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Altered Chocolate Box - Steampunk Box Nature meets Industry

Altered Chocolate Box - Steampunk Box Nature meets Industry Steampunk Altered Chocolate Box Well, whatabout ye folks.  Me again back to fill your minds with more of my nonsense, lol.  Today I want to show you another altered chocolate box I made. was Easter recently remember!  So I got a box of choccies from no I am not a complete gorbyguts!  Well......maybe just a bit when it comes to chocolate but anywho, Im not counting the calories so neither should you, lol.  Anyway calories don't count if its a special occasion like Easter, Christmas, my birthday, Our Anniversary.....everyone  else's Anniversaries, other peoples birthdays........Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's........... are you getting the picture?  Heehee. Anywhoodles, I am doing a Altered Box Swap with a fellow Youtuber and friend, Vikkie from Norway.  Well no she is from England but now lives in beautiful Norway.  We decided an altered box swap would be the perfect

Video Tutorial - How to make a Distress Ink Storage Tower

Video Tutorial - How to make a Distress Ink Storage Tower Handmade Distress Ink Tower Holds 20 Distress Inks or a combination of Distress Inks and Blending tool thingies! Now.....before you even see the video or before I even get to explain what this tutorial is all about, there will be a few things my sister will be doing straight away.....just from reading the title...... First......she'll be all giddy and excited when she realises I'm doing a tutorial with me talking.....which will lead to the second thing she'll do.... Secondly.....She'll quickly jump onto Facebook to one of our cousins facebook page....Jessica (Hi Jess) and she may even text her too.  She'll tell Jess to "Hurry up and get over to Lee's Blog......She's doing a real tutorial with her silly talking and everything!!!" "Why would these 2 things happen?", I hear you ask, scratching your little noggins.  My sister, Tara and our cousin Jess were sitting last s

Hand Bound Journal for Maddy

Hand Bound Journal for Maddy Journal for Maddy.....ignore the dodgy stamped name!  That can be removed and replaced with something else.  I just added it as an example Well folks, hows she cuttin' as they say in my neck of the woods?  I'm sure it originally comes from some sort of farming term...but in plain good ole English, that basically means "How are you"? Well I had a wonderful day at the Creative Crafts Show at the King's Hall in Belfast today.  And as my wee sister T is now dabbling in the wonderful Crafting World, there was little pleading needed when I asked her to come with me.  Let's face it.......I need someone to watch over me in case I get up to no good and misbehave!  Now I'm not saying I need a babysitter but......okay who am I kidding, my 21 year old sister needed to babysit her very badly behaved mischievous 32 year old sister! I even needed reinforcements called in so we met up with my bezzie buddy, Maddy from Izzwizz Creations

Clean and Simple Card and I want to introduce you to someone!

Clean and Simple Card and I want to introduce you to someone! Happy Birthday Bob-a-job!  My wee Mamma calls my Daddy that! Well folks, whats the craic with you all?  Firstly, BIG apology.  Im using the new blogger interface (which I hate by the way) and I did turn the Word Verification OFF or so I thought!  I went into it there now and it was still ON Grrrrrr!  So hopefully word verification is now off again.  I hate Word Verification, lol!  So just a note to anyone who has gone over to the new interface....DON'T FORGET TO TURN OFF WORD VERIFICATION (if you dont want it on of course!). Anyway, Yesterday was my wee Daddy's Birthday.  After three everyone......ONE, TWO, THREE........HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOOPS'S DADDY!!!!  Or you can call him Bobby which is less of a mouthful.  And in a completely unrelated was also the 100th year Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic!!  And before you say anything, as far as Im aware, none of my ancestors worked on the

Junk Journal - First gentle. Photos and Video

Junk Journal - First gentle.  Photos and Video Junk Journal - A4 size VERY PHOTO HEAVY.  FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SKIP THE PHOTO'S, I'VE DONE A WEE VIDEO AT THE END OF THE POST SHOWING YOU THROUGH THE BOOK. What about ye folks.  Im back again! My sister had a very wonderful 21st Birthday, thank you to everyone who wished her a Happy Birthday.  And even after me posting such an embarrassing story and photo of her in my last post, my wee T is still talking to me!  I think after 21 years of having me as her sister, Tara has come to realise that I'm a bit of a nut, have no limits to what I will say or do and if there is an opportunity to create an embarrassing moment....well she knows I'll take it, lol. I decided I wanted to make her something that she could add to over the years.  So, I made her a Junk Journal. They seem to be all the rage in the USA at the moment but they are slowly making their way over here.  For those who don't know what a Jun