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Alice in Wonderland Mini Album

Alice in Wonderland Mini Album A very Happy UnBirthday to youuuuuuu Helloooooo my lovelies.  Please be gentle on me with this one as this is my very first proper mini album.  And I LOVE it but thats just me, lol.  I was surfing the web and having a nosey around Youtube trying to find some ideas for a pressie I could make for my bestie, Maddy ( ) as I wanted to make something really special for her birthday.  I am a subbie of Marion Smith on Youtube and remembered she made her own printables.  Click HERE for her Youtube channel.  As it was my first one, I felt a little intimidated by it so I kept pretty much similar to her design but with a few Loops's twists added in for good measure.  If you have never visited Marion's website or had a play with any of her designs, (link no longer availble) to go straight to her website.  The printables are delicious and I have bought another few to have a go at those too. As soon as I saw the Wonderland pri

Bookbinding tutorial - How to do a 4 hole pamphlet Stitch

Bookbinding tutorial - How to do a 4 hole pamphlet Stitch Nope this is not a moment of deja-vu.  This is in fact a new pamphlet stitch tutorial, the first being 3 holes and this being 4.  My reasoning for doing the 4 hole stitch is simply because I saw others making junk journals using my previous 3 hole stitch binding system.  And as they were junk journals, they obviously didn't have uniform and perfect sized signatures for the 3 holes.  Some had added small tags, envelopes, wee bits of scrap paper etc.  My concern was that these small pieces would maybe only get one stitch through them which would mean they may come apart and fall out of the journal.  So with the 4 holes, at least 2 stitches would be placed in smaller pieces of paper making this stitch perfect for junk journalling.  You can have the spacing of the sew holes as close or as far apart as you like.  Its up to you.  I wanted quite a large gap between the top stitches and the bottom stitches as I'm planning on add

RSVP Card and a teeny note card .....I know.....another card!

RSVP Card and a teeny note card .....I know.....another card! Hey everyone.  I'm back again.  One minute you don't see me for dust and the next you can't get rid of me!   As you know, the reason for me being MICA (Missing in Crafty Action!) is that I was making Wedding Invitations for my Brother, Jay and Karen's pending nuptials this upcoming Summer.  But, now that I have completed all their wedding invitations and the wee boxes they were individually posted in, I have a bit more time to focus on other crafty things.  So what did I do with my new found freedom.....I made an RSVP card for Jay and Karen's wedding.  Go figure!  Anyway, about the Wedding Invitations ..........I hopefully will be showing them shortly.  I'm so excited for them both.  I still have a lot more things to make for the actual wedding day but they can't be shared until after July. On to the cards.  I seem to have made A LOT of cards lately.  What is going on?  I'm not a card

Handmade Muslin Fabric Flowers - Muslin Maybe's. And the antics of a lazy cat!

Handmade Muslin Fabric Flowers - Muslin Maybe's.  And the antics of a lazy cat! Muslin Maybe's from my Fluffy Goodness Collection Hey everyone.  I haven't shown any of my handmade flowers in a very long time, so I thought I'd come and show you some of these wee beauties I've been making.  They are part of my Fluffy Goodness Collection and I've called them my Muslin Maybe's.  Aren't they gorgeous.....even if I do say so myself, lol. I'm very proud to report that today in Northern Ireland it is a clear blue skied day and a sweltering (for us anyway.) 18 degrees.  18 whole degrees!  Thats a heat wave for Northern Ireland.  Ok so its to rain the rest of the week, starting tonight.  But for right now, its sunny and warm and beautiful......and my poor long haired fluff ball cat is moaning and giving off.  It took ages to get her out this morning.  If Nimbus could talk this is how the conversation went this morning ( Obviously, Nimbus's grasp

My Stash.......Card and Money Jar

My Stash.......Card and Money Jar Hello my lovelies.  What is it with me and making a total eejit of myself when I'm in Belfast?  I was at it again last week!  If you didn't read my last post, you may want to catch up, because my "Belfast Behaviour" is becoming a bit of a series in itself!  My sister, T and I went up to Belfast to the Bi-Annual Craft Fair at the King's Hall.  We met up with me ole mucker Maddy ( Izzwizz creations here in blogland) who is looking absolutely stunning by the way with her newly highlighted spikey blonde hair.  We had a great ole day messing about, waffling and spending wayyyyyy too much money.  Maddy bought her first set of Pan Pastels so keep an eye out for her up-coming projects using those, they'll be incredible. Afterwards I took T into the City Centre to leave an essay in to Uni but it being Belfast and having constant roadworks, there was a big queue of stagnant traffic, as always.  So T is sat beside me with her f

Me and my big mouth! Just another Lee-ism!

Me and my big mouth!  Just another Lee-ism! Hey everybody.  Ok, so I don't officially have any crafty project to share with you today.  I have things in the invitation stuff but nothing I can officially show you just yet.  But I thought I should drop by to remind you that I am here, lol.  So, rather than show you anything I'm making, I thought I'd drop in and tell you about my day and how I performed what has affectionately become known in my circle as a "Lee-ism". So, today I met up with my wee baby sister in Belfast for lunch and might I just add.....with the wind factored into the snowy wintery conditions, apparently our temperature although officially a chilly 3 degrees on the thermostat, felt more like -2 according to the weather.  And believe me, I felt every single degree of that -2!  What in the name of the wee man is going on with our weather??  Anyway, thats a whole different subject that I could kick and scream about for days on e

Video Tutorial .....How to do a pamphlet stitch book

Video Tutorial .....How to do a pamphlet stitch book Hello my lovelies.  Well........My birthday has been and gone.  I turned 33 this year and for some reason all I can think of is "All the three's.........33"!!  It keeps going around and around in my head.  You know.....that cheesy deep voice the Bingo callers use when they call out the numbers?  Yep........I think I'm going to be constantly hearing that in my noggin until I turn 34!  Nooooooo!  I don't know about you lot.......but I thought by this stage in my life that, somewhere along the way a switch would flick and I'd suddenly start thinking like an adult.  Is that gonna happen any time soon?  Because I've just turned 33 and I'm still waiting to be and act like an adult!!  Ask my husband and family.....they'll confirm my immaturity.  I have a 12 year old brother who has more sense than me!  It should have happened by now, right?  Was I over looked or something?  Maybe the "Adult Maker G

I know I don't make cards.....but...Clean & simple card

I know I don't make cards.....but...Clean & simple card Hey everyone.  I know, I always say that I don't make cards........and looking at this card, its pretty obvious that I don't, lol.  But I needed a couple of thank you cards and thought I'd have a bash at making them myself.  They are very simple because I'm completely rubbish at making cards but I like plain and simple cards.  So this is what I came up with. I'm meeting up with my wee matey, Maddy Madster today (Ooooo get me with my alliteration ) ......YIPPEEEE!  You all know Maddy, from her Blog Izzwizz Creations and if you don' HERE .  So we are meeting up to have a good aul natter and try to set the world to rights, lol.  All we need is some double sided tape and a good pair of scissors and that'll sort out the world's problems, heehee.   Anywhoodles, here is my attempt at card making......very simple card making, lol. I used the butterfly Tonic punch and