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Handmade Large Bunny Rabbits from In the Hoop Online

Handmade Large Bunny Rabbits from In the Hoop Online Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I shared another bunny last time from a pattern I bought.... this  Bunny pattern  from  In the Hoop Online .  This is such a lovely pattern from Adele and it comes together so easily too.  Adele also has a fantastic step by step  video tutorial  on her  YouTube channel .  I said that I had another 3 bunnies to make and these are 2 that I made for my 2 nephews.  I do have 1 more bunny to finish but I ran out of stuffing.  So, I'm waiting for that to come in and I will share that wee bunny then. I adore their big bunny feet.  They are so cute.  I hope this wee dude doesn't look too sinister with his big red face, lol. .....I'm hoping his big blue eyes makes him a little less terrifying, although I'm not sure they'll work....I probably should have picked a different fabric for this wee guys face but he's made now, teehee.  Hopefully he doesn't make my nephew cry...eek!

Design Teams......should Designers get paid?

 This is a different kind of post, I'm not sharing any makes today.  But I wanted to talk to you about something that might be a bit controversial within the Arts & Crafting Community. I must have written this post maybe 6 or 7 years ago but wasn't sure if I should post it as, I didn't want to upset anyone.  However, the more and more I thought about it, rewrote it and tinkered with this post, the more I felt compelled to share it.....even if it's a bit controversial.  And the subject relates to Design Teams and the issue around whether the Designer should get paid a wage and not just paid in products. I know there are going to be varying opinions about this but please hear me out.  I think as Crafters, we tend to undervalue our work a lot and I think this plays a major role in how Design Teams work....and possibly take advantage of that fact. If you want to hear more about my thoughts and opinions of Crafters,  commissions, "favours" and paid work, please