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More Stickpins and fabric flowers

More Stickpins and fabric flowers
Yummy stickpins
Ive been adding to my "Grannies Sewing Room" Collection flowers.  Theyre so cute!
 I know, I know Ive been a complete nightmare of late.  Neglecting my blog, your blogs, my craft room and thats to name but a few.  And guess what Im blaming it on........yep you guessed it.......the good 'ole Northern Ireland weather!!  I cannot take it any more!  Its dark, dull, grey, damp, windy and bloomin' cold! I have at this moment in time the heating on at full blast and a duvet up round me.  I can't find the motivation to go and craft when its so incredibly grey!  According to BBC newsline Northern Ireland got less than 120 hours of sunshine last month........THATS ONLY 5 DAYS!  And I tell you what.....that was them rounding up or over estimating or something because my neck of the woods didn't see no 120 hours of sunshine let me tell ye.

Anyway, enough of my yapping.  Theres another sneaky reason I haven't been creating much.......or should I say publicly creating anything.  "Ohhhhhhh whatever could Loops mean?" I hear you ask.  Well, my little 'ole blog turned the grand old age of One on the 23rd of June there.  So I have been putting together, not 1 but 2 First Blogaverary Giveaways including handmade scrummies from me.  Don't worry I won't be lumbering you with all my hand made crap.....there are crafty surprises in there too, teehee......quite a lot actually!  Ohhhhh how exciting.  So I will be showing you those very shortly. As soon as a certain order arrives and brings me the rest of the stuff I ordered I'll be able to put the giveaway keep your peepers peeled for that.

Right here we go.....10 million photos to follow!

Here are some more flowers from   my "Grannies Sewing Room" Collection.  I love giving them names and collections.......makes me think someday I may actually see them in shops, can dream, lol 
Fabric and lace and pearls....oh my!
Look at these wee cutie pies.  They are so small and cute.  I love the blingy centres
And are just as cute as the one above.....
......And you too! can't give one without the ma wee Mamma always says.
I just love these wee 5 petalled flowers and those centres are gorgeous made from a ribbon slider buckle and a flat back pearl.  Scrumptious.
This fabric is lovely to work with because it kind of frays slightly giving them that oldie worldie, straight out of grannies ancient sewing room sort of look
They are a cute small size too, perfect for cards or altered frames, on name it....these go on it
Oh now for the stickpins.  
These are gorgeous and long 8cm plus in height.  Ive used glass pearls, iridescent rondelle spacers and pink crystals 
Again, all glass pearls......not a plastic bead in sight with metal spacers and pink and gold rondelle spacers.

Aren't these colours beautiful?
I love the pink and mint green together.  Beautiful crystals with glass pearls and a silver metal bead cap.  The photos aren't showing how incredibly sparkly these crystals really are.
If Im not mistaken these tiny crystals are Swarovski Crystal beads.....Grrrr don't cameras pick up sparkly goodness??  Glass beads in cream and mint green with silver bead caps
I LOVE these ones
Aren't these stunning?  If I do say so myself.  For some reason they remind me of Bluebells??  Crystals again with glass pearls, bronze and silver bead caps with metal spacers
Im so sorry these look so dull in the photos.  They are beautiful in real life......I promise!  Swarovski crystals, glass pearls, glass beads and silver spacers and beadcaps
The crystals at the top of these two are actually a cloudy dusky pink colour with iridescent crystals and iridescent rondelles 
And thats me done waffling on this fine Wednesday morning.  I just want to say, that a very special and wonderful friend of mine has had a rough couple of months, and today is the beginning of another couple of rough months ahead for her but its all on the path to getting better.  So I just want her to know that I'm here whenever she needs me, I love her very much and she's always in my thoughts.  She is one of the strongest women I've ever had the privilege of meeting and I'm honoured to be her friend.  Ack sure she probably knows all this already as I've been her very own personal stalker for months on end!  Good luck today Misses.  You know who you are......

Toodles Noodles......Loops xx

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  1. These are absolutely STUNNING! Flowers and Pins - I LOVE them all!

    I do feel for you having those 5 days of sun last month - must've been a shock to see the bright light in the sky on some days - across the water from you in Wales I think we had about the same - We need to speak to someone about it ;) !!!

    Carol x

  2. Oooo these are soooooo lush Lee....... and such a perfect name for the flower collection.... and keep your dream and make it happen! We'll see your flowers in John Lewis yet!

    Christine x

  3. Hi Lee, sorry I've not been around munch lately. These are so scrummy - just the kind of thing (or better) that you'd find in a good shop. You must have a super supply of flowers and pins by now!
    Talking of the weather - did you get that rain we had last week. We just went to Belfast a "quick" message on Wednesday evening and almost got washed away on the Lisburn road. I took lots of photos and there's one of them on my blog if you want a look. The whole area outside the King's Hall was like a lake!

    1. Here Misses u dont need to apologise to me for not being about.....ive been like a fair weather blog friend lately! And considering the weather hasnt been too fair, ive been hibernating! I live very near the river bann and it did get pretty high and spill over a bit but thankfully no flooding near us that i know of. Lee xx

  4. Everything is beautiful as usual :)
    As for the weather....less said about that the better lol

  5. WOW!! So many lovely flowers and pins. Each one is gorgeous. I love the colours and designs you have used.

    Good luck to your special friend, I am sure she feels so pleased to have you there for her

    Hugs Sue

  6. absolutely first class stunning, the flowers are in beautiful colours and do luv the blingy centres, and the stickpins gorgeous arent they very addictive once you start its hard to stop.
    Chris x

  7. Absolutely beautiful both the flowers and the stick pins. Best wishes to your friend.

  8. Hi Lee, gorgeous pins love the gems on some of them and loving your selection of flowers so pretty as always really need to play
    Hugs Kate xx

  9. Hi Lee

    What a GORGEOUS COLLECTION.........
    the stickpins were my very favorite until I saw the next ones lol..... I could not choose to save my life.... I do love the 5 petal flowers, and the green spotty and the red flowery next to it stand out for me, but again, I could not choose........I think we could all do with some of the old sunshine!!!! makes us smile a bit
    Tilly x

  10. They are all so incredibly pretty Lee...and this weather is getting me down too...:o(

    take care and big hugs Vicky xx

  11. Hi hun, I'm sorry I've not been round much either had the flu and one thing and another, yep the weather too it gwts you down so b dull all day! and the rain drives you mad!!!

    love your creations hun, I would buy them hunny they are gorgeous,

    hope your ok and not too fed up, at least you know your not alone lol, hugs Liz xx

  12. You're right...the flippin' weather is shocking....those rain clouds just seem to be sitting right over the British Isles, and got nowhere else to go...haaa!
    Love your new collections...the fabric is absolutely the green and pink pins, especially, too....great work!

  13. wow these are fabulous lee.i love your gorgeous pretty flowers :D

    xx coops xx

  14. Hi Lee, such beautiful flowers and pins, you are so talented and big Congrats for your Blog being a year old...and I really feel for you with the ol' weather, what has gone wrong this year? We are on our hols in the Uk and it's rained for 3 days :( Hugs, Teresa x

  15. You make the most goregous items, Lee! I'm sure you bring your own personal sunshine to your part of the country with these colorful, cheery items!

  16. Hi Lee everyone of these flowers are Simply Beautiful,Love the fabric,And the pins are amazing.
    Best wishes to your friend she is very lucky to have a friend like you, Hope the weather gets better for you.

    Have a good evening

  17. Oh wow, Lee, your flowers and stickpins are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the fabrics you used!! Sorry about your weather...I'd send you some sunshine from here but it would mean temps so flipping hot, you can't even go outside :/

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  18. Hi from across the Atlantic! Just found your blog via the Tube. I have had a blast looking all thru your videos and now I have found your blog. Awesome discovery! I am jealous of the girls. They have such a great tutor in their mists. Seems as though you enjoy them very much. I wish you were closer. I think that between what I have and what you have, we would really do some creative things. Love the blog. I would love to be able to create one. Some day I will. Prayers for your friend! Pam

  19. The weathers much the same here Lee, we saw a glimpse of sun Saturday but that was it. This morning we work to torrential rain and although it's stopped now, the clouds are ominous.

    So your makes, what can I say, the pins all look gorgeous with all the lovely pearls. And those flowers, well all I can say is you must the patients of Jobe because they look so intricate. And the ones with lace really jump out at me, just beautiful.

    B x

  20. yummy, yummy! such gorgeous flowers and stick pins! they really are gorgeous Lee hugs Karen x

  21. Love all your pins. I have done a few swaps of pins this year and know how addictive making them can be. Hugs Mrs A.

  22. your blog! Your flowers are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. Hi Lee. I love your flowers and stick pins! So pretty. The grannies attic flowers are so beautiful. I need to learn to make fabric flowers! I hope your weather is getting better. It has been super muggy and hot here. You can have some of that! LOL Best wishes to your friend. I need a personal stalker like you. hehehe You're wonderful! Love ya ~ Pat :)

  24. I think I have fallen in love....with your stick pins and flowers, oh those flowers!!!! Gorgeous! Oh me oh I will be spending way too much time on your blog today but what else could I be doing between loads of laundry, right? lol


  25. These are stunning! Too tempting not to watch and oogle over and over again!

  26. Lee those stick pins and flowers are just beautiful!! You are so talented!
    Laura xx

  27. Hi Lee, ages since I've stopped by your blog. See you're still at your flowers & pins - & they are still as lovely! Hope you're well, Jx

  28. These are all stunning as usual Lee, I especially love your stick pins, you are such an inspiration. Sorry I have been a bit rubbish with my commenting lately
    Lindsay xx

  29. Wow stunning wok again!!!! Love you flowes and stick pins!!!! They are the best I have seen!!!!! Wow!!!

  30. Hi Lee, well your certainly not lacking on the flower and stickpin front are you? You're very very talented, I love all your flowers, I like to call them quaint, like a Victorian ladies makiing maybe, so pretty and sweet. As for your stickpins, well, you seem to know what will go with what instantly and I love those spacers that look like bluebell petals, those are adorable. I'm a big fan of pink and green used together myself so of course those caught my eye. They are all lovely and very well made and yes you should see them in a shop window! why ever not?!

    Hugs and Happiness to you Jan xxx

  31. Wowser, these are gorgeous - both pins and flowers. xxxxx

  32. These are all so stunning Lee, I especially love the flowers made with the pretty floral material.

    Donna x

  33. Your flowers and pins are adorable, and gorgeous!!!

    Congratulations on your 1 st anniversary.
    isn't blogging great?? =)

    barbara jean

  34. your pins are awesome lee,thanks for popping by,x

  35. So pretty! They are amazing as always! Kimx

  36. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    Kerry x


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