Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Shabby Chic Lollipop Flowers - Tea Dyed Hand made Flowers with a hint of Vanilla

Ohhh look at my pretties 

Hi folks.  Sorry Ive been MIA.  It was my Birthday on Friday there and it was more of a Birthday Weekend and then I ended up in bed with something!!! AND was not a hangover or whatever other badness you were thinking of!  I know what you are all like, you naughty girls!  Nah nothing as exciting as that.  I know, "something" is hardly naming an illness is it??  It wasnt a cold and it wasnt a flu exactly.  It was an awful sore throat, ears and neck, a high temperature and achy all whats that called?  Loopy Largy?  Who knows!

Anywhoodles, here are a few photos of some pretty lace flowers Ive made.  The colour isnt the true colour of the real life flowers but with the awful grey Northern Ireland weather, it was the best I could do!

I took a great big bowl and filled it with boiling water and chucked in 2 used teabags.  I didnt want to use new teabags as I didnt want the colour being too dark.  So I gave that a good ole stir and then added a few drops of organic vanilla extract.  Ohhhhhh the smell was stunning.  I added the 2 different white laces to the bowl of tea water and let them soak for about 4-5 hours.  I gave them a mush about, being careful not to burst the tea bags, every so often just to make sure I was getting even colouring all through the laces......I dont do patchy lace!

After that I took the laces out, gave them a good ole Loopy squeeze (which is better than an ordinary squeeze you understand!) and air dried them on an old clean tea towel.  And then I made my wee pretties.  Here they are, all smelling yummy of vanilla.

These flowers were made by just gathering and folding the lace and gluing it down, round and round on a circle of cardstock, working my way in to the middle.  

I made some of my blingy flower centres and added them to the flowers

Arent they beautiful.  Sorry the colour isnt showing perfectly.  But they do look incredibly beautiful

They have a lovely layered and soft feel to them without being too bulky on a card or scrapbook page

Here is my second flower.  This one is made by taking a strip of lace and doing a simple running stitch.  My tutorial is here for this type of flower.  I then made a smaller flower by cutting the lace in half, right up the middle of the lace to make it a teeny wee flower and placed it on top of the bigger flower and sort of cupped the lace around my pearly centre that I made.  As usual I used my trusty hot glue to glue the small flower on top of the bigger one and hot glued the flower centre in place.

This flower is so dainty and elegant

This is the third flower.  It was made pretty similar to the first flower but I made the folds wider apart which helped to pull the lace upwards to give it a cupping shape.  It has a wee bit more dimension but is still light and small enough to be used on cards, mini album pages, scrapbook pages etc

The colour is really gorgeous, I just wish the photo showed the true colour

Wouldnt smellovision be awesome right now?  Then you could take in a big vanilla-eeee smell of these gorgeous flowers.  They are so shabby chic, I just love'm.

And thats it from me for today folks.  Sorry Ive been so quiet.  I know, its weird right?  Loops?  Being quiet?  Wonders may never cease.  But being "sickie no well" as its called in my family, didnt help.....or did it?  Hmmmm, it certainly did keep me quiet!  My Scrubby may disagree with that statement though.  

Anywhoodles, I'll be back soon.  I made another Journal.  This one is one of my larger Journals which I made for Scrubby.  So its not girlie and pretty or anything. Its messy and manly!  Heehee, just like my Scrubby, lol.  Dont tell him I said that!!

Toodles Noodles......Loops xx

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

A handmade watch and stickpins

Lookie lookie!  I made a watch!!  I know!  Its a watch!  Yippee!

Ok so after my excitement with Super Geek this morning (see previous post for details), I decided I was going to post the tutorial videos of me showing you how to make the wee shabby chic journal I made.  Its a series of tutorials showing step by step footage of bookbinding.  I uploaded onto YT finally (dont ask) and made them public......for all of 2 seconds when I realised on the second video, one of the most important sewing steps was missing!!  So, Im currently uploading it AGAIN.  So instead of Bookbinding get this instead.......

I bet you lot thought I had gone and made another card, didnt ya?  Ha!  No way.  That last one for my brothers birthday was enough trauma to keep me going for a few years, lol.

Nope, I am excited for another reason......I made a watch.  As you can see already.  I also chucked out my Scrubby's good watch out of its nice decorative box so I could display mine and take photos.  Dont worry, no harm came to Scrubby's watch in the making of these photos, heehee.  His watch was carefully placed back in its wee hidey hole, opps, I mean nice decorative box once I had finished with it.

So you all know I like to play about making dangly charms and stickpins.  Well, I have got my sister possessed with crafting too, lol.  She was interested in jewellery making so for Xmas I made her up a pretty big starter kit.  But then the other week I was shopping around ebay for some more beads and things for my charms and stickpins and I came across an ebayer from China selling watch faces.  Says I to me-self  "Ohhhh our Tara could make those watch faces into pretty watches or bracelet watches".  So I bought the 10 little watch faces for less than 50p each and that was free postage too!  What a bargain.  So I got them delivered the other day and I was in my room last night, making up a nice wee bag of pretty things to give my sister including the watches.  And again.....Me-self pops up and says "Hmmmm, I think Im gonna take a bash at making a watch".

And this is how this pretty little watch came in to being.  I had everything I needed to make it.  I used the clear elasticated jewellery thread, spacers, bead caps and beads and a wee crimp clasp at the end.  Then just a few jump rings and a lobster claw for the closure.  I must say though, as much as I like my long nails and they come in very handy at know, when your Scrubby says he'd love a good ole back scratch....Im his human backscratcher and anyone who is a Family Guy fan will know exactly what way to say "Back Scratcher"..... my nails were a complete nightmare when trying to make this watch.  Trying to lift teeny ball spacers and thread the elastic thread through teeny wee holes was hindered severely by my long nails!  But I got there in the end and my desire to whack em' all off soon subsided!  But then it was back again when I tried to put the bloomin' thing on my wrist!!

My beautiful assistant kindly modelled the watch for me.....ohhh hold on a minute, that dainty little wrist is mine!  Heehee

I have quite a skinny wee wrist stuck at the end of my arms so I put an extension chain on the closure so it can be worn on any size of wrist

The Closure

Smokey coloured glass bicone beads and clear glass bicone beads with bead caps and spacers make up the strap of the watch

Heres a nice little photo of the watch lying out on a very fine and bright pink non stick glue mat!  Please excuse its grubby appearance!

A little close up of the hardware

I am as proud as punch with this little thing.

Its lovely and light to wear but feels sturdy and secure at the same time.  Ive never had a bracelet type watch before but I must say, its surprisingly comfortable.
Oh aye, and as a bit of an after thought, I made a few wee stickpins too....can you spot the odd ball one?

These ones are made using pretty lilac glass pearls and pearly pearls!

Did you spot it?  Yes I realise Im a complete numpty and the second pin has a pearly pearl missing and thats why its so awkward looking but I will rectify that!  I was staring at the damned thing for ages wondering what was the matter with the bloomin' thing and then it twigged!  A missing pearl!  Duhhh!

Right, I think thats enough mischief from me for one day.  Two posts in one day!  There must be something wrong with me!  Im off.  Thanks for stopping by folks.  Let me know what you think of my wee bracelet watch.  I love reading all your comments.

Toodles Noodles,  

Loops xx

Im Back!!!! The Story of Scrubby - The Super Geek!

Panic Over!  Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who very kindly gave me advice on me not being able to comments on other folks blogs.

My Scrubby is a bit of a Geek.  And Im not being derogatory in calling him a Geek either.  In fact, its very handy having a man who can build a computer with his eyes closed should the need arise.  And believe me.....the need has arrived twice already for my parents.  My Scrubby is the computer genius in our family and gets regular contact with family members I havent even heard of before!!

Anyway I didnt need to change browsers, I didnt need to untick "stay signed in".........All  I needed to do was........ well, heres how the story goes.......

2 days ago - Thursday 10th
Me...."Scrubbyyyyyyyy....something is wrong with my blog.  When I go to other blogs that have the comments below their posts, its says Im signed out and I cant leave messages.  And then I go back to my blog and Im signed out again.  Did that last update break something?"

Scrubby - "I dont know.  Has anyone else had that problem before?"

Me - "Yes"

Scrubby - "Well what did they do then?"

Me - "I cant remember!!  Something about unticking something and something to do with a browser do da".

Scrubby - "Well maybe you should ask someone on your blog"

Me - "Im on it"......being rather smug thinking I will fix the problem myself.  Ha!  I'll show him I can be a computer geek too!  I put up a post and the comments come flying in.

Yesterday - Friday 10th

Me - "Scrubbbbbbyyyyyyyy!!

Scrubby - "Yesssssss"

Me - "Me ole muckers in blogland say that I need to untick the "stay signed in" thingy ma bobber and maybe see about using another browser".

Scrubby - Who is all about trying to get me to try things out on the computer myself!  "Well, have you tried that then?"

Me - "Noooooo.  I thought you should try it in case I do something wrong!"

Scrubby - "Dont be daft.  Come on now, you do it yourself"

Me - with a bit of a huffy face - "Ohhhhhhh kayyyyy"

I faffed around with my laptop for a few hours but by this stage Im getting really fed up and Im knackered and I just want to give up and go to bed.  So in my whiniest voice....

Me - "Scrubbyyyyyyy"

Scrubby - "Yes?"

Me - "Its not workin'"

Scrubby - "Do you want me to install Fire Fox then and use it instead of Chrome and see if it works?"

Me - Answering like a tired three year old "Yup.  Im going to bed.  I dont like my blog any more".

This morning - Saturday 11th

Scrubby - "Ive got Fire Fox up and running and I have transferred all your bookmarks over from Chrome"

Me - Well Im now sitting looking at Scrubby like he's some sort of Super Hero Geek and Im thinking "Wow, he really is a great Scrubby".  Im sitting staring at him in wonderment as he is showing me around Fire Fox and how he has tidied up my tool bar and put my favourites into some super awesome thingy ma bob that makes life on my laptop easier and suddenly it happens!  ****My Scrubby is no longer sitting there in his combats and t-shirt showing me around my laptop but all of a sudden he is standing there with his hands on his hips, wearing a brightly coloured Lycra suit with the emblem "SG" on his chest - meaning Super Geek of course and theres a cape and everything!  And somehow there appears to be a draft coming from somewhere and his cape is flapping about!

Im dumb struck by this incredible Super Geek before me and how he changed this on my laptop to make my life easier.  So now the real question....

Me - Using my best damsel in distress voice "Well Mr Super Geek, does my blog work again?"

Super Geek - I of course am hearing his replies in a super hero voice "Well little lady, Im not quite sure.  Lets have a look and see".

He swoops down on to the sofa......cause thats what Super Hero's do and takes my lap top from me.  He goes on to blogger and it says "Sign in".

Me - Maybe we should try in with the "Stay signed in" box ticked first.

Super Geek - "Ok little lady"

Me - I giggle.  Fluttering my eyelashes and all.  "Super Geek is taking my advice" I think to myself **Swoon**

He types in the details at the speed of light AND..........

Super Geek - "It appears to have failed little lady"

Me - "Oh noooooo" In a very dramatic fashion "Well, maybe we should try unticking "stay signed in"."

Super Geek "No problem little lady"

Again he works at the speed of light changing and unticking things.  My head is spinning.  Is there nothing this Super Geek cant do?!

Super Geek - "Well,....

Me - I hold my breath

Super Geek - "It appears it has again failed to become your blog back to its old self, little lady"

Me - "Nooooooooooo"  I cry, throwing my head back and arms outstretched, reaching out as if to find my old blog  "What are you telling me?  Is there no hope?  Im I doomed for all of eternity? That I will never be able to use my blog the way I used to?  But what about the people who's blogs I follow"

Super Geek  - "Do not despair little lady.  All is not lost"

He takes a hold of my laptop with a Super Geek determination, not wanting to fail his little lady.  His hands work fast, he opens pages and screens I have never even seen before.  He's hitting options and ticking and unticking boxes.  I am sitting swooning by his side, letting out shocked little "Ohhhhs" and "ahhhhhs" as he works faster than Ive ever seen before.

Super Geek finishes and wipes his gleaming brow.  With a confident nod, he proudly hands over my laptop to me and says with conviction, hands on hips of course -

"I have succeeded.  I knew it wouldnt beat me"

Me - well Im sitting looking at me Super Geek Scrubby thinking "Wow!  He really is a Super Geek Hero".  Im in total awe of my Super Geek Scrubby and turn to him and say in my best damsel just saved from distress voice....

"Ohhhh Super Geek, how did you do that?  What seemed to be the problem?  Is there nothing you cant fix?  .........Remember Im still seeing him in his Super Geek costume...

Super Geek turns to me and says

"Nah, I knew what it probably was all along.  I just needed to enable Third Party Cookies.  I was just hoping it wasnt that because I dont like enabling third party cookies.  It wont do you any harm having them, I just dont like how invasive it can be in catering adverts to what you look at online".

And *****POOF****** Just like that...........the Super Geek Hero costume disappears!  And Im looking at him in complete disbelief!

Me - "Are you telling me that for the last two days I have been going crazy thinking Im never going to be able to use my blog properly again and you knew that all it needed was third party cookies enabled?"

And what does my Super Geek Scrubby reply "Yep".

So..........Super Geek Scrubby didnt say about the third party cookies, because he was hoping it was just a browser issue.  Stuck on Fire Fox and Nooooooo, still not working.  So Scrubby hangs his head low, reluctantly ticks "Allow third party Cookies" and says ....."There its fixed".

Moral of this story .................. Dont trust a Super Geek to look after your computer!!  They look after it too well!

Heehee.  I was giggling away to myself typing this lot!  Scrubby is gonna kick my ass!  Heehee.

I have Book Binding Video Tutorials coming up later, so keep an eye out for those if you want to see how I made my wee journal from scratch.

Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Am I alone? Or is anyone having the same problem?

Hello?  Anyone there?  Heehee.  "Oh what is she on about now?" I hear you ask!  Right, here is my issue (among my many crazy issues of course, lol).  I use Google Chrome as my browser.  Yesterday there were updates for Chrome.  I did my duty and updated as a good little girlie girl.

TODAY - for some damned reason I had to log back into my blog.  "Ok, no problem." me thinks.   I'll log in to my blog.  So Im on my dashboard and going through my list of blogs.  Now, when I go on to someone elses blog, I appear to be logged out again.  And when I try to leave a comment on some blogs it asks me to pick a profile under the comment.  I obviously pick "Google Account" cause, well, Im a blogger!  But it ignores me and I cant leave the comment.

So, in an act of desperation I click on to my homepage to see if Im still logged in.............IM NOT!!!  WHAT THE.......???  I log in again, go in to my dashboard, click on someones blog and guess what.......IM LOGGED OUT AGAIN!  Do we see a pattern here??

Anyone else having this problem?  I put a thread up on the Blogger Forum asking if it was a problem with the update or something else and its like Im Billy No Mates over there!  Either that, or no one knows the answer to my problem.  And no smart arse answers like, "did you turn your computer off and on again?"  Heehee. Yes I watch the IT crowd too you know, lol.

Even my computer geekie Scrubby is stumped.  He thinks its a problem with the Google Chrome Update and says if it is, then they will fix it.  BUT I want to know if anyone else is having this problem.  If not, then its not an update problem.  So if you could let me know either way I would be really grateful.

Cheers peeps.  So If I havent left comments on your blogs, Im sorry but apparently Im not logged in even when I log in again!  But apparently I can add new posts! Weird.  So sorry folks, I will comment as and when I can!  You know I will, Im very loyal to me bloggy buds.

Ohhhh Im just in the process of uploading my Bookbinding tutorials.  So if you want to see how I made the previous Journal, well watch this crazy little space.

Toodles Noodles.

Loops xx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Small Hand-bound Vintagy Shabby Chic Journal

Shabby Chic Journal with removable charm


Now that I have gotten that sudden act of madness out of the way, I shall begin.  Haaahaaa, sorry, Im just laughing at myself saying "sudden act of madness".  I think its fair to say that "sudden" is not the correct term.  Lets face it, I think it would more much more accurate if I was to say "sudden act of sanity" in my case.  Its probably the more rare behaviour on my part.

Anywhoodles, before I start into how sane or in fact insane I am I would like to share with you this little journal I made.  Its quite a small wee thing, I think the pages are about A6 in size so its a dinky dainty wee journal.  As some of you may know, and indeed some may not I am self-taught in Bookbinding.  Therefore, this pretty little journal is all made by me from scratch.  I made the signatures, sewed them together, made the covers, bound the book, decorated it etc.....its all done by me.  I havent just bought a notebook and decorated it.  No sireeee, this is all hand-bound by little old me.

So here are the photos (Photo heavy) and what Ive used to decorate it.  I also have a wee video of it at the end....AND.....Im talking in it!  Shock horror!  Well, Im kinda talking in it.....Im whispering but in my defence it was 6am in the morning when I filmed it and I didnt want to awaken sleeping Scrubby next door.

So here we go...

I covered the book in my lovely New Prima Paper I bought....yes dont faint, I actually bought some paper. Well it is part of my New Years Resolution....Im determined to have a paper stash!  This is from the Pixie Glen Collection.  I then used a lovely heart doily that I was kindly given in a DC swap from Maureen (Mojo on DC...thank you!).  I cut a strip of bling mesh from the roll and added it around the heart.
I wanted to protect the journals corners so I added these gorgeous metal book corners that I bought from ebay.  I love them, they are so pretty.
This dressform is from a beautiful new stamp set I bought from the Girl's Paperie.  Isnt in gorgeous. I coloured it will Victorian Velvet Distress Ink.  I curved the dressform slightly to give it dimension and put it on the front of the book with 3d foam so it sits off the front of the book and not just flat.
As much as it nearly died from frustration, I actually fussy cut between all the rungs of the dressform.  It was so bloomin' head pickling to do but ultimately it was worth it.
These wings were kindly sent to me by the lovely Karen (Redrottie), they are from a Tim Holtz die.  I coloured them again with Victorian Velvet distress ink and them glued a piece of stunning lace onto it.  I then added some stickles and blended it all over the wings.
I love this rose trim from SaCrafters on Zibbet (link no longer available). I have more ordered on the way for me and my buddy Maddy (Izzwizz).  I just cut a strip off the wide length and put it around the side and bottom of the journal.  I added little pearl beads to the centre of each rose.
I just love this cameo and it went perfectly with the vintagy shabby chic style of the journal
When I made the covers for the journal I put a little hole at the top of the spine using my Big Bite and added a gold eyelet.  I added a small piece of silver chain so I could hook and unhook my swivel clasp charm to and from it.  I added a pretty pink tassel on the charm too so it could be used as a bookmark.  But I wanted the charm to be a multi functional embellishment so it can unhook and be placed on your handbag, mobile phone, necklace, keys, belt etc. 
Obviously, I made the wee beaded charms to go onto the swivel clasp.  I love the beautiful glass beads taken from a necklace I dismantled that I bought in a charity shop
The back of the book.  Ohhhh lookie lookie, I got my very own handmade stamp made for me.  This stamp was excellently made from the wonderfully talented Nicky from Stampingallday.  Please do visit her website, she's incredible fast and is very willing to work with you and cater to your needs.  I emailed her to tell her what type of stamp I would like and she got back to me immediately and I had my stamp the very next day.  She is very sweet and so great to work with.  Honestly if you want to have a stamp with your details on it please do visit her website here.  Her work is of the highest quality and her prices are so reasonable.
Just a little nosey of the inside
And this is it.  One cute wee small hand bound vintagy shabby chic journal.  Made by Moi.  I love it, I think its so cute.  I didnt want to add any of my handmade flowers as I didnt want the front to be too bulky.  I want it to be a functioning journal, not just a pretty book to look at and not be able to write in it.

Heres a wee whispering video if you want to see it.

And thats it from me folks. I hope you like what Ive made.  As usual if you have any questions, please ask.  I have recorded a Bookbinding tutorial of the process of making this book.  I havent got it edited as yet, but as soon as I do and have it up on Youtube I will let you all know.  So, if you want to be able to make a journal like this, I will take you through it step by step.  I will get that video done asap.

Toodles Noodles....Loops xx

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Flower Tutorial Video - Large Cabbage Rose/Peony style flower

Large Cabbage Rose Using Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die

Side profile....isnt is so pretty?  I love it....First attempt at a bigger one using this die so it ain't perfect!

Ello Ello ma Petite Loopy Loo's.  Ohhhhh get me and me French!!  But there is a reason for it ..... of course!  Ive decided if you say this flower with the proper French accent, the "cabbage" part sounds so much more romantic and appealing.  Go on....give it a try....."Cabbaaaaagggge Rose".... See, sounds so much better.  Oh I so have you lot repeating that now, havent I?!  Heehee.

Ive been a bit of a boldie and a lazy bumhead (I know....strange expression but if you know me at all by now...its pretty much the norm.  Plus its a nickname I call my sister, one of many I might add. I really have to re-evaluate my nicknames for my sibling. First Mi-Wadi, now dont want to know the rest!).  Rather than do a photographic tutorial and a video tutorial as back up.......Ive been very lazy and just did the video tutorial......Please forgive me!!  But there is a reasonable explanation for this other than my sheer laziness which was undoubtedly a factor. The other reason is because I did do this tutorial before ...... just have a look in the sidebar for the small cabbage rose.

So I decided to have a go at making a bigger one using 300gsm cardstock, distress inks (of course) and my Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die.

For the actual flower itself, you will need 3 cuts of the largest flower from the die and 2 of the second smallest flower from the die.  I also wanted to add leaves to my cabbage rose so if you want to do this, cut an extra large flower.

So without further we go....Ohhh theres no talking again because again it was very late or very early depending on what way you see it!!  But to the beautiful voice of Tyler Swift is much nicer to listen to than listening to my fine Northern Ireland accent.  Ohhh I could always sing to you in my accent!  No?  Heeeyyyy!  I can sing!

Please excuse the glue ALL over my fingers, knuckles, inky nails, glued hands.....Im a messy pup!

PS Youtube puts an advert up on the screen.....not my doing......but there is a wee "x" on the top right of the advert to take it off the screen.

And thats it from me again folks.  Dont forget if you want the tutorial with the photos, have a look in my tutorials list and the Small Cabbage Rose is there.

Any questions....give me a shout.  Thanks for watching.

Toodles Noodles....Loops xx

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