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Guest Book Wedding Album

Guest Book Wedding Album Guest Book Wedding Album I am the worst kind of quote a certain English accented toodler called Stewie (all Family Guy fans will know.....if you truly are a fan, lol).  My Brother is married almost 2 years and I STILL haven't showed everything I made for his Wedding.  I'm terrible.  But because I had so much to make and as you know, when it comes to weddings a lot of things are left pretty much to a week or a few days beforehand, I was a little under pressure.....and Numb-nuts here forgot to take detailed photos of everything made to share on her blog.  Sure I took some fleeting photos just before they were about to leave my door....but really Lee, what kind of a Blogger doesn't take proper blog photos?  I've disappointed myself...tutt, tutt, tutt!  I am such a numpty. Whilst I tried to salvage photos from here, there and everywhere, I wrote a post with everything I used for the Wedding with links to where I bought everythin

Junk Journal - First gentle. Photos and Video

Junk Journal - First gentle.  Photos and Video Junk Journal - A4 size VERY PHOTO HEAVY.  FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SKIP THE PHOTO'S, I'VE DONE A WEE VIDEO AT THE END OF THE POST SHOWING YOU THROUGH THE BOOK. What about ye folks.  Im back again! My sister had a very wonderful 21st Birthday, thank you to everyone who wished her a Happy Birthday.  And even after me posting such an embarrassing story and photo of her in my last post, my wee T is still talking to me!  I think after 21 years of having me as her sister, Tara has come to realise that I'm a bit of a nut, have no limits to what I will say or do and if there is an opportunity to create an embarrassing moment....well she knows I'll take it, lol. I decided I wanted to make her something that she could add to over the years.  So, I made her a Junk Journal. They seem to be all the rage in the USA at the moment but they are slowly making their way over here.  For those who don't know what a Jun

Craft Organiser - How to make an album or folder

Craft Organiser - How to make an album or folder Hi everyone.  Ok so I was using a wee book that I made......way back when I started crafting to keep as a wee Craft Organiser.  You know, with Crafty Buds names and addresses, Swaps I did, or needed to do, Blog Candies I won, or held, Inventory of Craft goodies like which Distress Inks I had etc and where I buy my stuff from. But sadly, this wee book which is the same size as the Journal in the last post is, well, completely insufficient for the job as crafting has inevitably taken over my life!  So I decided to make a proper Organiser with dividers so I could organise everything all fansy shmansy pantsy styly! I wanted to get the binders that Tim Holtz was selling.  But to be honest, I was not willing to spend £4 for two wee binder do-daa's.  So Little Miss Tight A**e here went on to the old World Wide Web to see if I could maybe buy 10 or 20 from some sort of stationery supplier.  Now if you have ever tried to find these things

Artist's Canvas and water colour paper Portfolio Folder

Artist's Canvas and water colour paper Portfolio Folder Good evening my little Loopy loo's.  Holy Moly it is extremely stormy here in Northern Ireland!!  Its mental out there!  Anyway, here is a little something I made for a very dear friend who I'm sure you've heard me mention before, Fiona Jennings. She has a Youtube Channel called Jennings644 . Fiona is an incredible crafter and an extremely talented artist as well.  She has been very supportive of me and extremely generous when it comes to sending me craft goodies.  I wanted to make her something that she wouldn't have (I hope!!) but I wanted it to be something that had little or no decoration on it so she could fill it completely, cover to back with her creativity. So I decided to make her a Canvas and Water Colour Portfolio folder.  WARNING....the photos will be boring!  As they are pretty much showing white canvas and white water colour paper.  BUT this is the whole point of this folder.  I wan