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Just because it's handmade, doesn't mean it's cheap

Just because it's handmade, doesn't mean it's cheap This is going to be a bit of a different post.  I have no creations to share, no crafty altered project, new flowers or new sewing items to share.  This post is in support of all creative people out there and a little "heads up"so to speak to all non-crafter's that request we make something for them. Now don't get me wrong, there was no incident that lead me to write this post.  I haven't been given an unreasonable request or asked to make anything for someone.  It is just something I have been thinking about lately, particularly since I've become really interested in sewing lately and was glued to my laptop watching The Great British Sewing Bee.  For example, I always assumed sewing was a cheaper alternative to buying your own clothes.  Boy was I wrong.  With shops popping up like Primark, H&M and Forever 21, it is almost impossible to personally make yourself an outfit cheaper than what th

Quick Tip - how to straighten stickpins and Jewellery wire

Quick Tip - how to straighten stickpins and Jewellery wire Hi folks.  Just a quick wee video tip today.  When I make my stickpins, I usually buy them in bulk from China on Ebay.  Problem with this is, you always end up with bent, wonky stickpins that you need to straighten.  Also, when you use jewellery wire, we have to muck about with the wire and jewellery pliers in an attempt to straighten something that has been wrapped tightly in a can see my dilemma.   Well, here is a quick tip which won't result in you cutting the hands off yourself, whilst struggling to straighten the wonky little blighters! I hope to be back soon with a few Tim Holtz Embellishment Kits for sale.  They'll be a mixed selection of Tim Holtz goodies.  So instead of having 18 hanger paper clips when all you need is 2, or 1 set of box corners instead of paying for 3 sets, I have put together various sized kits to cater all budgets.  Also....a Miss Congeniality Giveaway will be announced

Empty tape roll to Ribbon Storage

Empty tape roll to Ribbon Storage You all know the tape I'm talking about.  Look.....this one.....done there in the photo.  I love the super sticky red tape (If that's its is in my house!) and it really pained me to throw away the plastic ring it was stored on.  So I have been storing them up in a drawer.  And here is what I decided to use them for........ MY RIBBONS AND FIBRES.......YEAH!!!! See?  I'm so chuffed with this. Makes me feel good that Im doing my bit for up-cycling and my ribbons and fibres aren't stuck in a bag all scrunched up and they look scrummy........theyr'e certainly better looking than that ugly door of mine, heehee! If you don't have an over door hook "thingy" just stick a few tacks, nails or even some of the wee foam backs hooks onto your door and hang them from that. That's it for tonight folks.  I have a few things to add to my candy which I will show you soon. Toodles Noodles,....Lee aka

Tutorial - how to make a box for your dimensional cards.

Tutorial - how to make a box for your dimensional cards WHAT YOU WILL NEED This tutorial will give the measurements and formula for making a box for a 6x6inch square card.  HOWEVER....the formula I use to make this card is easily converted into other sized cards like 5x5, 8x8 etc. For a 6x6 card you will need: 2 x A4 sheets of cardstock, white or patterned whichever you want for your box. Hougie board, Scor Board, Martha Stewart Score board or whatever other score board you have that is on the market*  Not essential though.....if you have an embossing tool & ruler, that works too Glue or extra strong double sided tape Bone folder - not essential Scissors Ruler MAKING YOUR BOX - THE FORMULA I USE AND THE PUTTING TOGETHER OF YOUR BOX BOX BASE If your card is 6x6 inches you wont want your box to be exactly 6x6 as the card wont fit in, it will simply sit on top and this is NOT what we want.   So, I usually add on 1/4 inch which gives room for the card and embellishments.  Therefore