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Craft Room Tour 2021 - Very Tiny Craft Room ideas

Craft Room Tour 2021 - Very Tiny Craft Room ideas It's been a long time coming and goodness knows my messy craft room stopped me from creating for far too long, but finally, my room is now a functioning space.  It took some work to finally get to this spot.  My craft room had become something of a nightmare where I bought craft supplies and just quickly opened my craft room door, chucked them in and swiftly closed the door again before everything could spill out.  I was utterly ashamed of how I had let my room fall into total chaos.  I hated the deep pink carpet that was there when we moved in and the awful peeling pink wallpaper and the furniture was just way too big for a smaller than box room.   So, on the 1st of January 2020 (yes...a year ago now, lol) my lovely Scrubby said "Right, I'm taking to that room and everything is being pulled out.  It needs a fresh start".  I've never loved the man more, teehee.  We donated the over sized table and 2 chest of drawer