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Handmade Buzz Lightyear backpack/rucksack

HANDEMADE BUZZ LIGHTYEAR BACKPACK - USING DEBBIE SHORE'S TUTORIAL Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I wanted to show you a little backpack I made for my 2 year old nephew, Alfie, who is Buzz Lightyear mad (LOOK TILLY....YOU WERE RIGHT, TEEHEE).  I made my other 2 nieces their own Harry Potter backpacks ( here & here ) and it was time for Alfie to get his own too.  He wanted Buzz Lightyear, so I purchased a few fat quarter bundles to make it (details of items below) again following the Debbie Shore backpack tutorial with a few Crafty Loops adjustments. As usual, we have the expanding side pockets that are perfect for water bottles/juice bottles etc The back straps are of course adjustable and will grow with Alfie.  I can't wait to see him rocking this to Nursery. I added a zip pocket to this backpack.  This isn't in Debbie's tutorial but she shows how to add zips in tonnes of her tutorials.  I thought it would be a handy addition as it's on the back of t
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Handmade Apron

 HANDMADE APRON My beautiful assistant, ie, my Scrubby, is modelling the Apron like a professional, teehee Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I'm back to share a really quick project with you that is the perfect handmade gift for Christmas.  This is an apron that I have made for my wee brother who is almost 22.  I know I've shared this before (as I am an immensely proud big sister) but Corey got his pilots licence when he was just 19 years old.  He was the youngest pilot to get his licence in the quickest time.  To say that my wee brother is a genius would be an understatement.  He's currently studying Aerospace Engineering at Queen's in Belfast.  He is just the sweetest, funniest, smartest person I know and just being able to call him my wee brother makes me so proud every day.......did I mention that there is 21 years difference between us?  When I say I'm his oldest sister........I am wayyyyyyy older, teehee. I just wanted to quickly mention this fabric.  Th

A new Handmade Baby changing bag/Nappy Bag

 A new Handmade Baby changing bag/Nappy Bag Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SCREENS!  This is not De ja vu....or is it?  Teehee.  I realise I shared a pretty similar bag to this around last Christmas. In fact, it's practically identical other than the size.  But I made another one for my brother, as he asked if he could have a matching Paw Patrol bag that was a bit smaller than the original one.  The previous bag was much bigger because you need to carry so many more items for a baby.  But wee Alfie is a 2 year old now and doesn't need as many items.  So I gladly made my brother another smaller bag.  I gave it to him yesterday and Alfie got very excited for the new bag for all his toys.  He sat with me on the floor and carefully placed his toys inside it.  He then got up, flung one of the handles over his shoulder and walked around the dining room table rejoicing that it was a bag for his toys, lol.  I couldn't have asked for a better review, tee

Handmade Large Tote bag - using Debbie Shore's Tutorial

Handmade Large Tote bag - using Debbie Shore's Tutorial It's my lovely Mother-In-law's Birthday in early September and she'll be heading away for 3 weeks to beautiful, sunny Cyrus. So, I thought a nice tote bag would be perfect as no-one wants to lug their handbag around with them when going down to the pool. The bag itself has plenty of storage for your ipad or a book or 2, in fact the tote has a tonne of useful storage. I gave this bag to Lorraine, last weekend and she loved it.  I am so chuffed.  HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY LORRAINE!  xx As per usual, I followed Debbie Shore's tutorial for her large tote bag , with a few modifications by me.  Honestly, if you are new to sewing, Debbie Shore's tutorials are so incredible.  I was just about able to thread my machine when I first made one of her bags and it turned out great.  Her instructions are so easy to follow.  Definitely, give any of her tutorials a go, they're so simple and easy but very effective and perfec

New Blog Layout & a Question to you

New Blog Layout & a Question to you Whatabout ye folks, its Lee here.  I know things are looking a little different around here.  I am trying to update my blog to bring it into the 21st Century so all devices, including phones and tablets can see everything within their proper proportions and not be a skew-whiff. So, I just want to let you know that there may be a small moment of adjustment as I go through my blog and ensure everything is in it's rightful place.  I've noticed a ew hiccups on practically every page, so it will take me time to sort it all out, teehee. If there is anything major that you see that appears to be a massive problem, please let me know in the comments below.  Boy oh boy did I have fun editing the blogs HTML code to include the "Previous" and "Next" post buttons at the bottom of each post!  The template I used for this new layout did not include it!  So there I was, feeling like some kind of genius hacker, typing HTML commands in

3 little sloths, hanging in a tree - PayItForward Sloth pattern

3 little sloths, hanging in a tree - PayItForward Sloth pattern Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I know I shared a Sloth last month, showcasing a pattern from Lisa over on PayItForward YouTube channel.  But the wee sloth was so incredible easy to make, that once I had made my wee Bro's girlfriend, Rose, the first sloth, I just had to make 3 more, teehee.  Again, my 2 wee nieces and nephew will have another stuffed toy to add to their ever expanding collection of handmade toys from me. I won't make this a long post as I shared the details already on my previous post .  But I have shared the shopping list of the items I bought to make these wee dudes.  These aren't affiliate links or anything....not that there is anything wrong with affiliate links, lol.  These are just the places I like to buy my products. I just love how these wee guys turned out.  And because I used polar fleece, they are so incredibly soft and squishy.  A perfect companion to any wee ones bed. Ins

Handmade Sloth from a Payitforward Design

Handmade Sloth from a Payitforward Design What about ye folks, it's Lee here.  I know I have been quiet lately, but I'm here today to show you a super cute and cuddly sloth that I made, using Lisa Pay's design from her Payitforward YouTube channel.   Again, this is one of Lisa's free patterns and as always, her tutorial for this Sloth is second to none.  Anyone can make one of these little dudes and he's so soft and cuddly as he's made with polar fleece.  As always, I will list my shopping list below for everything I used to make this wee guy. Now, this little dude might be hanging out on his own in these photos, but he won't be alone for long as he has a new home already.  He's going to live with my wee brother's girlfriend, Rose, who absolutely loves Sloths.  I made her my Large Sloth tote bag as a Christmas gift last year.  The poor girl is going to be coming down with Sloth items, teehee. He was so incredibly easy to make and I'd say he was

Handmade Snuggle Sheep - PayItForward design

Handmade Snuggle Sheep - PayItForward design Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  Look how cute these wee guys are.....and don't they just look like a little sheep boy band?  Lol.  Instead of Boys to Men, may I introduce you to the new Boy Band group in town......Lambs to Rams!  Haha!  I don't know why, but this had me giggling for a good 5 minutes straight, teehee.   This is another PayItForward design from Lisa Pay.  This is one of her most recent free patterns, the Snuggle Sheep .  I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed making these wee dudes.  They remind me of Sean the Sheep, lol.  I really enjoy using the Sherpa fabric, even with it being a bit messy to cut, it really is a fabulous fabric to work with and very forgiving too....mistakes can be well hidden, lol.  I will make a shopping list below so you can grab the items I used in this make, if you want them, of course.  They aren't sponsored or affiliate links.  It's just where I buy my supplies. I love how thei