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Such a Sweet Altered Box......Made from a Sweet it happens! My First Altered Chocolate Box

My First Altered Chocolate Box Altered Chocolate box I've made BEWARE.....A LOT OF PHOTOS But its so I can keep a record of what Ive done! Its not a tutorial...more of a "what I did" post as this is my first time doing one of these Yes, thats right.  My scrummy hubby, or should I call him "Scrubby" kindly bought me a box of choccies the other week.  Noooooooo, he didnt put a dent in the car, or buy something stupid (thats usually me does that!) Nor is he playing away from home or has a guilty conscience!  Heehee.  No tricks at all, my husband is merely a big suck and romantic and is always buying me flowers and chocolates.  Always has done......of course he would never admit to being a big softie.  No need to admit it Scrubby.........Ive gone and done it for you and just told everyone over the internet, haahaa! Anyway, enough of my antics.  Here is how this box of scrumpdiddliumptous chocolates ended up.....well, the calories ended up

Flower Tutorial - Petaloops - Making flowers from fake petals

Flower Tutorial - Petaloops - Making flowers from fake petals Petaloops by......Loops! Petaloops using different types of petals Well these certainly got a better response in tutorial wanting, than I ever thought.  I would have thought by now that you'd all be fed up looking at my flower tutorials......but apparently are all too blinkin' polite to say "Oh for goodness sake Loops.......get a real hobby and stop shaping bits of fabric and paper into flowers!!" lol.  How close to the truth am I??!!  No, No.....don't tell me.  I'm just going to sit here  on my make believe throne wearing my Flower Queen Crown on my noggin that I made out guest and carry on typing this tutorial......regardless of the truth!  heehee. So without further ado my flowery Royal subjects....or should I call you my Little Seedlings??........did I just take it too far??!! lol (I think the Flower Power is going to my head!!), h