Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Yeap, Normal Programming has now resumed......Its a new flower.....Petaloops

Scrummy Newbies
Ah now you didnt really think I'd carry on making cards now did you??  Ive had these made a few weeks ago but am only getting around to uploading them now.

Here are some pretty flowers Ive made.  You probably dont see the difference from my others can you??  Heehee.  Its very different.  Its not made from paper OR fabric....but I have used..........fake flower petals!

Here they are my friends.  If you want a tutorial....hmmmmm?  Am I willing to give away my secret????  Oh go on.....if you want a tutorial I will do one for you.  Just say in the comment section and if I get enough requests, I will do a tutorial.  I would prefer not to take up a blog post doing a tutorial if only one person wants it as I dont want to bore everyone if they dont want to see how they are made.  If only one person wants a tutorial, I will do them one personally.  Not face to face like!  Oh you know what Im on about!!  if only one person asks for a tutorial I can email them the instructions.  However, if I get a few requests, I will do a tutorial.

Here are my newbies.  "Whats their names Lee?"  I hear you cry..........OR are you asking "Come on Loops, we know you come up with daft names for your flowers....so what name have you inflicted on this poor flower?"  heehee.  Its my "Petaloops", lol.  Get it....they are made from petals and made by me!  Petal-Loops!  Yeah!!  My God but I get crazier by the minute....watch out.......you hang about my blog long enough and you'll end up as bonkers as moi!

Off white Petaloop with my handmade flower centre

Look at the beautiful shimmer from the Cosmic Shimmer Spray

Side profile of the dimension of my Petaloops
Look at that for dimension

Another little nosey at the off white

This is my LARGE off white Petaloop

Side profile of Large Petaloop

This Petaloop was sprayed with one of the gold colours Cosmic Shimmers

Comparing sizes.  Not too much in it 

Another view of the large Petaloops

These photos do not do the glitzy glamour and sparkle of the bling centres
and the Cosmic shimmers
I LOVE making these., they are so pretty....to me anyway.
Thats it from me folks.  Hope you are glad to see my flowers back.  Remember if I get more than one or two requests to do a tutorial on this flower, I will certainly do it.  See my waffle above about the tutorial side of things, lol.

Hope you all have a lubbly jubbly Tuesday.

Toodles Noodles,


Ps.  Thank you for all your lovely comments, I read every single one and appreciate you all taking the time to stop by.


  1. Your flowers are so lovely!!!

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty. So glad you had fun doing them, you are such a talented lady.
    Would love a tut.

    xxx Monica

  3. Aaah these are just WOW, Luv Sam x

  4. wow these are stunning, of course a tut would be fab, I would never get bored with ur posts, sorry I have been MIA, love the guitar and your card is fantastic.
    Chris x

  5. WOWWWW Lee I sure wish I could make flowers like this!!!!! Stunning absolutely stunning!!!! You have the talent for these and that's for sure!!!!! Never ever get bored with this blog!!!!I Love them !!!!!

  6. Gorgicus!!! Of course we want a tutorial ...you can't keep all your crafty secrets to yourself! Ruth x

  7. Hi Lee
    These are gorgeous and of course we want a tutorial
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  8. Absolute stunners!!! Love them!
    Love Jayne. x x

  9. (pouncing feet) .... off coarse we want a tute,lol, these are simply OTT, gorjuss and beyond, wow, don't mind if you're crazy, sure have super talent, let it rip and show us more.........:))
    lotsa luv

  10. Absolutely gorgeous flowers Lee and would love to see one of your fab tutorials.
    Wendy xx

  11. stunning flowers and that material is just wonderful, love it sprayed with the gold!! Where do you find your material ?I would love a tut
    Tilly x

  12. Tutorial please please please. Love these. So different and I love the shimmer. xx

  13. These are so beautiful - and bum, bum, bum - I was looking at fake flower petals in Ikea today and didn't buy any!! LOL! Yes, please for the tutorial Lee - you're so good at them :)

  14. You clever girly, these are stunningly beautiful! Karenx

  15. gorgeous and the effect of cosmic shimmers is stunning x

  16. Lee: You've done it again - stunning! You are so very talented.

  17. Oh I just love these Lee! Please do a tut these are completely stunning I love them!! Hugs Rebekah xx

  18. Hi Lee

    you have done it again girl! sent all us crazy card makers off to see what we can find to make these lovely creations! lol

    Please do a tut and you should not need to ask - we LOVE them!

    Sam x

  19. Fantastic flowers Lee, love the added sparkle with the glimmer mists. Debs xx

  20. Gorgeous flowers Lee. Love all the shimmer.
    Debbie x

  21. Evening Lee, Another Gorgous Flower, They are simply stunning...

  22. These are stunning Lee, so pretty. Love the shimmer. Please could we have a tut?

    Donna xx

  23. oooooo wow more yummylicious flowers from the flower queen, yes please to a tutorial :D

    xx coops xx

  24. OMG their just Gorjuss!!!!! would love a tutorial please.
    Trish (-:

  25. Beautiful flowers and yes a tutorial would be great.

  26. oooooohhhhhhh these are so lush Lee...would love a tutorial...pretty please
    Mina xxx

  27. Wow, so beautiful! I'd love to see the tutorial too Lee! I can't imagine anyone being bored at your blog no matter what you are showing, I always leave smiling! Hope you are having a great week! :)

  28. These are just delightful Lee! So much nicer than any you could buy. I will look out for your tut xx Jenny xx

  29. Please, Please, a tutorial. These flowers are just gorgeous. Can't wait to see how to make them. You have inspired me!!

  30. Yeah yeah yeah........ tutorial please!! THEY ARE SERIOUSLY FAB!
    Christine x

  31. Love these - they're stunning. Yes please to a tutorial : ) Wendy x

  32. wow how absolutely fabulous ... they are really fantastic and I guess that 31 requests for a tutorial means we may be lucky lol ... I already have a wonderful selection of your lovely flowers you are certainly a very talented flowerer (is that a word)

    oh and thank you for letting me know that my sentiments don't print out on my blog I have managed to print it out for myself so don't know why it isn't working ho hum back to the drawing board ... I actually had 61 views on the do-craft site but not 1 comments so if you had not informed me on my blog I would have had no idea that it did not work so thank you again happy crafting and love sandy xx

  33. Hi Lee

    I have only just found your blog .. .. wow!! What a treat.

    Loving each and everyone of these flowers. They are gorgeous.

    Beautiful work.

    Love Jules xx

  34. wao! your Petaloops are so pretty!!! Who doesn't want a tutorial on how to make these beauties!

  35. hiya now I love reading your posts, and your comments, and of course we would like a tutorial on these gorgeous creations, would I not die to have some of these on my next layout for Oliver :)

    Hugs Kate xx

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  37. Pretty Petaloops! love the name!
    Wendy x

  38. Hi Hun, wow love these so of course want a tutorial, daft question,lol, love your posts so make me laugh, you sound as nuts as me he he, no offence hun, ps love the name of these flowers, hugs Liz xx

  39. Gorgeous flowers Lee, can't wait to see the tutorial. Emjay

  40. I could never do flowers like these, so am now just going to get you to make all my flowers from now on x

  41. beautiful flowers welldone love the name petaloops hugs tracy x

  42. Piękne, a dodatkowej urody dodają im wspaniałe ćwieki!


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