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Industrial Steampunk Altered Guitar - Before and After and the How To

Industrial Steampunk Altered Guitar - Before and After and the How To Before photo The finished Product......Yeah!! Ok, Im very aware that altered art isn't a lot of folks cup of tea OR in fact anything Industrial or Steampunk.  BUT.....its my cuppa tea! lol.  I think its pretty obvious from my blog that I dont make cards.  Ok I do make a lot of flowers but I thought I would show you something else I like to do.  ALTERING....Yippeeee!  And this is the type of thing I do like doing and I make no apologies for it.  Yes, my name is Loops and I'm a steampunk loving, altering obsessed Looper, heehee. This is a gift that was given to me by Fiona Jennings and her hubby Ray (you will have seen a previous post about her Zibbet Store ).  And when Ray brought this home from the car boot sale and Fiona said it was available I nearly jumped through the laptop screen to grab it!  So they kindly gave it to me. It is my wee brother, Corey's 11th Birthday on the first on N

Flower Tutorial - Spellbinders Rose Creations Die Flower

Flower Tutorial - Spellbinders Rose Creations Die Flower Hi everyone.  I recently showed these little creations in a previous post but didnt do a tutorial as I found it on another bloggers site.  In my post I gave you the link to the tutorial on Gabrielle's blog.  However, a few of you have asked me to do a tutorial on how I made mine.  So, I asked Gabrielle would she mind and she has very graciously and kindly given me the go ahead to do my own tutorial on these flowers.  Thank you Gabrielle.  She has a beautiful site so if you want to visit her gorgeous blog, click here . So here is what you will need Spellbinders Rose Creations Die You will need the Spellbinders Rose Creations Die. can be made with different dies, for example the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die or maybe flowers from a couple of different punches or hand cut flowers of your own. Glue - I use hot glue but you can use whichever you feel comfortable with.  Wet glues work just as


Ok Folks, we have our winners.  PLEASE READ HOW THE WINNER WAS FAIRLY DRAWN. My hubby picked the winners.  He doesnt know anyone on here and was in no way swayed by me.  I didnt look until he told me to look!  I didnt want to have to write down over 160 names, so I asked my hubby to pick from the computer.  To make it completely fair so people at the top and bottom had a chance he scrolled up and down the blog page without watching the screen, randomly stopped and then pointed randomly at the screen.  So wherever his finger fell that was the winner.  If he went between comments.....he tried again....and again!!  Until we finally got fair winners.  These names were picked completely fairly without me seeing. So without further ado..............DRUM ROLL............. The first BIG Blog Candy goes to.........Wendy from Flowergirl Cards And the Second Prize goes to ............Sandy from Sandys Crafty Bits Congratulations ladies, if you would please contact me through the contact

Ive decided to offer a SECOND Candy!!!!! NOW CLOSED!

Ive decided to offer a SECOND Candy!!!!! NOW CLOSED! Ok folks, thats right.  You have read the above correctly.  I have decided to give a SECOND candy to someone.  I thought since I had so many people join the candy that I had to put together another wee prize.  This one of course wont be as big as the BIG CANDY, but it still has lovely goodies in it which I hope the lucky winner will like. Ive tried to co-ordinate this second giveaway so it will make a nice little project.  But then the winner can do what they want with it, of course. So, heres whats up for grabs for the SECOND candy prize.  BY THE dont have to do anything to get this.  Everyone who has entered the big candy will get the chance to win this candy also.  So if you have commented on the Biggie one, no need to do anything else.  Im just showing you whats in this one. Im going to show you a few collective photos then some close ups of a few of the bits and pieces. Part of the 2nd prize goodies