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The "Bad Blogger" Giveaway

The "Bad Blogger" Giveaway Hey everyone.  Boy did that 2 weeks fly by!  Well, my Birthday has been and gone and as promised, it's time for me to announce the winner of my first "Bad Blogger" Giveaway.  And the winner is..... PeeJay As stated before, you have 5 days to get in touch with me through the contact form at the top right of my blog.  Simply fill in your details (don't worry, it will be private) with a message giving me your full name and address.  As soon as I get the message I will reply to let you know that I've received everything I need and let you know when I post your prize to you. And to everyone else.......don't be discouraged.  I bought pretty much the same items again, so I have another 2 giveaways coming. The items are slightly different, like the stamps and a few other bits but they are for the most part, the same.  So look out for the next Giveaway, coming very (very) soon, lol. Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Lo

Drumroll.....And the Winners Are........

Drumroll.....And the Winners Are........ Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!  I'm going straight into it, so I won't torture you all.  I have the results of my "Cause I loves ya", Giveaways for the 7 prizes.  So, as you know, you all had a chance (UK'ers anyway) to get your hands on 7 Prizes.  So with that said, I do have winners from the UK, Spain and across the pond too in the USA....AND someone won more than 1 prize!  Now, grumbling.  There were 7 prizes and 7 chances to win.  And the names were drawn fair and square by Scrubby Loops, so there was a very good chance that duplicates would be pulled. So without further ado.......The Winners are: PRIZE 1 AND PRIZE 3 - £10 GIFT VOUCHER FOR COUNTRYVIEW CRAFTS & CRAFTER'S COMPANION SWALK STAMPS & GOODIES IS..... SUE - BEARHOUSE If you could contact me WITHIN 48 HOURS in the message box at the top right, indicating you are the Giveaway winner of Prizes 1 and 3 , and send me your detail

Blogaversary Winner

Blogaversary Winner Hey everyone.  Im going to keep this short and sweet as I know you just want to know who the winners are! I cut out all the Scrubby to pull out the names.  Sadly the first 2 names that were pulled out did not comply with the rules when I checked!  I couldn't believe it was the first 2 that were pulled out!  And the goodies were both going to end up heading out of the UK but sadly they didn't stick to the rules.  Im sorry put if you failed to follow the rules, I couldn't add you.  So Scrubby had to redraw the names again. I have decided to give a third prize away.  Its just a teeny tiny consolation prize Third Prize......just a wee small one but I hope the winner likes it A collection of my stickpins A collection of some of my flowers THE WINNER OF THE CRAFTER CARD MAKER PRIZE IS..... ...................................... ...................................... Karen from Stamping in pINK Well done Karen, ple

Blog Candy Redraw .....One New Winner

5 out of the 6 candy winners have sent me their details for me to send them their blog candy.  Thank you were all super quick in replying.  Sadly Larisa from 21Stitches didn't get in touch with me to claim her Blog Candy within the 48 hour time period.  And I very clearly stated in the rules that if I didnt hear from the winners within 48 hours that I would be redrawing names.  So, sadly it looks like one of my candies will not be making its way to Moscow, Russia. So, here we go, ...............REDRAW DRUM ROLL............ ..........And the redraw winner is............ Tilly from Tillys Crafty Corner Tilly, you have 24 hours in which to email me your details.  Please understand that I cannot keep this open for ages for winners to email me their details.  I only want to have to go to the post office once and its not very fair to keeps the other winners waiting for their goodies.  So if I do not receive the details within 24 hours , Im afraid I will again have

Drum Roll Please ..........And the Winners are..........!

Afternoon folks.  Im gonna be quick and not keep you all in suspenders....Opps!  Thats not the right word......Or is it, you kinky minx's??! Anyway, I wanted to take photos of Scrubby pulling out each name but he has a tummy bug and wasnt feeling terribly photogenic, so Im afraid you will not be seeing the photos of the names being drawn. Anyway..............the winners no particular order............. Karen from Karen's Sparkle and Glitter Donna Mosley from My Happy Place Jayne from A Space to Create Christine L from Handmade by Christine Kim from Me, Myself and the World Larrik (Larisa) from 21Stitch  (21Kpectnk) Congratulations ladies.  If you would send me your addresses and details to me please.  My email is at the top of my blog.  You have 48 hours in which to do so, after which time I will have to redraw a name. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has very kindly followed my blog.  I realise Im a bit of a waffler and a tad


Ok Folks, we have our winners.  PLEASE READ HOW THE WINNER WAS FAIRLY DRAWN. My hubby picked the winners.  He doesnt know anyone on here and was in no way swayed by me.  I didnt look until he told me to look!  I didnt want to have to write down over 160 names, so I asked my hubby to pick from the computer.  To make it completely fair so people at the top and bottom had a chance he scrolled up and down the blog page without watching the screen, randomly stopped and then pointed randomly at the screen.  So wherever his finger fell that was the winner.  If he went between comments.....he tried again....and again!!  Until we finally got fair winners.  These names were picked completely fairly without me seeing. So without further ado..............DRUM ROLL............. The first BIG Blog Candy goes to.........Wendy from Flowergirl Cards And the Second Prize goes to ............Sandy from Sandys Crafty Bits Congratulations ladies, if you would please contact me through the contact