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Handmade DIY Wedding Invitations, place cards, favours, menu's etc

Handmade DIY Wedding Invitations, place cards, favours, menu's etc I made Wedding Stationery for a family member yearssssss ago and I just realised that I never actually showed anything I made!  And I did all this in 2013!  Shame on you Loops....shame!  Now, when it came to actually taking photos of everything I made, muggins here wasn't the greatest at keeping my blog in mind.  I was so busy and snowed under making it all, that most of the time I forgot to take proper, decent photos.....but I'll share what little (and dodgy) photos I did manage to take. My instructions were..... simple, modern and elegant.   The Bride  didn't want anything too fussy, cluttered, girlie or vintagy.  Bless her.....but she pretty much trusted me and left me to my own creative devices.....which was so trusting and brave of her, lol. I wanted to have everything made using the same style of font, colours, papers, embellishments, embossing etc., for total consistency throughout the wedding.

Clean and Simple Birthday Card

Clean and Simple Birthday Card Don't judge me!  Cards are nowhere near my forte but is one anyway.  I am going to put my hands up, wave them frantically around in the air and admit that this design is not mine.  I do not make cards therefore have no imagination or any semblance of creative design that magically pops into my noggin when making them.  So I rely on the creativity of others to inspire my cards, lol.  In fact, I make it my crafty mission to avoid card making at all cost.  But an unfortunate few do get through the "No card making" barrier every so often and some poor sod ends up receiving one of my disastrous card creations ( Maddy ..... you know all about that... remember my button Xmas tree card??).  More often than not, it's usually Scrubby Loops or my poor wee Daddy who ends up getting one of them for some reason.  And oh how I laugh when I watch them try to make a surprised "Oh wow that's so good" expression on their fac

Clean & Simple Silver Anniversary Card and and an up-coming Surprise

Clean & Simple Silver Anniversary Card and and an up-coming Surprise Hello my lovelies.  I know, I've been gone for agessssss.  But my brother was married on the 20th July and I was making everything for it, from Invitations to place cards.  I'll be showing you everything soon.....silly me forgot to take photos of everything!! DOH! wee Mammy and Daddy are married 25 years today...WOOWHOO!  Congratulations to them both.  You are both incredible parents...obviously.....look at me!  Here is the sad and sorry card I've made you, lol.  Sorry!  But of all the things you could have asked asked for a handmade  card from me.....even though I'm rubbish at making them, lol.  Have a fabulous day you two love birds. Here it is...... Its clean and very simple.......just the way I like it.  Simple matting and layering with white linen embossed stripes. The sentiment is matted and layered, stamped with congratulations and 2 wee hearts on ei

RSVP Card and a teeny note card .....I know.....another card!

RSVP Card and a teeny note card .....I know.....another card! Hey everyone.  I'm back again.  One minute you don't see me for dust and the next you can't get rid of me!   As you know, the reason for me being MICA (Missing in Crafty Action!) is that I was making Wedding Invitations for my Brother, Jay and Karen's pending nuptials this upcoming Summer.  But, now that I have completed all their wedding invitations and the wee boxes they were individually posted in, I have a bit more time to focus on other crafty things.  So what did I do with my new found freedom.....I made an RSVP card for Jay and Karen's wedding.  Go figure!  Anyway, about the Wedding Invitations ..........I hopefully will be showing them shortly.  I'm so excited for them both.  I still have a lot more things to make for the actual wedding day but they can't be shared until after July. On to the cards.  I seem to have made A LOT of cards lately.  What is going on?  I'm not a card

My Stash.......Card and Money Jar

My Stash.......Card and Money Jar Hello my lovelies.  What is it with me and making a total eejit of myself when I'm in Belfast?  I was at it again last week!  If you didn't read my last post, you may want to catch up, because my "Belfast Behaviour" is becoming a bit of a series in itself!  My sister, T and I went up to Belfast to the Bi-Annual Craft Fair at the King's Hall.  We met up with me ole mucker Maddy ( Izzwizz creations here in blogland) who is looking absolutely stunning by the way with her newly highlighted spikey blonde hair.  We had a great ole day messing about, waffling and spending wayyyyyy too much money.  Maddy bought her first set of Pan Pastels so keep an eye out for her up-coming projects using those, they'll be incredible. Afterwards I took T into the City Centre to leave an essay in to Uni but it being Belfast and having constant roadworks, there was a big queue of stagnant traffic, as always.  So T is sat beside me with her f