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Metal Tassels and a Book Embellishment/bookmark

Metal Tassels and a Book Embellishment/bookmark The one in the middle is the Travel Journal Bookmark The two either side are my first attempts at metal tassel making Im in the process of making another journal and the theme for it is a travel journal but vintage and girlie too.  I wanted to make a nice bookmark for it, but instead of adding the normal ribbon bookmark, I wanted something different.  Something that could be used as a page marker, a book embellishment or tassel but also something that could be removed and hooked onto a luggage bag or suitcase as an extra identity tag for your travel bag or hook it onto a room key or safety deposit box as a keyring, or hook it onto a belt, mobile phone, necklace or handbag just as a pretty little bit of blingy embellishment to add to your every day items.   I didn't want it to be just a bookmark alone , I wanted it to be a multi-tasking bit of jingle jangly loveliness!! So as you can see from the photos I have tried to put

Flower Tutorial - Lace flowers

Flower Tutorial - Lace flowers Pretty Lace Flowers Yes, I know!!  ANOTHER FLOWER TUTORIAL!!  BUT, if people want to see how they are made, they ask.  And if they ask, I make the tutorial.  And lets face it, you can never have enough beautiful flowers!!  I've been asked to do a tutorial on the lace flowers I showed in a previous post.  These are very quick and easy and they can look however you want.  I was taught to make a lot of flowers when I was in Primary 4, from my lovely Primary School Teacher and this running stitch flower is just one of the things she taught us.  Big, small, single layered, double layered, pink, blue, green, frilly, flat, gathered......whatever you want, you can have with these flowers. They are so pretty with different layers and make any project look amazing.  Flowers are becoming very big again, especially in Fashion and I'm seeing them back on headbands, dresses, tops, name are back in. All you need is a needle and thre

Flower Tutorial - Cabbage Roses

Flower Tutorial - Cabbage Roses Cabbage Rose Tutorial FOR A TUTORIAL ON MY OTHER LARGER CABBAGE ROSE, PLEASE CLICK HERE Hi everyone.  In my last post I showed some more flowers I was having a wee play with and I offered to make a tutorial on the cabbage rose if anyone wanted it.  Well, you ask and so you shall receive. Just a wee note on the open roses from my last post too.   If you look at my tutorial for the Prima like roses these are the instructions you need to make the open roses....HOWEVER, there are a few wee differences to tell you about. The open roses were made using a 5 petal tonic punch and not the Tim Holtz tattered florals die as in the tutorial.  I used 5 layers and 1 leaf layer rather than the number stated in the tutorial and finally the open roses petals weren't curled back as such.  They were just left to do their thing!! NOW...for the cabbage rose tutorial.  These are so simple to make you could do them in your sleep.  Here's what you are going

More Flowers....this time paper ones

More Flowers....this time paper ones Here are a few other wee flowers I've made just using a 5 petal flower punch.  The roses have 5 layers and I used the same technique to make these flowers as I did in my Prima like roses tutorial. The other little flower has a few more layers using the same punch and a smaller punch again for the smallest cabbage rose. If you would like a tutorial on the cabbage rose please leave a comment and let me know you want a tutorial.  For the rose flower, please see my Prima like tutorial but use 5 layers,  That tutorial was done using the Tim Holtz tattered florals die whereas these flowers used a punch but the technique in that tutorial still applies for these roses. Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you in advance for any comment.  Don't forget to tell my if you want a tutorial on the cabbage rose, its very simple to make.  Loops xx