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Shabby Chic Lollipop Flowers - Tea Dyed Hand made Flowers with a hint of Vanilla

Shabby Chic Lollipop Flowers - Tea Dyed Hand made Flowers with a hint of Vanilla Ohhh look at my pretties  Hi folks.  Sorry Ive been MIA.  It was my Birthday on Friday there and it was more of a Birthday Weekend and then I ended up in bed with something!!! AND was not a hangover or whatever other badness you were thinking of!  I know what you are all like, you naughty girls!  Nah nothing as exciting as that.  I know, "something" is hardly naming an illness is it??  It wasnt a cold and it wasnt a flu exactly.  It was an awful sore throat, ears and neck, a high temperature and achy all whats that called?  Loopy Largy?  Who knows! Anywhoodles, here are a few photos of some pretty lace flowers Ive made.  The colour isnt the true colour of the real life flowers but with the awful grey Northern Ireland weather, it was the best I could do! I took a great big bowl and filled it with boiling water and chucked in 2 used teabags.  I didnt want to use

A handmade watch and stickpins

A handmade watch and stickpins Lookie lookie!  I made a watch!!  I know!  Its a watch!  Yippee! Ok so after my excitement with Super Geek this morning (see previous post for details), I decided I was going to post the tutorial videos of me showing you how to make the wee shabby chic journal I made.  Its a series of tutorials showing step by step footage of bookbinding.  I uploaded onto YT finally (dont ask) and made them public......for all of 2 seconds when I realised on the second video, one of the most important sewing steps was missing!!  So, Im currently uploading it AGAIN.  So instead of Bookbinding get this instead....... I bet you lot thought I had gone and made another card, didnt ya?  Ha!  No way.  That last one for my brothers birthday was enough trauma to keep me going for a few years, lol. Nope, I am excited for another reason......I made a watch.  As you can see already.  I also chucked out my Scrubby's good watch out of its nice decorative

Im Back!!!! The Story of Scrubby - The Super Geek!

m Back!!!!  The Story of Scrubby - The Super Geek! Panic Over!  Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who very kindly gave me advice on me not being able to comments on other folks blogs. My Scrubby is a bit of a Geek.  And Im not being derogatory in calling him a Geek either.  In fact, its very handy having a man who can build a computer with his eyes closed should the need arise.  And believe me.....the need has arrived twice already for my parents.  My Scrubby is the computer genius in our family and gets regular contact with family members I havent even heard of before!! Anyway I didnt need to change browsers, I didnt need to untick "stay signed in".........All  I needed to do was........ well, heres how the story goes....... 2 days ago - Thursday 10th Me...." Scrubbyyyyyyyy....something is wrong with my blog.  When I go to other blogs that have the comments below their posts, its says Im signed out and I cant leave messages.  And then I go back to my blog and

Am I alone? Or is anyone having the same problem?

Hello?  Anyone there?  Heehee.  "Oh what is she on about now?" I hear you ask!  Right, here is my issue (among my many crazy issues of course, lol).  I use Google Chrome as my browser.  Yesterday there were updates for Chrome.  I did my duty and updated as a good little girlie girl. TODAY - for some damned reason I had to log back into my blog.  "Ok, no problem." me thinks.   I'll log in to my blog.  So Im on my dashboard and going through my list of blogs.  Now, when I go on to someone elses blog, I appear to be logged out again.  And when I try to leave a comment on some blogs it asks me to pick a profile under the comment.  I obviously pick "Google Account" cause, well, Im a blogger!  But it ignores me and I cant leave the comment. So, in an act of desperation I click on to my homepage to see if Im still logged in.............IM NOT!!!  WHAT THE.......???  I log in again, go in to my dashboard, click on someones blog and guess what.......IM LOGG

Small Hand-bound Vintagy Shabby Chic Journal

Small Hand-bound Vintagy Shabby Chic Journal Shabby Chic Journal with removable charm Hi folks........ITS THE WEEKEND..WOOWHOOOOO! Now that I have gotten that sudden act of madness out of the way, I shall begin.  Haaahaaa, sorry, Im just laughing at myself saying "sudden act of madness".  I think its fair to say that "sudden" is not the correct term.  Lets face it, I think it would more much more accurate if I was to say "sudden act of sanity" in my case.  Its probably the more rare behaviour on my part. Anywhoodles, before I start into how sane or in fact insane I am I would like to share with you this little journal I made.  Its quite a small wee thing, I think the pages are about A6 in size so its a dinky dainty wee journal.  As some of you may know, and indeed some may not I am self-taught in Bookbinding.  Therefore, this pretty little journal is all made by me from scratch.  I made the signatures, sewed them together, made the covers, boun

Flower Tutorial Video - Large Cabbage Rose/Peony style flower

Flower Tutorial Video - Large Cabbage Rose/Peony style flower Large Cabbage Rose Using Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die Side profile....isn't is so pretty?  I love it....First attempt at a bigger one using this die so it ain't perfect! Ello Ello ma Petite Loopy Loo's.  Ohhhhh get me and me French!!  But there is a reason for it ..... of course!  I've decided if you say this flower with the proper French accent, the "cabbage" part sounds so much more romantic and appealing.  Go on....give it a try....."Cabbaaaaagggge Rose".... See, sounds so much better.  Oh I so have you lot repeating that now, haven't I?!  Heehee. Ive been a bit of a boldie and a lazy bumhead (I know....strange expression but if you know me at all by now...its pretty much the norm.  Plus its a nickname I call my sister, one of many I might add. I really have to re-evaluate my nicknames for my sibling. First Mi-Wadi, now don't want to know the rest!).