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Handmade cats - Pay It Forward Pattern

 Handmade cats - Pay It Forward Pattern

Last year, as Christmas gifts for my wee Nephew and 2 Nieces, I made them a Teddy Bear and Bunnies.  I used a pattern from Lisa Pay and followed her tutorial from her YouTube channel.  This year, I decided to make her little Kitty pattern.  Her tutorial on YouTube is absolutely fantastic, click here.  There was a bit more hand sewing involved in this pattern and hand sewing is never my thing, lol.  But, I managed it......just about, teehee.

I actually based the colours on my own furbaby, Nimbus.  She is a massive Norwegian Forest Cat and she is grey and white with a little pink heart nose.  Don't let the wee red heart around her neck deceive you, my cat has the personality of a grumpy old woman....but we love her, all the same.
Yes, my cat tries to squeeze her excessively large furry body into the tinniest box she can find, teehee
I decided to make the Dunagrees pattern that Lisa shares, rather than making little skirts.  I think dunagrees are perfect for a cat.  Somehow, I feel it's what my cat would chose, lol.
On one pair, I used this Disney Aristocats fabric.  It is so cute.
Rather than sew the noses on (remember....hand sewing is not my forte), I purchased these wee pink noses (link below).  I think they look so cute and remind me of Nimbus's wee pink heart nose.  Although, they do make the cats look a little more mouse like, lol. Each one has a quirky wee smile, which is probably contrary to my grumpy little cat's demeanour.  But I couldn't very well put a scowl on their faces now, could I?....It would scare the children, Teehee.  
Hopefully my wee bambinos will like their cats and they can add her to their collection of animals I make them....I think this has become a tradition now.  I will put a shopping list below for the items I know you can find now.

That's it from me folks.  See you next time.

Toodles Noodles......Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

These links were valid and working at the time of publishing.  I cannot guarantee that they will always work or the items will always be available.  But a simple Google Search should help you out.

Doll joints - Ebay  I used the joints for adding the head
Disney fabric was from a Fat Quarter bundle that I bought from a random seller, but I'm sure you could find similar on Ebay

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  1. I love these cats and sure the children will as well, the dungarees are just perfect xx


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