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Handmade Quilt - Shadow Boxing from Jordan Fabrics

Handmade Quilt - Shadow Boxing from Jordan Fabrics Whatabout ye Folks, it's Lee here.  Firstly, Happy New Year for tomorrow.  Let's hope 2023 is a little kinder to us all.  Secondly, apologies for the photos.  This quilt was extremely difficult to photograph.  The simple reason is, I have a super tiny house.  So to be able to get the whole quilt in the frame, meant having to move WAYYYY back......and I just didn't have the room to do this in my teeny house.  I was practically sitting on the cooker for this 1st photo and my poor Scrubby was standing there with his arms up, holding this quilt and trying not to move whilst I took rapid fire photos, lol.  And the one I took on the bed....well, I would have needed to be outside my bedroom window to get it all in properly.  So, sorry.....I did the best I could in my tiny house, lol. This quilt is called Shadow Boxing and is a free pattern from Jordan Fabrics on YouTube .  I am over the moon with how the boxes pop from the qui

Another handmade travel bag/toiletries/make-up bag

 Another handmade travel bag/toiletries/make-up bag Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I've made another travel/toiletries/make-up bag.  This time for my wee brother's Girlfriend, the beautiful little Rose.  I wanted to make a wee bag that had a pouch on the front and found this tutorial from Debbie Shore.  I used my own size of fabric but Debbie's tutorial helped me make it, lol. It's a very simple little zip pouch but I made it nice and tall so Rose could store her brush and cosmetics.  And as it's made from cotton, if it gets dirty it can be thrown into the wash. Plenty of room for all her bits and bobs.  I love the 2 fabrics I used.  They came in a wee pack of fat quarters that I bought on bay.  They compliment each other beautifully.  And the wee Roses reminded me of....well.....Rose...teehee I bought a wee button snap kit on Amazon.  It's a fantastic wee job.  Click HERE , if you want one yourself.  It was so inexpensive for everything you got in t

Handmade travel bag, toiletries bag or pencil case

 Handmade travel bag, toiletries bag or pencil case Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I wanted to share this little, or kinda largish travel bag or possibly a very large pencil case with you.  You might recognise the fabric, from this post  where I shared an apron I made for my wee brother for Christmas using vintage fabric from Moygashel .  I won't go into all the details again, but my wee brother is in his 3rd year at Queen's University. Belfast studying Aerospace Engineering.  He got his pilots licence when he was just 19 years old and I thought this fabric was perfect to make him a few gifts with.  This fabric commemorates the maiden flight of Concorde in 1969, so the fabric is old.....even much older than me, teehee.   But as I had a tiny piece left, I didn't want to waste it.  So I decided to make him a little travel bag that would be handy for toiletries.  Or, as he is almost a fully fledged Aerospace Engineer, I am sure he needs a lot of mathematical tools, dr

Handmade handbag - Passion Flower Tote from Blue Calla patterns

Handmade handbag - Passion Flower Tote from Blue Calla patterns Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I'm back to share a new handmade handbag I've made for my wee Mamma for Christmas.  Our wee Mamma loves handbags and she loves to change them for different Seasons, outfits etc.  So, for Christmas this year I wanted to make her a special bag.  I've made a tonne of Debbie Shore's tote bags in the past but I wanted to try an actual  handbag pattern that would challenge me a bit more but wasn't impossible to make for a novice like me.  Thanks to the good old YouTube algorithm, a video popped up on my homepage from someone called Blue Calla Patterns  .  I watched all 3 instructional build videos first to see if it was something I thought I could manage to make.  And as per my usual mind set, if I see it once......I think I can do it, lol.  So I went straight to their website and purchased the pattern.  And I am so happy that I did, because I am incredibly chuffed wi