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My own Handbag pattern - Handmade Sloth Handbag

 My own Handbag pattern - Handmade Sloth Handbag Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I am back to show you another bag I made using my own pattern.  I discussed how I came up with this design in my previous post, here .  I know that I have used this sloth fabric in a lot of bags, but I had a small piece left over and decided to use what I had left to make this bag.  I used this gorgeous faux leather (listed below in "Shopping List") and I think it turned out super cute. As per usual, my "handmade" label refuses to photograph properly....I swear these labels are so camera shy, teehee.  I loved the combination of this fabric with this faux leather.  I used another one of my wee heart twist lock for the closure. This time around, I added a few more Chicago screws on the back of the flap closure and I really like how it looks.  Not only are the Chicago screws there to help keep the flap attached but I think they look great.  They really set the bag off. I used the

My own pattern - Handmade Paddington Bear Handbag

My own pattern - Handmade Paddington Bear Handbag Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  Just a warning....this is a large post, filled with my waffling and stream of consciousness.  So, buckle up Buttercup, make yourself a cup of strong coffee and a calorific snack and get ready for a long post.   As I am sure you have seen, I've been a little obsessed with sewing bags and wallets lately.  I was having a look around the interwebs for some inspiration as I have made a small amount of bags now and was wanting to broaden my horizons a bit and maybe consider making my own bag pattern....there we go again with my over inflated sense of competency in bag making, teehee. Anyway, I saw the most beautiful Audrey Hepburn inspired bag, called The Daisy  from The Cambridge Sachel Company.   The workmen-ship/workwomen-ship in this bag is simply stunning.  It's simple in design but oh so stylish and sophisticated.   I had a look around the internet to see if there was something similar fro

Handmade Wallet - NCW style wallet

 Handmade Wallet - NCW style wallet Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I have watched so many YouTube videos lately of bag making and wallet making, that I am having dreams in my sleep about them.  I watched a tonne of videos on the NCW or, the Necessary Clutch Wallet that everyone and their Grandmother has made, so I thought that I should give it a go too.  The NCW is Designed by Janelle MacKay from Emmaline bags .  There have been many different iterations of this wallet made by different YouTubers, and I loved the style that Sian from Kittenish Behaviour did with the 2 zipper pockets, rather than just the 1.  She also shows how to make the wallet using directional prints, which thoroughly interested me.  Full credit to Sian for her incredibly detailed tutorials on this wallet.  I couldn't have made it without her videos.  An honourable mention also goes to Kassiah, from SiahSwag on YouTube too.  Her video is terrific as well.  And all her bag tutorials are phenomenal.  S