Friday, 2 May 2014

Photographer in the Making.......Sorry I've been MIA

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR PC, LAPTOP, SMARTPHONE OR TABLET SCREENS (Phew!!).....This is indeed a Blog Post from Crafty Loops!

I realise that when you see my name coming up in your blog roll, that it may cause some form of whiplash as you spin around to take a second glance at your blog post viewing apparatus and actually check if what you saw was indeed a blog post from me.  All I can do is sincerely apologise for any harm you may have come to whilst reading this post.  Teehee.

Yes, I will hold my hands up, arms up......ears up and even my pig tails up (yes I have multiple pig hair goes down to my waist, I have to do something with it) and admit it......I have been a TERRIBLE blogger, not only this year but half of last year too.  But I was busy with my brother's wedding last year.  Still......that's no excuse for this year now is it??  Did I promise to show you the stationery I made for my brother's wedding that was in July 2013?  Yes, indeed I did.  Have I blogged about said stationery?  No, of course not.  And WHY? I hear you ask.......because I am Mrs Disaster Pants.  I'm totally comfortable in the knowledge that this may be my only title in life.  No, Lady Loops or Duchess Loops for me.  Oh No.  I will be forever known as Mrs Disaster Pants.

And my excuse for this year??  Well, for one we have gutted out my craft room and I mean GUTTED!  We didn't get the floors down which MUST be done at a later date, so for now I am stuck with the most awful deep, pinky, yucky colour of carpet which catches every bit of paper, headpin and staple possible.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were a couple of lost children bundled up in the fibres of that carpet.  It does my bloody nut in.  But not to worry, it won't be getting comfortable and "bedding" in for a lifetime in that room!  I WILL get my wooden floor down, but just not right now.  Is that a good enough excuse for my absence?  Probably not, but because my room has been packed up for the last 5 months....I kid you not, I haven't anything to show you.  So between that and life generally keeping me away, that is why I haven't been blogging.  So my absenteeism (yes that is a word) wasn't down to anything exciting,  tragic or even remotely interesting, I'm afraid.  Sorry.

So to make up for being MIA, I thought I would do the next best thing.....I'm going to show you part of the beautiful Country in which I live.......Northern Ireland.  BUT.....I am going to be completely cheeky (and honest) about it and admit that these photos were not taken by me.  They were taken by my 13 year old brother........on his tablet.  OMG.......I am amazed at how fantastic they are, considering they were taken on a tablet, never mind by a 13 year old child (he will not appreciate the "child" reference).  And again I am holding my pigtails up and admitting that one photo (the last one) was taken by Scrubby Loops (my Husband) on his mobile phone.  So really, I'm being a complete cheater by pinching their photos and stickin'em on my blog, teehee.  I do have their permission of course.......I'm not that awful......not totally......ok, maybe just a bit.

Anywho, enough of my ramblings (I know how you've missed them.....**Cough**).  Here are some photos of where I am extremely lucky to live very close to.  The photos are of the Mourne Mountains which are maybe half an hour from my house.  I know how lucky I am to live in such a magical, mystical and historical place.  Essentially....this is my back garden!  (All of these photos, except for the last one were taken by my 13 year old brother).

***I suggest to get the best view of these photos, click on them to make them bigger.  They look much better.***

This is up in Rosley, Scenic Loop.  I'm afraid it wasn't the sunniest day when these were taken, but still, its a breathtaking scene.  Oooo, hello Mr Sheep!
This is Silent Valley, Scenic Loop.  I am telling you, it is difficult to drive this route simply because as the driver, its hard to keep your eyes on the road and off the picturesque surrounding landscape.  Isn't it STUNNING?  And look....Sunshine.  This was taken Summer last year (2013) when Northern Ireland had its hottest Summer in 30 years.  It was amazing.  Constant sunshine and extreme heat (well, for us anyway) for almost 6 weeks straight.  Our Summer's average around 17 degrees C (if we're lucky) and are usually pretty soggy and grey.  But last year we were hitting very high 20's, low 30's degrees C and THAT is an anomaly, believe me. It was an incredible Summer which we probably won't see a repeat of for another 30 years, lol.
Silent Valley Scenic Loop
Silent Valley Scenic Loop
Silent Valley Scenic Loop
I put these last 2 photos together as its the same spot.  My wee bro took this one.  This is Spelga Dam up in Silent Valley and this my where our drinking water comes from.  Now this was a more over cast day, but I LOVE this photo.  It hasn't been altered or enhanced at all.  This is it straight from the tablet and I simply added my copyright to the corner, but that was all.  Look at the reflection of the mountain in the water!  That is how crystal clear and pure our water is.  If only it had have been a bit sunnier.....ohhhh look.....
My Scrubby took this one on a Sunny Day in July 2013. This is a view again of Spelga Dam, you'll see its much sunnier and takes in both sides of the dam.  Although it was a little windier this day so you can't see the mountains reflecting off the water because of the ripples. Isn't this beautiful though?  And this is off a camera phone, could you imagine how stunning it is in real life?  So if any of you are ever around my neck of the woods (or should that be Mountains?!), I wholeheartedly recommend you get yourself up the Mourne Mountains.  Take a drive, a pit stop and a picnic and soak up the scenery.  Its a beautiful place to see.
And there you have it folks.  This is where I live, or close to where I live.  I tell you what though, I am not one for camping but if someone told me that I could pitch a tent at the edge of that Dam and live out the rest of my days there......I'd seriously consider getting me a sleeping bag.

I hope you all can forgive me for my absenteeism.  My room is ALMOST, nearly there.  Just a bit more organising to do and then I will be back in that room to......well....... make a mess of it again after 6 long months of cleaning it up and clearing it out.  Scrubby is gonna love me....Mwahhhh!

Toodles Noodles........Loops xx