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Vintage Grunge Cuff/Bracelet And How To Tutorial

Vintage Grunge Cuff/Bracelet And How To Tutorial Do you like my Vintage Grunge Cuff?  Ohhhhh I love it.  I have been being it all day with a pretty summer dress.  I made a bit of a mess with the flower in that I added Stickles......for my sins!  And it made a bloomin' mess of the flower by making the ink run and now it looks yuckie!!  Grrrrrr Hello my lovely Loopies, did you enjoy today's weather?  Yeah?  Well, get the good of it, cause its all ending tomorrow AGAIN.  That is if you live in Northern Ireland of course.  Grrrrrrr.  As much as I LOVE living in beautiful Northern Ireland, there are times.........ohhhhhhh...........there are times, I could wring the neck of the weather man......poor Darra from BBC One Newsline!  Ok so I am totally aware its not his fault, and there isn't exactly a Complaints Department for these sorta' things.  But I'm getting completely frustrated with Summers that are grey and soggy wet and its soooooo grey and even puddles are st

More flowers and Scrubby's Operation Be Good Challenge

More flowers and Scrubby's Operation Be Good Challenge Well ladies and gents, whats the craic with you all this very fine June morning?  And when I say "fine June morning" or course I'm being completely sarcastic as its wet, soggy, windy and damp here in good 'ole Northern Ireland but then, why am I surprised really?  Northern Ireland wouldn't be Northern Ireland without said wetness, sogginess, windiness and dampness! Anyway, before I show off my pwetty pwetty flowers I want to tell you about my Scrubby's Challenge.  As some of you may Scrubby is a Super Geek and if you have no idea what I am on about please read the previous post by clicking HERE .  As well as being a bit of a computer whizz kid, my hubby has another hobby he's had since childhood called Warhammer.  Its basically a table top game you play with these wee models and you paint them up and stuff.....yadda get the picture.  Yep, he's a complete Gee

Summer Expedition Journal - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Summer Expedition Journal - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder This is going to be a photo heavy post, lol So sorry for the glare on this photo.  I don't know whats up with my camera! I know, I know ............"Where have you been Loops" I can hear you all shout. Im sorry I have been such an awful blogger of late.  And its not as if I can even blame it on having glorious weather either because living in Northern Ireland, the very second the sun comes out and someone says "This is some weather we're having, isn't it?", they have pretty much scudded us all and we are guaranteed to have torrential rain, hail stones the size of golf balls and freezing temperatures!  So the weather hasn't been good at all in Northern Ireland except..... dare I say it?......the sun has been out yesterday and today.  Its ok though, normality will resume in a matter of hours, as we are to have rain again tomorrow.  So as I type this post, Scrubby is fr