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Flower Tutorial - Small Prima Like Roses - Using Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die

Flower Tutorial - Small Prima Like Roses - Using Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die

Apologise for inky finger nails and hands.....its dirty business this flower making malarky!!  


Tim Holtz die.  4 of the smallest flower cuts or an alternative small 5 petalled flower,
Glue - Im using Anita tacky glue but you use which ever glue you prefer.  Pritt stick not advisable as it wont hold the petals as quickly or as well as a wet glue,
An embossing stylus or the bottom of a rounded pen,
A foam mat or the back of a mouse mat,
Plain, colour or patterned paper or cardstock.  All types work for this flower.  I am using an embossed mulberry type paper but you can use whatever you like,
Tweezers or cocktail stick.

Obviously you can colour or decorate your flowers any way you wish, I am simply showing you the basic flower.  How you embellish or colour it is up to you.
1. Emboss each flower in a circular motion

Taking your stylus or the rounded bottom of your pen, start to emboss each flower in a circular motion.  Do this to the centres and petals of each flower.  See photo 1 above.

2. Glue to top sides of each petal

3.  Fold your flower in to make a petal
Take your first flower, and gluing on the inside of the flower place a few dots of your glue at each side of the top of the petal.  There is no need to add glue to the centre.  See photo 2.

Then start to fold your flower in and round to make a rose bud shape.  I tend to have each petal over lapping the next but this again is not an essential rule.  As long as it makes a bud shape of some kind.  Hold it for a few seconds to allow the glue to hold the bud shape.  On the underside of the bud, use your stylus or pen to flatten the bottom so it will sit evenly on the next flower.  See photo 3.

4. add glue to the centre and half way up each petal

5.  Mould this flower around the bud and hold for a second
Taking your next flower, place glue into the centre of this flower and half way up each petal.  See photo 4.
Place the bed into the centre of this flower and mould this flower around the bud.  The petals on this flower should not be completely glued up to the top of the bud, only half way up.  See photo 5.

6. Glue centre and the bottom part of each petal

7. Mould flower around the layers to look like so
Take your 3rd flower and place some glue in the centre and along the bottom of each petal.  See photo 6.
Again, the same as before, mould the flower around the layered bud.  Again the petals will not be completely glued to the sides of the flower, this flower even less so.  See photo 7.
8.  Your flower should finally look similar to this

9.  Start to shape your petals to desired look
Taking your 4th and final flower, place glue onto the entire centre of the flower only.  There is no need to add glue to the petals providing you have covered the centre well enough.  Place your formed flower in to the centre of the 4th flower.   It will look similar to photo 8.

Finally, using your tweezers or a cocktail stick, start to roll and shape your petals to look like a rose making sure you keep the centre bud intact.  And your flower will start to look like photo 9.  After shaping your petals you should have flowers that look like these below.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and that it has inspired you to make your own roses.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and all comments are greatly received.  Thank you.  

Toodles Noodles.....Loops xx

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  1. Lee you done it again, these are gorgeous can't wait for my day off work to have a go at making some of your flowers

  2. Wow these are goegeous......must have a go with my Rose Creations Dies

  3. Just came over from Redrotties blog. You have a fantastic blog. Fab work on thegorgeous flowers.
    The followers have gone for a walk but will try later.
    Kathleen x

  4. your flowers just get better and better
    these are stunning lee. thanks for the lesson. off to play now

  5. Brilliant tutorial LEE! Thank you!

  6. What gorgeous roses Lee,fabulous tutorial.
    Wendy xx

  7. Ooh I'm definitely going to have a go at these. Thanks Lee. Debs xx

  8. Hi Le what a marvelous tut for flowers ..will have a try. thank yiu kittyc

  9. Fabulous tutorial, will definitely have a go at making these.

  10. Great tutorial as usual Lee, I think I'll leave to you play, not too sure with all that glue malarky as you say. hahahaha!!! Christine Lee

  11. lovely flowers lee.
    kathleen mc x

  12. Amazing! Feeing like I ABSOLUTELY need the Tim Goltz tattered florals die in my life now! I knew it all along, but now you've given me so many more ideas that I just have to have to have it! :)

  13. Awesome! Such pretty roses. They are the BEST! Thanks for sharing the tut.

    xxx Monica

  14. hi lee,

    I'm loving all you tutorials and youtube channel......such a big help and great ideas...keep them coming!!

    Elly P (sassygal2007)

  15. I've just found this post by accident on google. What a fantastic tutorial, your flowers are beautiful - I'm going to try this later :-), thank you.

    Maria x

  16. Once again another fabulous tutorial. Can't wait to try it.


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