Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Handmade DIY Ragdolls - PayItForward

So, I know I said I was giving these wee kitties to my nieces and nephew, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the "Safety" eyes and noses on them.  Now, they probably would have been fine for the 2 girls as they are almost 6, but my wee nephew is only 1 and if I have an ounce of doubt about the safety of anything I make, I will not give it as a gift.  Just a note though.....the issues I had with the kitties was not down to the design of the dolls....it was my own issue with the safety eyes and noses....Lisa's designs and tutorials are perfect in every way...I just wanted to make that very clear, lol

I decided to go with a different design of Lisa Pay's (PayItForward on YT), her wee Ragdoll design.  It is so incredible and so easy to make....much less hand sewing, teehee.
I know this is probably a bit gruesome with me holding just the head in my hand, but I want you to see their cute wee faces.  The wee girls have brown eyes.  Lexi, my wee niece has brown eyes but I wasn't able to find hazel eyes for Jessica....but the brown is light on the eyes, which might not be obvious from the photos.  
The cute wee yoyo flowers space buns are adorable on the little girl ragdolls.  I added these lovely buttons to the centre.
Here's the other wee cutie patootie....
With her little space buns and a different type of button.
Here's the little boy.  He's actually the exact same pattern as the wee girls, just without the space buns.  It amazes me how leaving the hair off makes such a difference.  I gave this little guy blue eyes as my wee nephew, Alfie, has beautiful white blonde hair with stunning big baby blue eyes.
This houndstooth fabric is so soft and lovely to work with.  I think my wee emo sister will love this, so I will give this one to her wee daughter, Lexi.
Ugh!  The dungarees are so cute....I wish I could make a pair of these for myself.
This Disney Fabric with the Aristocats is so cute too.  I hope my wee bambinos will love and cherish these for many years to come.

That's it for 2021 folks.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for sticking with me on this blog (And a big thank you to Tilly for always leaving such lovely comments).  I know I've been pretty sporadic on this blog but I'm trying to get better at posting....I promise.  Here is wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, please be safe and let's hope 2022 brings us much joy, happiness and healthiness.
Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xo

As of typing, the links to these items are available.  However, I cannot guarantee that the links will always work.  Therefore, I suggest a quick Google search and that should help you out.

Fabrics - from my stash but was probably all bought on Ebay
Buttons - again from my stash

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Saturday, 18 December 2021

ASMR Bookbinding - Greatly requested

 This won't be to everyone's taste......I do understand that.  But I have been asked on many occasion if I would do an ASMR type video showing bookbinding with just the noise of me making.  And I am always happy to oblige....even if it takes me years to do it, lol.

So here it is.  For those of you who do like ASMR, I'm not sure how effective this video will be but I hope you enjoy it anyway.  I don't expect anyone to watch this if its not your type of thing.  But for those who do like the sound of pages being folded, cut and sewn, well, this is for you.  Put your headphones on for the best results.  Enjoy!

And if I don't see you before Christmas......have a great one!  I hope 2022 brings much more joy and happiness to us all and especially much more good health.  Get your vaccines people, lol.

That's it from me for now.  Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xo

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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Handmade Paw Patrol Baby Bag/DIY Baby Changing Bag

One of my brother's recently asked me if I wouldn't mind making him a changing bag, come "chuck everything a toddler might need" bag.  And of course, I said yes.  His requests consisted of Paw Patrol or something Disney, big enough to carry nappies, cloths, toys, bottles, juice etc., and something he could easily throw over his shoulder to carry as he'd have his hands full most of the time.  So this is what I came up with.

As I'm sure you have gathered by now, from my many bags and backpacks I've shared of late (click here, 2, 3, 4 & 5), I am a big fan of Debbie Shore's designs and her incredible YouTube channel sharing how to make her designs.  Well, I have adapted her Large Tote Bag to suit the needs of my Brother and his ever growing bambino.  

So this bag is just under twice as big as Debbie's original stated size.  The handles are a bit longer and there is also an adjustable shoulder strap so he can throw it across his body when he has his arms full with the wee munchkin.  This is my dodgy attempt at showing you the adjustable strap ....not my finest photo ever, lol.
My brother asked me could I add a longer, adjustable strap to the bag to make it easier for him to carry the bag and the baby.  So I added 2 little D-rings with a strip of fabric and an adjustable and removeable strap to the bag (links to the shopping list below).  It was very easy to add to the bag.  
This Paw Patrol fabric was a polycotton rather than full 100% cotton that I usually use.  The 2 fabrics, I purchased off a seller on Ebay (listed below or click on the fabric above) and they were unusual sizes, not your normal fat quarter or per metre fabric.  I was a bit surprised at just how large the actual print was on both bits of fabric.  The images are massive.  And with the images on each piece being rather large, this actually meant that it was quite hard to work with as I was trying to cut massive images into smaller cuts.  The polycotton itself wasn't difficult to sew, but I wanted to get the character images on the bag as well as the font.  But because they were so large, it was a bit of a jigsaw piece.  It meant that I used more fabric than I would have normally, as I was cutting into the fabric at strange spots just to try and get the images and lettering to be prominent.  It's almost like this fabric was for an actual duvet cover rather than say, a quilting cotton.  So if I ever make another one in future, I will make sure I stick with the 100% cotton fabric that is cut in normal measurements, as that fabric seems to have the smaller images on them.  But we live, we learn.  And the bag still turned out really cute.  Thank goodness I was making a pretty large bag because any smaller and the images would have been cut beyond recognition.

The side pockets are expandable to fit juice boxes or the wee munckin's bottles.
I added the zip pocket at the front, just as Debbie did in her design but, this pocket was obviously bigger. Because I had to make deliberate cuts in the fabric, I actually ran out of it and didn't have enough to do the inside pockets.  So I added a cheeky little piece of Disney's Aristocats fabric to the inside as a funny little juxtaposition to the dogs on the outside.
The closure is the same zipper style closure that Debbie designed.
It opens up to be a massive big bag.  There is a tonne of room on the inside and should have plenty of space for nappies, cloths, toys etc..  Hopefully this bag will last for years to come.  It would be perfect as an overnight bag.  And it can be stuck in the washing machine...just unhook the adjustable strap and it goes through the washing machine with no issues. 
The inside got another inside zipper pocket so my brother could store other bits and bobs.
And the pocket opposite is divided into 2 and any mobile phone should fit in it comfortably and securely.

As usual I will put a shopping list towards the bottom for the things I bought for this project.  That's it from me for now folks.  I will probably have another post up at the weekend and that might be my last for 2021.....we shall see.  I might be able to squeeze another wee project in between now and the end of the year....you never know.

Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xo

As of typing, the links to these items are available.  However, I cannot guarantee that the links will always work.  Therefore, I suggest a quick Google search and that should help you out.

Vlieseline/Vilene Volume Fleece Fusible interfacing H640 - Amazon This is the interfacing Debbie Shore recommends
Grey zips - purchased on Ebay.  The exact ones are now gone but click the link here and the seller has many more zips available for you to choose from.
Adjustable Padded Shoulder Bag Strap - Ebay for only £3.99
Paw Patrol Marshall Light Blue Fabric All Over - Polycotton - Ebay
Paw Patrol Marshall Everest Blue Fabric All Over - Polycotton - Ebay
D-rings for adding the adjustable strap - D-Ring on Ebay

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Saturday, 11 December 2021

Handmade cats - Pay It Forward Pattern


Last year, as Christmas gifts for my wee Nephew and 2 Nieces, I made them a Teddy Bear and Bunnies.  I used a pattern from Lisa Pay and followed her tutorial from her YouTube channel.  This year, I decided to make her little Kitty pattern.  Her tutorial on YouTube is absolutely fantastic, click here.  There was a bit more hand sewing involved in this pattern and hand sewing is never my thing, lol.  But, I managed it......just about, teehee.

I actually based the colours on my own furbaby, Nimbus.  She is a massive Norwegian Forest Cat and she is grey and white with a little pink heart nose.  Don't let the wee red heart around her neck deceive you, my cat has the personality of a grumpy old woman....but we love her, all the same.
Yes, my cat tries to squeeze her excessively large furry body into the tinniest box she can find, teehee
I decided to make the Dunagrees pattern that Lisa shares, rather than making little skirts.  I think dunagrees are perfect for a cat.  Somehow, I feel it's what my cat would chose, lol.
On one pair, I used this Disney Aristocats fabric.  It is so cute.
Rather than sew the noses on (remember....hand sewing is not my forte), I purchased these wee pink noses (link below).  I think they look so cute and remind me of Nimbus's wee pink heart nose.  Although, they do make the cats look a little more mouse like, lol. Each one has a quirky wee smile, which is probably contrary to my grumpy little cat's demeanour.  But I couldn't very well put a scowl on their faces now, could I?....It would scare the children, Teehee.  
Hopefully my wee bambinos will like their cats and they can add her to their collection of animals I make them....I think this has become a tradition now.  I will put a shopping list below for the items I know you can find now.

That's it from me folks.  See you next time.

Toodles Noodles......Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

These links were valid and working at the time of publishing.  I cannot guarantee that they will always work or the items will always be available.  But a simple Google Search should help you out.

Doll joints - Ebay  I used the joints for adding the head
Disney fabric was from a Fat Quarter bundle that I bought from a random seller, but I'm sure you could find similar on Ebay

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Saturday, 4 December 2021

More Handmade Large Tote Bags - Disney's Dumbo & Sloths

I think I'm turning into a walking advertisement for Debbie Shore, teehee......I'm not Sponsored or anything, honestly.  But her YouTube tutorials and designs are just incredible.  And for a newbie sewist, like myself, I am so confident in making her designs.  Now, confidence does not mean that I am any good at making these things....but I certainly have the confidence to give them a go.  And my poor family are my guinea pigs where they receive these items....whether they wanted them or not, lol.  I will add a shopping list at the bottom of this post in case you'd like to buy the items I've used.  I might not be able to find all the links, but I will do my best.  Leave a comment or contact me in the contact box at the top right hand side of this blog, if you have any questions.
So I made a couple more of Debbie's Large Tote Bags.  I originally made my first one using Disney's Dumbo fat quarter fabric and I gave it to my wee Mamma.  But I decided to give her this new one, because again, its Dumbo fabric but the imagery is so bloody cute.  And Dumbo is her favourite Disney Movie.  And as this was my second one, I think I made it a wee bit better than the first.

It has the zip pocket at the front with a long zip closure for the bag.  Inside it has pockets, perfect for your mobile phone.  But it also has the expandable pockets on each side of the bag, perfect for a water bottle or a cheeky wee bottle of pink gin, wink wink.
This bag is for my wee bro's girlfriend, Rose.  It'll be her Christmas present.  Of course she'll be getting some bits and bobs that are not made by me, lol.  It's made using Sloth fabrics.  Oh my goodness, these were such cute fabrics.  The outer fabric was an upholstery, linen type cotton fabric (link below) but boy did it fray like crazy!  It was great to sew but the fraying was unbelievable.  I just hope the bag stays together, teehee.  
It also has the expandable side pockets on both sides of the bag. 
The inside cotton fabric I purchased on Ebay also (link below). This inner bag fabric was so incredibly silky soft.  I'd highly recommend it.  It sewed up beautifully. 
I put pockets on both sides of the inside of the bag.  One is divided into 2, perfect size for a mobile phone.  The other pocket is a larger one, perfect for pens, make up etc
And the bag zips up beautifully and securely to keep all Rose's belongings safe.

Well, that's it from me for now folks.  I will be back soon with something that is not a bag....I promise, teehee.  Don't forget to check out the shopping links below, if you want to grab the same items....they aren't sponsored links/affiliate links, they're just the links to the items I bought.

Toodles Noodles........aka Crafty Loops xx

All links were valid at the time of typing.  Sorry if the items are gone by the time you read this. But if the links no longer work, a simple Google search for the items should work a charm.

Dumbo Fabric - random seller on Ebay.  It was a Disney Dumbo fat quarter bundle.  Search Ebay.
Hanging Sloth Upholstery Fabric - Ebay
Grey zips - purchased on Ebay.  The exact ones are now gone but click the link here and the seller has many more zips available for you to choose from.
Vlieseline/Vilene Volume Fleece Fusible H640 90cm - Amazon

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Saturday, 13 November 2021

Handmade Large Tote Bag

What about ye folks, it's Lee here.  Ok, so it's not a backpack....but it is another Debbie Shore bag, teehee.  This one is her large tote bag that she shared the tutorial for on YouTube.  By the way, do you know I have a YouTube Channel?  I haven't uploaded much on it lately but I am in the process of remedying that.  My camcorder died on me and I had to buy a new one...ugh!  But hopefully I'll be back to sharing video tutorials very soon.

Anyway, back to this tote bag.  I used a Disney's Dumbo fat quarter bundle and it has the most adorable images on it.  My wee Mamma loves Dumbo, and the colour combination of yellow and grey together, so this will be going to her.  I will share a shopping list for as many of the products I used that I can remember where I bought them, lol.

This bag has 2 zips....and might I add, these are my first ever zips I've put into anything.  And I actually did a good job, teehee.  Not perfect but, pretty damn close.  The 2 zips were actually upcycled from an old zip up fleece that I had. The fleece was falling apart so, I couldn't give it to charity.  So I sat unpicking the salvageable bits off it, ie, the zips.  And they worked out great for this bag. This pocket above, is at the front of the bag.
This is my 2nd zip and it creates the closure for the bag.  It works really well.
This tote is quite large and would be perfect as an overnight bag to carry your cosmetics, phone charger, Kindle, ipad etc., or even perfect for a picnic or a days shopping.  And seeing how plastic bags are not allowed in shops anymore, this bag would be perfect for sticking in the car and any time you needed to pop into the shops you could grab this to carry your goods.......or snacks......or ice-cream....Whoops....I meant, your fruit and veg, teehee
I added 2 extra pockets to the inside of the bag, one on each side.  Perfect for your mobile phone or lipstick, wallet etc.,
This inside pocket, I divided into 2 and it would be a perfect space for your mobile phone.
Both sides of the tote have an expandable pocket.  Perfect for a water bottle.....or dare I say, even a small wine bottle might fit (beer bottles would definitely fit)....and look....one on each side too.....so 2 wine bottles, teehee....after all, you have to distribute the weight evenly, so one on each side is only proper, lol
You could also store your mobile phone in these pockets too and they are deep enough that your phone would be safe and out of sight of sticky phalanges, teehee
The back is just plain but you could add another zip pocket if you wanted.  I didn't feel that it was necessary as there are pockets on the inside, sides and front.  I need to give it a wee press before gifting it to my wee Mamma.  Can't have it going to her with wrinkles in it.
I love this bag and already have another one cut out and ready to go..  
This Dumbo cotton fabric is so cute and a joy to work with,
And one last photo of the tote in all it's glory.

Shopping list
I purchased the fat quarter bundle from Ebay - just do a quick search & you should find some
Vlieseline/Vilene Volume Fleece Fusible H640 90cm - Amazon
6mm wide black elastic (used in expandable side pockets), Ebay
19" & 8" zip - I didn't buy these anywhere, I actually recycled them from an old fleece zip up top I had but you can find zippers on Ebay really easily.  Buy a continuous zip and that way you can cut it to whatever length you need.  That way, there is less waste.

That's it for now from me folks.....what do you think is coming next?  No...I really want to know, because I haven't a clue, teehee.  Any suggestions?  I'm open to any ideas or requests you have.  Leave them down in the comments section below.

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