Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hand Bound Journals with Flower Belly Band

Hey folks, whatabout ye all?  I hear parts of England and Wales are getting some beautiful sunshine.  Any chance of you shoving some of it my Northern Ireland way then???  I swear it has rained constantly over my wee bit of Northern Ireland since June!!  Nimbus came in this morning looking 2 stone lighter and like a drowned rat!!  Now my cat is a long haired fuzz ball and isn't afraid of water or the rain really as it doesn't get in contact with her actual skin because she's so furry and her coat is extremely thick.......but this morning....Well, our poor wee baby was soaked through and her fur was drenched......BUT....the daft cow was sitting IN THE RAIN!!!!  She has a wee house that she can go in to when its pouring but oh no.....Nimbus wants to sit in the rain!  Lol.  Daft cat.  Then she came in and proceeded to try and dry herself off on Scrubby's leg!  He had to actually towel dry her she was so soaking.....she was dripping on the floor and that would never do, heehee.  

This is what she is meant to look like....isn't she pweetie!  I love her to bits but she is a bloomin' handful!  She's just turned 3 and I swear she is going through her terrible teenage years, lol, the little madam!

Here is my beautiful little brat, heehee.  She actually doesn't look quite as furry here but this was her last summer when there was actual sun in Northern Ireland for a week or 2 and she cast tonnes of her coat.  She didn't cast half as much this year......do you think she knew the weather was going to be rubbish this year?  OMG.....my cat is a weather guru!!!!

Anyway enough of me waffling about my fur-baby.  I did show these briefly on my giveaway video.  These are the books I made for the giveaway, so Karen and Brenda should be getting these in the post very soon.  I hand bound them myself of course.......all my books are hand made/bound by me unless I say otherwise.  Heyyyyy.....Even I'm allowed a lazy day once in a while, heehee.  So just know that if you see a journal, notebook, altered or decorated book etc on my blog, its going to be made completely from scratch by my fair wee mitts unless I am having a lazy day and just alter a bought book.  But I'll fess up and tell you if its a bought book....I promise, teehee. And for those who are new to my blog.....if you wanna know how to make your own handmade journals, check out my tutorial section on the right.  It should be under Bookbinding Tutorials. Being able to make a book is certainly something I am very proud of and just love to create something that hopefully will be treasured for years to come.  

Anywhoodles, I wanted to make them completely functional and usable so I didn't want to over embellish the front so they could be written in comfortably.  I needed to create something that could be removed from the book.  So in these creations I was able to combine my passion for bookmaking with my obsession of flower making.......I was in crafty heaven with these two, lol.

I made these beautiful flowers using lace.  You all know me and my obsessive flower making so these journals had to include one of my flowers.  I added some of my stickpins, with marabou feathers and some wee pearly bling sprays that I was kindly given as a freebie from Discount Crafts.  Link no longer in service
As you can see the flower can be removed from the book so you can write in it easily.  Then you can see the hand bound book is free from "fussy stuff" and can be written in easily without any obstructions on the front cover.
I made an elasticated belly band and glued the flower onto a square of felt.  I then sewed another piece of felt around the belly band and on to the flowers felt.  I dyed the elastic belly band with Vintage Rose Tattered Angels Glimmer Spray.  Belly bands are a great idea for books, because if you are like me I stick bits of paper, photos, wee notes etc in my journals so they end up bulging with bits of paper etc., falling out of it!  So with the belly band, it keeps everything in and keeps your journal closed.
This is the 2nd book and the flower is similar to the above using 2 layered cream lace I bought from DiscountCrafts1 on Zibbet.  
I love this beautiful flower centre.  I bought a massive bag of old vintage jewellery and this was an old brooch.  Well I had to use it on this flower, it was perfect.
Oh Im now obsessed with seam binding.  I bought some recently and its gorgeous.  Thats what I used here as the flower tails along with laces and some wee pearl strings.

The journals are all hand sewn and bound by me and I inked the page edges with Vintage Photo to give them that vintagy feel.  I hope Karen and Brenda enjoy using them.  I loved creating them.

Thats it from me for today folks.  I hope you are all fine and dandy and "keepin 'er handy" as we say around my part of the woods, lol.

Toodles Noodles.....Loops xx

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Blogaversary Winner

Hey everyone.  Im going to keep this short and sweet as I know you just want to know who the winners are!

I cut out all the names........got Scrubby to pull out the names.  Sadly the first 2 names that were pulled out did not comply with the rules when I checked!  I couldn't believe it was the first 2 that were pulled out!  And the goodies were both going to end up heading out of the UK but sadly they didn't stick to the rules.  Im sorry put if you failed to follow the rules, I couldn't add you.  So Scrubby had to redraw the names again.

I have decided to give a third prize away.  Its just a teeny tiny consolation prize

Third Prize......just a wee small one but I hope the winner likes it

A collection of my stickpins

A collection of some of my flowers


Karen from Stamping in pINK
Well done Karen, please send me your details within 48 hours please
Email me through the contact button above, thanks


Well done Brenda, please send me your details within 48 hours please
Email me through the contact button above, thanks


Ira Hubert from Ira's Crea Corner
Well done Ira, please send me your details within 48 hours please
Email me through the contact button above, thanks

Thanks everyone for joining this giveaway.  Don't worry folks, there will be more goodies to giveaway very, very soon.  And I may be doing some random goodies too.  So I may just pick someone at random on one of my posts to give some goodies to.

Thats it from me folks.  Thanks again to everyone.  I'll be back soon with some new projects.

Ladies........please send me your details within 48 hours or I will have to redraw....Again!!  Heehee.

Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx

CLOSED! First Year Blogaversary Give Away! Woowhooooo!

Altered Art Goodies

Card Maker Goodies

Hey folks. Yippee!  I have invaded all of your lives for just over a year now, lol.  It was my First Year Blogaversary on the 23rd June so I thought I should celebrate by doing a giveaway. "Bout time" says you, heehee. Its just a wee thank you to all of you that have endured......opps I mean, all of you that have kindly followed my wee blog and hopefully had a few giggles along the way.

Anway, I wanted to do not just 1 but 2 giveaways.  You all know that I am NOT a card maker but I do have a lot of card makers that follow and comment on my blog.  I am more of an altered art, mixed media, book making type of girl and I also have people of the "altered art" persuasion that follow me too.  So I am doing a giveaway for my lovely Card Maker Buddies and my Altered Art Buds too.

I have a ridiculous amount of goodies to give away and some of the bits and pieces will be the same in each give away as these are things that can be used in both card making and altered art work.  But there will be obvious differences too.  As each giveaway has quite a lot in it and instead of doing millions of photos or typing out a great big list of stuff, I have decided to do videos showing you what is in each give away.  So here we go..........

Ok, now for the rules.

1)  Please leave a comment in the section below, this is how you enter this giveaway.  Please see the note below about the giveaway codes and how to enter the giveaway you want.

2)  Please be a follower of my blog.  I welcome all new followers to my blog and a great big Loops "HELLO" to you.  But please don't follow my blog just for this giveaway and then leave afterwards......that would make me sad......blub blub :(

3)  I will immediately remove anyone who is a blog candy hunter/Blog candy only blog.  No exceptions.

4)  If you have a blog, please add this giveaway into your sidebar.  Choose one or the other photo above.  You do not need to enter both photos, just pick one regardless of which giveaway you are entering.

NOW......THE IMPORTANT BIT......The Giveaway Codes

Obviously there are Crafters out there who dabble in a bit of altered art, mixed media, card making etc.  Or maybe your are a cardmaker who fancies trying a bit of altered art or vice versa.  So, if you are one of the Crafters who likes doing a bit of everything and fancy a go at winning BOTH giveaways, when you leave a comment below, start your comment with "JOAT".......which means, Jack of all trades.  That way I know to enter your name into both giveaways.

If you are purely a Card Maker and you don't want to get hold of all that yuckie altering stuff and just want to have a chance at winning the Card makers give away only, when you leave a comment below, start your comment with "CCM"......which means Crafty Card Maker.  That way I know to enter your name into the Cardmakers Giveaway Only.

And......I'm sure you see a pattern here, lol.....If you are an altered art lover and don't like all that yuckie card making stuff and just want to enter the Altered Art Give away Only, when you leave your comment below please start your comment with IWAS, which means, I wanna alter stuff! Then I know to enter you into the Altered Art giveaway only.

Phew!  Thats it from me folks.  Any questions, give me a shout. Its open to all my current and new followers wherever you may be.  Please ensure you know which giveaway you want to enter should it be one or the other or both and, make sure you start your comment with the relevant "Code" otherwise I won't know which one you want to enter and therefore can't enter you.  I have to be fair to everyone else.

 I will leave this open for 2 weeks, purely because I'm too excited to wait any longer than that and 2 weeks seems like its enough time to give you all a chance to join in.  So the giveaway will close on Sunday the 22nd of July 2012 at 6pm.  I will then sort out everyone into their relevant "hats" and Scrubby will do the honours of picking a winner.......aren't you lot lucky!!?!!  I will do my best to have the winner announced on Sunday night.

Toodles Noodles.........and Good luck to you all.  Yeah, I love doing giveaways!

Loops xx

Friday, 20 July 2012

My Blogaversary Candy Ends in Two Days ....Hurry and enter

Hey folks, just a little reminder for those who missed my Blogaversary Giveaway post above. I just want to give you all a wee reminder about it.  Please check out my giveaway post as it ends on Sunday.........so quickie quickie........get your name in for the above gorgeous goodies.....

AND.........there may be an extra wee giveaway.  So everyone who enters into the giveaway will be entered into the wee surprise third prize too.

So get your names down folks and Good Luck to everyone.

Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

More Stickpins and flowers

Yummy stickpins
Ive been adding to my "Grannies Sewing Room" Collection flowers.  Theyre so cute!
 I know, I know Ive been a complete nightmare of late.  Neglecting my blog, your blogs, my craft room and thats to name but a few.  And guess what Im blaming it on........yep you guessed it.......the good 'ole Northern Ireland weather!!  I cannot take it any more!  Its dark, dull, grey, damp, windy and bloomin' cold! I have at this moment in time the heating on at full blast and a duvet up round me.  I can't find the motivation to go and craft when its so incredibly grey!  According to BBC newsline Northern Ireland got less than 120 hours of sunshine last month........THATS ONLY 5 DAYS!  And I tell you what.....that was them rounding up or over estimating or something because my neck of the woods didn't see no 120 hours of sunshine let me tell ye.

Anyway, enough of my yapping.  Theres another sneaky reason I haven't been creating much.......or should I say publicly creating anything.  "Ohhhhhhh whatever could Loops mean?" I hear you ask.  Well, my little 'ole blog turned the grand old age of One on the 23rd of June there.  So I have been putting together, not 1 but 2 First Blogaverary Giveaways including handmade scrummies from me.  Don't worry I won't be lumbering you with all my hand made crap.....there are crafty surprises in there too, teehee......quite a lot actually!  Ohhhhh how exciting.  So I will be showing you those very shortly. As soon as a certain order arrives and brings me the rest of the stuff I ordered I'll be able to put the giveaway up........so keep your peepers peeled for that.

Right here we go.....10 million photos to follow!

Here are some more flowers from   my "Grannies Sewing Room" Collection.  I love giving them names and collections.......makes me think someday I may actually see them in shops, heehee.....one can dream, lol 
Fabric and lace and pearls....oh my!
Look at these wee cutie pies.  They are so small and cute.  I love the blingy centres
And yes....you are just as cute as the one above.....
......And you too!  Shesh.....you can't give one without the other.....so ma wee Mamma always says.
I just love these wee 5 petalled flowers and those centres are gorgeous made from a ribbon slider buckle and a flat back pearl.  Scrumptious.
This fabric is lovely to work with because it kind of frays slightly giving them that oldie worldie, straight out of grannies ancient sewing room sort of look
They are a cute small size too, perfect for cards or altered frames, on books.....you name it....these go on it
Oh now for the stickpins.  
These are gorgeous and long 8cm plus in height.  Ive used glass pearls, iridescent rondelle spacers and pink crystals 
Again, all glass pearls......not a plastic bead in sight with metal spacers and pink and gold rondelle spacers.

Aren't these colours beautiful?
I love the pink and mint green together.  Beautiful crystals with glass pearls and a silver metal bead cap.  The photos aren't showing how incredibly sparkly these crystals really are.
If Im not mistaken these tiny crystals are Swarovski Crystal beads.....Grrrr don't cameras pick up sparkly goodness??  Glass beads in cream and mint green with silver bead caps
I LOVE these ones
Aren't these stunning?  If I do say so myself.  For some reason they remind me of Bluebells??  Crystals again with glass pearls, bronze and silver bead caps with metal spacers
Im so sorry these look so dull in the photos.  They are beautiful in real life......I promise!  Swarovski crystals, glass pearls, glass beads and silver spacers and beadcaps
The crystals at the top of these two are actually a cloudy dusky pink colour with iridescent crystals and iridescent rondelles 
And thats me done waffling on this fine Wednesday morning.  I just want to say, that a very special and wonderful friend of mine has had a rough couple of months, and today is the beginning of another couple of rough months ahead for her but its all on the path to getting better.  So I just want her to know that I'm here whenever she needs me, I love her very much and she's always in my thoughts.  She is one of the strongest women I've ever had the privilege of meeting and I'm honoured to be her friend.  Ack sure she probably knows all this already as I've been her very own personal stalker for months on end!  Good luck today Misses.  You know who you are......

Toodles Noodles......Loops xx

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