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3 Handmade Rag dolls - A free PayItForward Pattern

3 Rag dolls - A free PayItForward Pattern So, I know I said I was giving these wee kitties to my nieces and nephew, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the "Safety" eyes and noses on them.  Now, they probably would have been fine for the 2 girls as they are almost 6, but my wee nephew is only 1 and if I have an ounce of doubt about the safety of anything I make, I will not give it as a gift.  Just a note though.....the issues I had with the kitties was not down to the design of the was my own issue with the safety eyes and noses....Lisa's designs and tutorials are perfect in every way...I just wanted to make that very clear, lol I decided to go with a different design of Lisa Pay's ( PayItForward on YT) , her wee Ragdoll design.  It is so incredible and so easy to make....much less hand sewing, teehee. I know this is probably a bit gruesome with me holding just the head in my hand, but I want you to see their cute wee faces.  The wee girls have br

ASMR Bookbinding - Greatly requested

ASMR Bookbinding - Greatly requested This won't be to everyone's taste......I do understand that.  But I have been asked on many occasion if I would do an ASMR type video showing bookbinding with just the noise of me making.  And I am always happy to oblige....even if it takes me years to do it, lol. So here it is.  For those of you who do like ASMR, I'm not sure how effective this video will be but I hope you enjoy it anyway.  I don't expect anyone to watch this if its not your type of thing.  But for those who do like the sound of pages being folded, cut and sewn, well, this is for you.  Put your headphones on for the best results.  Enjoy! And if I don't see you before Christmas......have a great one!  I hope 2022 brings much more joy and happiness to us all and especially much more good health.  Get your vaccines people, lol. That's it from me for now.  Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xo Would you like to support my little old blog by buying me a cof

Handmade Paw Patrol Baby Bag/DIY Baby Changing Bag

Handmade Paw Patrol Baby Bag/DIY Baby Changing Bag One of my brother's recently asked me if I wouldn't mind making him a changing bag, come "chuck everything a toddler might need" bag.  And of course, I said yes.  His requests consisted of Paw Patrol or something Disney, big enough to carry nappies, cloths, toys, bottles, juice etc., and something he could easily throw over his shoulder to carry as he'd have his hands full most of the time.  So this is what I came up with. As I'm sure you have gathered by now, from my many bags and backpacks I've shared of late (click here , 2 , 3 ,  4 & 5 ), I am a big fan of Debbie Shore's designs and her incredible YouTube channel sharing how to make her designs.  Well, I have adapted her Large Tote Bag to suit the needs of my Brother and his ever growing bambino.   So this bag is just under twice as big as Debbie's original stated size.  The handles are a bit longer and there is also an adjustable should

Handmade cats - Pay It Forward Pattern

 Handmade cats - Pay It Forward Pattern Last year, as Christmas gifts for my wee Nephew and 2 Nieces, I made them a Teddy Bear and Bunnies .  I used a pattern from Lisa Pay and followed her tutorial from her YouTube channel.  This year, I decided to make her little Kitty pattern.  Her tutorial on YouTube is absolutely fantastic, click here .  There was a bit more hand sewing involved in this pattern and hand sewing is never my thing, lol.  But, I managed it......just about, teehee. I actually based the colours on my own furbaby, Nimbus.  She is a massive Norwegian Forest Cat and she is grey and white with a little pink heart nose.  Don't let the wee red heart around her neck deceive you, my cat has the personality of a grumpy old woman....but we love her, all the same. Yes, my cat tries to squeeze her excessively large furry body into the tinniest box she can find, teehee I decided to make the Dunagrees pattern that Lisa shares, rather than making little skirts.  I think dunagrees

More Handmade Large Tote Bags - Disney's Dumbo & Sloths

More Handmade Large Tote Bags - Disney's Dumbo & Sloths I think I'm turning into a walking advertisement for Debbie Shore, teehee......I'm not Sponsored or anything, honestly.  But her YouTube tutorials and designs are just incredible.  And for a newbie sewist, like myself, I am so confident in making her designs.  Now, confidence does not mean that I am any good at making these things....but I certainly have the confidence to give them a go.  And my poor family are my guinea pigs where they receive these items....whether they wanted them or not, lol.  I will add a shopping list at the bottom of this post in case you'd like to buy the items I've used.  I might not be able to find all the links, but I will do my best.  Leave a comment or contact me in the contact box at the top right hand side of this blog, if you have any questions. So I made a couple more of Debbie's Large Tote Bags .  I originally made my first one using Disney's Dumbo fat quarter fab