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Design Teams......should Designers get paid?

 This is a different kind of post, I'm not sharing any makes today.  But I wanted to talk to you about something that might be a bit controversial within the Arts & Crafting Community. I must have written this post maybe 6 or 7 years ago but wasn't sure if I should post it as, I didn't want to upset anyone.  However, the more and more I thought about it, rewrote it and tinkered with this post, the more I felt compelled to share it.....even if it's a bit controversial.  And the subject relates to Design Teams and the issue around whether the Designer should get paid a wage and not just paid in products. I know there are going to be varying opinions about this but please hear me out.  I think as Crafters, we tend to undervalue our work a lot and I think this plays a major role in how Design Teams work....and possibly take advantage of that fact. If you want to hear more about my thoughts and opinions of Crafters,  commissions, "favours" and paid work, please

New Blog Layout & a Question to you

New Blog Layout & a Question to you Whatabout ye folks, its Lee here.  I know things are looking a little different around here.  I am trying to update my blog to bring it into the 21st Century so all devices, including phones and tablets can see everything within their proper proportions and not be a skew-whiff. So, I just want to let you know that there may be a small moment of adjustment as I go through my blog and ensure everything is in it's rightful place.  I've noticed a ew hiccups on practically every page, so it will take me time to sort it all out, teehee. If there is anything major that you see that appears to be a massive problem, please let me know in the comments below.  Boy oh boy did I have fun editing the blogs HTML code to include the "Previous" and "Next" post buttons at the bottom of each post!  The template I used for this new layout did not include it!  So there I was, feeling like some kind of genius hacker, typing HTML commands in

Design your very own personal stamp

Design your very own personal stamp I don't do this very often, in fact, Im not sure I have ever done a particular post like this.  But in a world that is filled with people happy to complain about poor customer service etc., I think it is just as important to shout out the incredible shops that provide fantastic products and customer service.  I wanted to come on today to introduce you to a shop that I really love.  I have added this shop to my "Places I love to shop" page above, but I felt that I should do a little extra, as the customer service is second to none. Discalimer:  I haven't been asked to do this post or sponsored in any way.  I just wanted to let my followers know about a fantastic company.   Have you ever wanted to have your very own personal stamp that you could add to the back of cards or projects?  Or even a stamp to advertise your own blog or shop?  Well, Nicky at Stampingallday  is the place to go.  I bought my very first personalised st

Just because it's handmade, doesn't mean it's cheap

Just because it's handmade, doesn't mean it's cheap This is going to be a bit of a different post.  I have no creations to share, no crafty altered project, new flowers or new sewing items to share.  This post is in support of all creative people out there and a little "heads up"so to speak to all non-crafter's that request we make something for them. Now don't get me wrong, there was no incident that lead me to write this post.  I haven't been given an unreasonable request or asked to make anything for someone.  It is just something I have been thinking about lately, particularly since I've become really interested in sewing lately and was glued to my laptop watching The Great British Sewing Bee.  For example, I always assumed sewing was a cheaper alternative to buying your own clothes.  Boy was I wrong.  With shops popping up like Primark, H&M and Forever 21, it is almost impossible to personally make yourself an outfit cheaper than what th

Merry Christmas!

Hey folks.  I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy, healthy and fun 2015.  I know I haven't been about much this year but I will do my very best to be a better blogger next year, I promise.  And as a Thank You for all your support and sticking with me, in the New Year I am planning on doing a Giveaway.....or two.   You know me, I never like to give away crafty goodness to just one person.  So there will be a few goodies up for grabs after Christmas. Anywho, I hope you all have a safe and fabulous Christmas.  See you in 2015!! And just like I shared last's a photo of the perfect furry Christmas Present, teehee.  So cute!  And just before you freak out......I did not receive my cat, wrapped in a box, lol.  This was an order that arrived to my home and no sooner had I the box opened, Nimbus was in there like swimwear, jumping into the box before I could even get the order out of the box.  Such a wee weirdo!

Photographer in the Making.......Sorry I've been MIA

Photographer in the Making.......Sorry I've been MIA DO NOT ADJUST YOUR PC, LAPTOP, SMARTPHONE OR TABLET SCREENS (Phew!!).....This is indeed a Blog Post from Crafty Loops! I realise that when you see my name coming up in your blog roll, that it may cause some form of whiplash as you spin around to take a second glance at your blog post viewing apparatus and actually check if what you saw was indeed a blog post from me.  All I can do is sincerely apologise for any harm you may have come to whilst reading this post.  Teehee. Yes, I will hold my hands up, arms up......ears up and even my pig tails up (yes I have multiple pig hair goes down to my waist, I have to do something with it) and admit it......I have been a TERRIBLE blogger, not only this year but half of last year too.  But I was busy with my brother's wedding last year.  Still......that's no excuse for this year now is it??  Did I promise to show you the stationery I made for my brother's wedding

What'cha looking at?

Hey folks! I want to wish all my Followers a very Merry and Happy Christmas and hope 2014 is a kind and wonderful year for you all. And who knows.....maybe I may actually make an appearance in Blogland this year instead of being absent like I was this year, lol.  I thought I'd show you a little photo of my rather large fluffy torture of a cat, Nimbus.  Like all cats, she's obsessed with boxes no matter the size.  If I could have put a Christmas hat on her head, I would have. But she would be even less amused than she looks right here.  She's so funny.  She keeps us entertained every day.  That little face says to me "Hey....whatcha lookin' at weirdo? Go on about your business, can't you see I'm very busy being a cat in the box??  Sheesh!" A very festive Merry Christmas to you all.  And if Christmas is not what you celebrate....well, a very Happy Day for you, whatever it is you are doing.  Have fun.  See you in the New Year.... Toodl

I promise to put up a flower tutorial soon

Hi everyone.  I just want to put a quick note to say thank you again to the lovely Ms Redrottie  for setting my blog up for me. Now just a little note on the flower tutorials.  I know a lot of DoCrafter's have mentioned it a few times......or maybe a few hundred times, hee hee.  But I promise that there will be flower tutorials up here very soon.  I have the majority of the photos taken, I just have a few other commitments that I want to get finished and away before I do the tutorials.  I don't want to rush the tutorials and not get them right.  I'd rather know that everything else is done and out of the way, so I can then sit down and do the tutorials out properly for you all. So hold tight and watch this space.  I will put a thread up on DoCrafts once I have them up.  No doubt I am going to need the assistance of mischievous  Ms Redrottie  and the lovely Kathleen  to help me with uploading them. On a separate note, if anyone is stuck and needs help on how to use the

Im new to all this so please be gentle!!

Im Lee and welcome to my blog.  I never thought of doing a blog until I meet the charming Miss Redrottie and she very kindly took it upon herself to set one up for me.  So thanks to her, everyone now has access to me.  All complaints can be forwarded to her blog, hee heee.  Thank you so much Redrottie I really appreciate it.  I hope to add many tutorials that will maybe inspire and help you in a little way.  My favourite thing to create at the moment is flowers so there may be a few tutorials with flowers too. Im also very fond of bookbinding so you may see some of my books too..Watch this space and I hope you enjoy.