Friday, 30 August 2013

Just giving you a little "Heads Up"

Hello hello girlies and princesses.  I'm just here to give you a little heads up and to tease you a wee bit as well.  Yes, Im delightfully evil...mwahhhhh!  I just wanted to you like Giveaways?  What was that?  Was that a YES?  Ok you like a few giveaways?  Oh oh, I see that's a resounding YES!

Well, what if I told you that maybe sometime on Sunday, around a certain Crafty Loops's crazy crafty corner, that maybe......just maybe there might be not 1, not 2 and not even 3 Giveaway Prizes up for grabs but 7............Oh yes, you read it correctly.......SEVEN GIVEAWAY PRIZES ................ YIPPEE!

Well, Ive been promising a giveaway for the last....forever!  I know, I know, Im Mrs Disaster Pants (and I wear those Disaster Pants with pride, lol).....but my brother's wedding took precedence.  So I thought I had better make it count and make sure I had a good amount of goodies to give away to plenty of you loverly crafty followers of mine.  So my I am, giving you fair warning to keep your crafty eyes on the bloggy skies because I have a Mahoosive bunch of goodies to give away to 7 (maybe 8) lucky crafters.

Laters Gators!

Loops xx

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Discount Code for All My UK Followers

Hey you guys!!!  Well, I don't know about you, but I LOVE The Works shop.  We have one local here where I live but I also buy a lot from them online too.

So, in honour of me just placing an order just a few hours ago The Works sent me a loverly email saying that if my UK friendies use the following code, when they place an order over £10 they can enjoy 15% off their order!!  And considering how awesome the prices are already, thats pretty amazing,

Just so you know, I am not affiliated with The Works in any way......I just love shopping there.  So click the photo below to go get your 15% off your next order over £10 with The Works online.

Happy shopping my friends.  Let me know what you think of the goodies you buy from The Works.

Toodles Noodles.....

Ps..........Maahoosive Giveaway is coming up soon - I promise.
              Plus.......keep an eye out on my blog because I will be offering freebies to whoever wants them, provided you are willing to pay the postage.
And.........I have a major destash coming up to on ebay - I will keep you informed.

Loops xx

Click on the photo or HERE to receive a code for 15% off at The Works online store.  Expires 18th October 2013.  UK residence only

Friday, 9 August 2013

Clean & Simple Silver Anniversary Card and and an up-coming Surprise

Hello my lovelies.  I know, I've been gone for agessssss.  But my brother was married on the 20th July and I was making everything for it, from Invitations to place cards.  I'll be showing you everything soon.....silly me forgot to take photos of everything!! DOH! wee Mammy and Daddy are married 25 years today...WOOWHOO!  Congratulations to them both.  You are both incredible parents...obviously.....look at me!  Here is the sad and sorry card I've made you, lol.  Sorry!  But of all the things you could have asked asked for a handmade  card from me.....even though I'm rubbish at making them, lol.  Have a fabulous day you two love birds.

Here it is......

Its clean and very simple.......just the way I like it.  Simple matting and layering with white linen embossed stripes.

The sentiment is matted and layered, stamped with congratulations and 2 wee hearts on either side.

Opps.....this isn't a terribly straight photograph, sorry.  I added this wee sentiment on the inside.  And taadaa!  Simple wee card.
Just a quick announcement...keep your eyes out on my blog because I have a few things coming up.  Maybe a giveaway and maybe some freebies up for grabs....yes I said FREEBIES!  Ive been doing out the old craft room and I am selling a few bits on ebay soon (I'll let you know when).....BUT - I do have some things that I want to give to whoever wants just need to pay the postage.  I will do an official post on it to give you a heads up of when its all happening.

Toodles Noodles.....Loops xx

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