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Altered laundry basket

Altered laundry basket  This past Christmas, my wee Mamma wanted a new laundry basket.  She recently did a few bits and pieces in her bedroom and wanted something to go with her duck egg blue colour scheme and if I could find some way to fit butterflies into the theme too, that would be great.  Well, I searched and I searched and could not find anything that would go with that theme, at all.  So, I decided to jimmy rig and alter one myself, lol....not sure if that made it any better mind you, teehee. I bought this one on Amazon ( click link, if you want one, lol) as it had a removable fabric liner that I could add to. I then purchased this stunning Laura Ashley curtain fabric on Ebay.  It was just a 1/2 metre remnant but it was a perfect amount for what I needed.  Not only was it duck egg blue, but it had butterflies on it! On a piece of the scrap fabric left over, I decided to sew around one of the butterflies to make this little padded dangle butterfly to add to the front of the bas

Small Hand-bound Vintagy Shabby Chic Journal

Small Hand-bound Vintagy Shabby Chic Journal Shabby Chic Journal with removable charm Hi folks........ITS THE WEEKEND..WOOWHOOOOO! Now that I have gotten that sudden act of madness out of the way, I shall begin.  Haaahaaa, sorry, Im just laughing at myself saying "sudden act of madness".  I think its fair to say that "sudden" is not the correct term.  Lets face it, I think it would more much more accurate if I was to say "sudden act of sanity" in my case.  Its probably the more rare behaviour on my part. Anywhoodles, before I start into how sane or in fact insane I am I would like to share with you this little journal I made.  Its quite a small wee thing, I think the pages are about A6 in size so its a dinky dainty wee journal.  As some of you may know, and indeed some may not I am self-taught in Bookbinding.  Therefore, this pretty little journal is all made by me from scratch.  I made the signatures, sewed them together, made the covers, boun

Life in an Altered Tray - Mixed Media altered tray

Life in an Altered Tray - Mixed Media altered tray Altered Tray Good morning my little Loopy Loo's.  And how are we this fine Tuesday morning?  I've been up to me old altering tricks again.  My poor long suffering Scrubby cant bring anything into the house now without me trying to knick it and claim it as something I can alter, heehee.  Apparently "Not everything needs altered or distressed"....according to Scrubby!  "Such blasphemy"....I protest! And I'm not one bit ashamed to say that my cat was put out last night covered in sparkly glitter.  Yep, that's what happens when you rudely interrupt me mid flower glittering! And she......Nimbus our cat that is, was very impatient and was doing the cat equivalent to a funny little gig you do when you're bursting for the loo, that she didn't give me the time to wash the glitter off my hands.....face, arms, hair.....and all over my clothes.  So, she was scooped up into my glittery arms,

Flower Tutorial using Spellbinders Rose Creations Die - The Peace Rose

Flower Tutorial using Spellbinders Rose Creations Die - The Peace Rose Hi folks. This is gonna be short and sweet "Aye right" I hear you snort!!  No really is a short post.  I just wanna see if this works for a start as I may start to do video tutorials for those who like to see things being done in real time and not in a million photos!  So, this is a quick wee video just of the last flower I did, the Peace Rose. Let me know what you think.  Would you like to see video tutorials?  Maybe add them on to the end of my normal photo tutorials?  I know I'm the type of person who likes to see it done in front of me so I thought it might be handy for others too.  Now Im not talking in this one.....I have put some lovely Taylor Swift music on instead.  I didn't want to scare the bejeezes out of you with my Northern Irish accent just yet, lol.  It so happens that I wanna keep all my lubbly jubbly followers and my accent may scare you off!!  But you might hea

Another Altered Chocolate Box!! Im not a gorb...honest!!

Another Altered Chocolate Box!! Pretty Shabby Chic Vintage style Box  Pictures are rubbish ..... the lighting was awful!  Bloody winter!  Baaaa! Yes I realise it may seem like its been FOREVER since you've had me nattering in your ear .... but do not despair ....... for I have returned!  Heehee.  I've been so busy since Christmas my head feels like its doing a bit of an Exorcist move and me old noggin keeps spinning around!!  Anywho....onwards and upwards as they say.... I know, I are all gonna be thinking "Another bloody altered box?  How much chocolate do you eat woman??!!"  Well, to answer that question......I love chocolate and could eat it until it came out of me ears.  But to be completely honest, as much as I would love to be able to eat chocolate until it came out of me ears......I cant, unless I dont care about fitting through my doors!!  But, I have been collecting boxes for a long time.  And even when family member get choccies