary as there are pockets on the inside, sides and front.  I need to give it a wee press before gifting it to my wee Mamma.  Can't have it going to her with wrinkles in it.
I love this bag and already have another one cut out and ready to go..  
This Dumbo cotton fabric is so cute and a joy to work with,
And one last photo of the tote in all it's glory.

Shopping list
I purchased the fat quarter bundle from Ebay - just do a quick search & you should find some
Vlieseline/Vilene Volume Fleece Fusible H640 90cm - Amazon
6mm wide black elastic (used in expandable side pockets), Ebay
19" & 8" zip - I didn't buy these anywhere, I actually recycled them from an old fleece zip up top I had but you can find zippers on Ebay really easily.  Buy a continuous zip and that way you can cut it to whatever length you need.  That way, there is less waste.

That's it for now from me folks.....what do you think is coming next?  No...I really want to know, because I haven't a clue, teehee.  Any suggestions?  I'm open to any ideas or requests you have.  Leave them down in the comments section below.

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Saturday, 6 November 2021

Another Handmade Harry Potter Backpack

What about ye folks, it's Lee here.  I know, I know......another backpack.  But these are so easy to make and I'm now getting requests from family for Christmas gifts and who am I to refuse.  As usual, its a Debbie Shore creation and her tutorial can be found HERE on YouTube.

This one is definitely the best made one yet....isn't my little niece, Jessica, lucky to get one that is sort of half decently made, lol.  I'd like to think that I improved with this being my 3rd backpack I've made. This will be a Christmas present for little Miss this year.  Of course. she'll have it filled with lots of Harry Potter swag...she won't just be getting her old Aunties handmade rubbish, teehee.

There's nothing much more to say about it really, as I explained it all in my previous 2 posts, here and again here.

I will have a shopping list for all the products I used, down below to include the fixings etc.  As for the fabric, I bought this off a specific seller who happened to be selling off her stash.  So, you'll just have to do a quick search on Ebay for that.  This one was using slightly different Harry Potter fabric but it was still from a fat quarter bundle that I found on Ebay.  So just do a wee search around Ebay for Harry Potter fat quarters and I'm sure you will find them.  Alternatively, I did recently find some Harry Potter Fat Quarter Bundles at The Works, so you can have a try there too.  See below for shopping list details.

I wanted the wee Hogwarts emblem to be obvious on the centre on the backpack's flap.  So I made sure I cut the fabric so that it was front and centre.
 I also sewed the top part of the buckle strap into the actual lining of the flap this time.  This buckle closure was not part of Debbie's design.  This was something I added myself a little late in the game as I wasn't happy with the original magnetic clasps that I bought (I did replace the magnetic clasps with better ones, link below).  So to make the bag more secure, I added the buckle.  But because I'm new to this sewing gig, the first 2 buckles were sewn on the outside of the fabric which just looks a bit awkward.  But I (slowly) realised my mistake, and this time I sewed the buckle into the flap.  It turned out so much neater.
This Harry Potter fat quarter is so bright and vibrant and much more busy than the other one.  But because they are part of a bundle, they all coordinate really well.
Again, I added a wee pocket to the inside of the backpack for all Jessica's little bits and bobs.  I stuck in a wee Handmade tag that I made too.....just in case she forgets that her Auntie made it for her, teehee
A view of the back with the wee hanging handle at the top and the adjustable straps
Again, this backpack has 2 expanding pockets on each side, as added storage.
I love this fabric with the Hogwarts Express on it.  It's so bright and vibrant.  Jessica will certainly not be lost in a crowd when she's wearing this backpack, that's for sure. 
That's it from me folks.  I know it's been all about sewing lately, but I am new to sewing and am thoroughly enjoying learning the process.  But I do have other projects on the go too, so a little variety will be on the way soon.

Toodles Noodles....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

Items used and where to buy them:-

Harry Potter fat quarter fabrics, Ebay (just click on the red wording)
Side release buckles - on Ebay - this was the main closure 
Webbing for straps, again from Ebay
Vlieseline/Vilene Volume Fleece Fusible H640 90cm - Amazon
6mm wide black elastic (used in expandable side pockets), Ebay

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Sunday, 31 October 2021

Homemade Cake Pops - I can't believe he's 21

My wee baby brother turns 21 years old tomorrow...I can't believe it.  There is 21 years between us too....if you can believe that.  Everyone thought he was my baby when he was born, teehee.  He was my wee shadow.  He is currently studying Aerospace Engineering at Queen's in Belfast.  He just found out that he won 2 awards for being the top student of his year.  He's also doing his year Internship and he's loving it.  Did I also mention that he got his pilots licence when he was just 19??  19 years of age and he was flying planes!!   He excels at everything he does but is so gracious and humble....unlike his big sister, lol.   I couldn't be more proud of him, he's turned out to be an incredible young man.   I will gladly shout it from the roof tops that he's an exceptional human being, lol.

I made these cake pops and will be making the finishing touches to his birthday cake very soon.  If the cake looks half decent, I will share a photo of it too.  But for now, here are my cake pops.  These are my own recipe that I have developed and they taste incredible.

These are the "plain" cake pops.  Made using my own recipe for chocolate cake.  I crumb the cake down and mix it with chocolate ganache.  I mould them into little (rather large!) balls and coat them with tempered Callebaut chocolate and then I dipped them in sprinkles.
These are my hazelnut cake pops.  Again, made as above but they have 3 whole hazelnuts in the centre.  When I coat them, they are then dipped in chopped hazelnuts.  They're so incredibly tasty.

I'm not very good at cake decorating, at all!  But I'm making Corey my chocolate and caramel cake for his birthday cake.  If I manage to make it look half decent, I might share some photos and maybe the recipe too.  A big Happy 21st Birthday to my Wee Minkete (my pet name for him).   I couldn't be more proud of you.

That's it from me for now folks.  Toodles Noodles....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Handmade Disney Aristocats Backpack

I think I'm hooked.  Making these Debbie Shore backpacks is so incredibly easy and super quick and can be made in any size you want.  I made this one for my sister (again....this time she is not giving this one to her beautiful wee daughter.....this one is all for her).  The Harry Potter one I made her mysteriously ended up on the back of my 5 year old niece, teehee.   
I made this one a little bit bigger and because I made the first one, I sort of knew what I was doing this time.  So overall this one is just sewn better. I added the toggle clasp which was bought on Ebay
I love the fabrics, they are so cute with the cats from Aristocats and the dogs from Lady and the Tramp.  Again, the webbing is from Ebay.  I prefer the cotton webbing as it's softer and very easy to sew through
I added the wee extendable pockets on the side so my sister can add her water bottle or even mobile phone to it.  There is one on each side
I did add the magnetic clasp this time too, as per Debbie's instructions but I felt it was too small and not strong enough for this bag.  That is why I added the toggle clasp, as extra protection.  I do have little clasps coming for the string pulls, which I purchased from Ebay but they have yet to arrive
For the inside pockets, this time I lined the pocket instead of it being one single piece of fabric.  This made the inside pockets feel more substantial and robust.  All around, I sewed this bag much better than the last one, teehee
It's hard to photograph a backpack.  It wants to crease and fall in all sorts of ways, lol
And that's another the bag!  Ugh, did I really just say that?!  My brother has requested another Harry Potter one for my niece for watch this space.
That's it from me for now folks.  Goodness knows what I'll be doing's always a mystery and adventure, teehee.
Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Handmade Harry Potter backpack

Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I'm back with a real quick make and it is so super easy to make.  I followed a tutorial from Debbie Shore on YouTube and I modified it to work with what I had.  It was so super quick and easy to make and I highly recommend Debbie's tutorials.  I made this for my wee sister, although I have a feeling that her wee daughter might be claiming this one.  My sister has put in a request for another one for her, the next one will probably be Disney themed. 

A little side view of the backpack, using a Harry Potter fat quarter bundle.  I bought it on Ebay
The backpack has adjustable straps that can fit any size child or adult.  I bought the webbing straps on Ebay and can be purchased here
Debbie used a magnetic clasp on her tutorial, but I went with this toggle instead as I felt it would be a bit more secure.  I bought the toggle clasp on Ebay, if you want to buy your own.  When I make the next one, I'll sew the toggle into the backpack flap, so the black part of the toggle is not on the outside of the fabric....but this was my first attempt....we live, we learn.
For the hardware, I used these 1 inch Metal sliding bars along with the 1 inch Metal D rings also
The backpack has 2 expanding pockets on each side of the pack for more storage.
I love how the backpack has the pull tie on it.  It makes the backpack more secure and you are less likely to lose the contents of your bag.
I made 2 wee inner pockets in the lining of the bag for all the little bits and pieces that are needed.
Although it has the clasp to close it, I added this backpack piping cord.  Debbie used ribbon in her tutorial, but I thought as this would be constantly used to open and close the backpack, I decided this cord would be much more durable.  It can be purchased here on ebay, if you want some.

And that's it from me folks.  I'm sure I'll be back soon with something else to share.

Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

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Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Carpenter's wheel Patchwork Quilt

So, here I am with my 3rd quilt.....I think it's my third, lol.  It's another Donna Jordan, from Jordan Fabrics pattern.  Here instructions and YouTube videos really are amazing.  They make a new sewer like me feel confident enough to make a quilt like this.  Although, maybe this is easy for most people....but as I said, I'm still pretty new to all this sewing business.  

This quilt is for my almost 21 year old wee bro who is studying for his Masters in AeroSpace Engineering at Queen's University in Belfast.....the kid is a bloody genius, I tell ya!  Did I say he got his pilots license when he was only 19 years old!?  He was the youngest person to get his license in the shortest amount of time.  To say I am incredibly proud of him, is an understatement.  He's so incredibly smart but is such a kind and humble person.....unlike his big sister, when it comes to bragging about him, teehee.  But I'm his big sister...I'm allowed to brag about him.  And when I say I'm his big sister....did I say there is 21 years between us?  So, probably more of an OLD big sister, teehee.  He's my "wee Minkete" (my pet name for him, lol)....even if he towers over his old, big sister and can fly a plane.

So, as this was for my brother, I decided to go with a dark background with really bright pops of contrasting, colourful fabrics.  The fabric is cotton marbled blenders from Fiddlesticks Fabrics on Ebay.  They are based in Ballymena, here in Northern Ireland and also have a website HERE.  I'm not being paid or affiliated with Fiddlesticks, I just love their fabric and they got my order to me in super quick time.  I thought the star type design of this quilt would be perfect for my little star gazer.  So, here it is.

The bright colours really pop with the dark background
And I love the diagonal style border.
I made my own bias binding for the edging just using the same black fabric that I used for the background.
I love the star image in the middle.  And as my wee bro is studying aerospace engineering, I thought the star was a perfect idea for him.
I just need to give it a good iron now and then it will be winging its way to my wee brother.  Fingers crossed, he'll like it.

That's it from me folks.  I think my next project might be a bit more crafty related, than sewing.  But who knows with someone who changes her mind a hundred times a day, just to keep things interesting, goodness knows what I'll be making next.

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Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx