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CLOSED! First Year Blogaversary Give Away! Woowhooooo!

CLOSED! First Year Blogaversary Give Away!  Woowhooooo!
Altered Art Goodies

Card Maker Goodies

Hey folks. Yippee!  I have invaded all of your lives for just over a year now, lol.  It was my First Year Blogaversary on the 23rd June so I thought I should celebrate by doing a giveaway. "Bout time" says you, heehee. Its just a wee thank you to all of you that have endured......opps I mean, all of you that have kindly followed my wee blog and hopefully had a few giggles along the way.

Anway, I wanted to do not just 1 but 2 giveaways.  You all know that I am NOT a card maker but I do have a lot of card makers that follow and comment on my blog.  I am more of an altered art, mixed media, book making type of girl and I also have people of the "altered art" persuasion that follow me too.  So I am doing a giveaway for my lovely Card Maker Buddies and my Altered Art Buds too.

I have a ridiculous amount of goodies to give away and some of the bits and pieces will be the same in each give away as these are things that can be used in both card making and altered art work.  But there will be obvious differences too.  As each giveaway has quite a lot in it and instead of doing millions of photos or typing out a great big list of stuff, I have decided to do videos showing you what is in each give away.  So here we go..........

Ok, now for the rules.

1)  Please leave a comment in the section below, this is how you enter this giveaway.  Please see the note below about the giveaway codes and how to enter the giveaway you want.

2)  Please be a follower of my blog.  I welcome all new followers to my blog and a great big Loops "HELLO" to you.  But please don't follow my blog just for this giveaway and then leave afterwards......that would make me sad......blub blub :(

3)  I will immediately remove anyone who is a blog candy hunter/Blog candy only blog.  No exceptions.

4)  If you have a blog, please add this giveaway into your sidebar.  Choose one or the other photo above.  You do not need to enter both photos, just pick one regardless of which giveaway you are entering.

NOW......THE IMPORTANT BIT......The Giveaway Codes

Obviously there are Crafters out there who dabble in a bit of altered art, mixed media, card making etc.  Or maybe your are a cardmaker who fancies trying a bit of altered art or vice versa.  So, if you are one of the Crafters who likes doing a bit of everything and fancy a go at winning BOTH giveaways, when you leave a comment below, start your comment with "JOAT".......which means, Jack of all trades.  That way I know to enter your name into both giveaways.

If you are purely a Card Maker and you don't want to get hold of all that yuckie altering stuff and just want to have a chance at winning the Card makers give away only, when you leave a comment below, start your comment with "CCM"......which means Crafty Card Maker.  That way I know to enter your name into the Cardmakers Giveaway Only.

And......I'm sure you see a pattern here, lol.....If you are an altered art lover and don't like all that yuckie card making stuff and just want to enter the Altered Art Give away Only, when you leave your comment below please start your comment with IWAS, which means, I wanna alter stuff! Then I know to enter you into the Altered Art giveaway only.

Phew!  Thats it from me folks.  Any questions, give me a shout. Its open to all my current and new followers wherever you may be.  Please ensure you know which giveaway you want to enter should it be one or the other or both and, make sure you start your comment with the relevant "Code" otherwise I won't know which one you want to enter and therefore can't enter you.  I have to be fair to everyone else.

 I will leave this open for 2 weeks, purely because I'm too excited to wait any longer than that and 2 weeks seems like its enough time to give you all a chance to join in.  So the giveaway will close on Sunday the 22nd of July 2012 at 6pm.  I will then sort out everyone into their relevant "hats" and Scrubby will do the honours of picking a winner.......aren't you lot lucky!!?!!  I will do my best to have the winner announced on Sunday night.

Toodles Noodles.........and Good luck to you all.  Yeah, I love doing giveaways!

Loops xx


  1. JOAT! Lovely candy, keeping my fingers crossed =) well done on sticking at it for a year lol! i've really enjoyed reading your blog, as well as admiring all your scrummy makes.

  2. Happy Blogoversary!!!
    Fantastic candy! Thanks for the chance! Love the stamps a lot!
    I am a follower.
    I linked it on sidebar.

  3. JOAT -> Well..this is a big big amount of goodies. Congratulations ! i just started following you (luckely before you posted this announcement...LOL) and i intent to keep following!. Have a nice day. Greetings Renje (CreaBoetiek on YT)

  4. IWAS, very generous candy looks yummy, and a happy blogaversary, I havent got a sidebar but will put it in my post later today,
    Thanks Chris x

  5. JOAT thanks for the chance to win either I am mainly a cardmaker but woud love a chance to try out the other goodies. i never know what to buy to do it so this would be perfect . Keeping my fingers crossed and oh to win your handmade goodies tops the lot. Just watch the bloomers at the end think it was brilliant and love the sing song. Have a great weekend Lee hugs Aunty Sue xx

  6. JOAT :)

    Congratz on 1 year ! Woohoo ^^ The giveaway´s are lovely... Thank you so much for this chance !
    Have a gorgeouse day :)
    Hugs Rebecca

  7. JOAT: Goodness me Lee that is a very generous pile of goodies you are gving away Mrs! Thank you for the chance of winning I'm off to put you in my side bar!
    Big Hugs Laurie xx

  8. JOAT.. Hi lee...thanks for being soo generous...posted ur link on my blog sidebar:)
    i started following your blog only recently and want to say that you are a wonderful crafter!! i looooveee ur altered art..i saw ur peace rose tutorial and attempted it..plz chek my blog and tell me how is just two month old into crafting and learning from you is such a delight!!:) thanks a ton...

  9. JOAT !!
    I am a new fllower Lee. I was not aware that you have a blog. (Shame on me!) I cant link a craftblog yet, because I havent made one yet. It is still in progress in my slow working brain. Lots of goodies so I of course love to enter. Your blog will be linked to my own blog when I get that going. Your bloopers crack me up completely LOL. You just made my extremely late morning coffe better. Thanks hun for this lovely give away.
    Hugs from
    Line.Cathrin, lincea or Linexxa whatever you like to call me. LOL

  10. JOAT !!!
    What fabulous Candy - Thanks for the chance to win. I am already a follower of your blog and have link your candy in my sidebar.


  11. CCM.
    Congrats on your blogaversary!
    Thanks for the chance with your candy...
    Your blog is lovely and I like to read it.

  12. Gorgeous candy... Would love the chance to win... already a follower will post on blog... thank you so generous... Hugs May x x x

  13. CCM!
    WOW!! Thank so much for such fabulous yummy candy Lee.
    congrats on your first year and thanks for all the wonderful inspiration you have given to us all in that time.
    I have added your picture to my side bar
    Hugs Sue

  14. CCM gorgeous candy Lee and Happy Anniversary thankyou for the chance to enter for your candy
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  15. JOAT!!! First.. Happy Blogaversary.. Second.. nice nail polish *giggle*.. Third.. fantastic video and absoluty great candy. Thanks for this wonderful chance *holdmyfingerscross*.

    Many hugs

  16. JOAT -

    Wow, an amazing giveaway. I find your blog so inspiring, even though im a card maker at heart, i love altered things too.
    Happy anniversary, and keep up the great blog!

  17. JOAT
    Hiya Lee, fab candy thank you for the chance to win some of your lush goodies! Have wanted to get my mitts on some of your beautiful flowers for a while as well as one of your beautifully bound books! Good luck with it all and I'll post a link on my blog Karen x

  18. JOAT. WOW Lee what fabulous candy.
    I am mainly a cardmaker but would love to have a go at altering stuff so would love to win either candies,i just love your gorgeous flowers too and just winning them would be fantastic.Congratulations on your blogaversary.
    Thanx for the chance
    Trish (-:

  19. JOAT

    Hi Lee i always read your blog
    I did try and set one up myself but i am rubbish at it and I spend so much time reading others and watching yt videos i wouldn't have much time to actually live a life if i did a blog myself. congrats on your blogaversary looking forward to watching more of your videos
    Karen x x

  20. CCM
    WOW!Stunning candy lee.Happy 1st Anni.
    You were the one who got me into book making.I love them.I am a card maker,but we all need books.
    Thank you so much.
    Hugs Sue :)

  21. JOAT
    I am so ADD I can't stick to just one thing. What wonderful fun. I have just found your YouTube and am happy to find your blog. I 'pinned' you in my PIN IT and I have a blog I just started, I would love to put your site and others in my sidebar, but can't for the like of me figure out how to do it. I don't know (>get<) funny signs and letters, so I guess this is just lost to me. Oh, you know the old dogs/new tricks saying. Well I am a pretty old dog, but love your videos and will enjoy following your blog.
    Thank you for this fun and also for the funny blooper video, how cute!!!
    hisblp aka Tilly

  22. JOAT - Thanks Lee for offering such generous Give-Aways and congratulations on your 1st Blogaversary and all all your wonderful makes.
    hugs {brenda} xiox

  23. JOAT
    What a fab candy Lee, the postman will have to knock on my door when he brings all that for me hehehehehe
    Congrats on your anniversary, I always love to visit you


  25. JOAT! thanks so much for doing this giveaway, i have been following you on youtube for a while now, love your blog, good luck to everyone!! hugs, Kim x:)

  26. Hi Lee! It's me, PatsTreasuresNCrafts from YT. :) I am now a follower of your awesome blog! What an awesome giveaway! I would be honored to own anything made by you. You're super talented and super sweet! I'm excited about this and I am excited to look around your blog! Will you be announcing the winners on YT also? Just asking lol Thanks sweetheart. ~ Hugs ~ Pat :)

  27. JOAT - Wow very generous of you. Gorgeous set of prizes. I have a feeling I was already following your blog, but I hit the follow button again just encase. Thank you for the chance to win and good luck to everyone. x

  28. JOAT....congrats on your giveaway Lee your video had me cracking up so bad at the all your goodies you put into this giveaway thanks for a chance to win..hugs Terrie

  29. JOAT....well, I'm a scrappy/cardmaker at heart but couldn't be your follower for all these months without some of your stuff rubbin' off on me...haaaa! Big congrats, and on with the next year!

  30. JOAT

    Wow Lee, one year of blogging, congrats on your anniversary and thank you for being so generous to us. I'm always impressed with the way you alter stuff, love the way you give things a special twist and your out of the box thinking. I love to alter a thing or two myself, would get bored if I would only be making cards, just love the mixture of things really. Hope you have an enjoyable second year of blogging Lee! Hugs, Ira x

  31. JOAT!!! Woo Hoo. Love your stuff Lee and your tutorials are awesome. I thought I'd already followed your blog but I guess I hadn't. That's taken care of and I signed up for e-mails as well. Awesome goodies! Good luck to everyone who enters!
    Hugs :0)
    Christy (LadyInnominate)

  32. Congrats on a year of blogging!
    IWAS > can't get my head around cardmaking either lol!
    Thank you for the chance to win your awesome giveaway and here's to the next year of crafting!
    hugs Aly x

  33. JOAT - Thanks for offering the chance to win your wonderful candy. Congratulations on your first year and thanks for showing you lovely work. Kim x

  34. CCM WOW fab candy Lee thank you for the chance to win such gorgeous goddies Congratulations on your one year blogversary

    Hugs Lorna xx

  35. JOAT!
    This is so generous of you and I would love to put this on my blog and if someone could give me the directions how to do it I will. I don't blog very much as I haven't learned how to do it correctly yet. Thanks!

  36. JOAT!!
    Happy Blogoversary thank you so much for the chance your all linked up hugs Nikki C

  37. JOAT Hi Lee, congrats on your blogaversary. I absolutely love your beautiful flowers and stick pins. Thanks for a chance to win some awesome goodies. Hugs Carmen

  38. CCM. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Visited your blog after quite a while & have just been admiring all those beautiful flowers & pins you've made.

  39. JOAT. Congrats on your blogaversary. I love popping by your blog, you are very talented and your altered art projects are amazing. Thanks for the chance to win some gorgeous candy. I am mainly a card maker but would love to try some altered art too. Very generous of you.

  40. JOAT--what a fantastic and generous giveaway. I have been a follower of your blog. You make the most amazing things! I, too, am celebrating my first blogversary (July 1) with a giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for a chance to win!

  41. JOAT - Happy, happy blogaversary, Lee!! And wow, what an awesome, generous giveaway!! I absolutely love visiting your blog, both for the amazing projects and your hilarious wit!! I know if I get an email that Crafty Loops has a new post, I am going to be entertained :) I will post this on my sidebar...thanks so much for the chance to win :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  42. JOAT!
    Thanks Lee for these awesome giveaways!! Thanks for the chance to win!

    kbgirlygirl on YT

  43. JOAT...what a lovely give-a-way. Congrats on your blogaversary.

  44. I have been following your vids and love all the book binding info...I even ordered some waxed linen thread so I could give it a try! Anyway...congrats on the blogaversary! Oh and your goodies are great! I feel a little silly saying this but...JOAT!!! JOAT!!! JOAT!!! :) Cara

  45. JOAT! I am a card maker but as others do, I willing to try anything. Doesn't it also raise my chances of winning a bit? Love your blog. Anyone who has put feet to a post is tops in my book. I haven't the first clue what to do to be able to post much less keep it up for a year. Hoping to be hearing from you soon.

  46. JOAT... Congrats on ONE YEAR.... I'm happy to be a follower already. This would be an awesome win. I'm working on building my supplies to be able to get my crafting blog off the ground. Having lovely women such as yourself for inspiration makes me want to work all that much harder to get my crafting blog going. I'm buliding my supplies right now so I can get some projects and tutorials going. This would be a blessing to keep me giong in that direction. Thanks for giving us the chance to win something so brilliant. Happy Crafting!!!!

  47. JOAT Hi Lee, I am so glad to find your blog! Following you on YT!
    Hope I am not that late

  48. Hi Lee, I got your blog and blogaversary posted onto my blog, here's the link;;postID=2945746679721594262
    It took me a bit of time to figure out how to get the html to post in my sidebar. UUUGGGHHH...I'm so very techno challenged.
    Kim H.

  49. JOAT
    Hi Lee! I'm a new follower of your blog!
    Let'stry to ain these AMAZING crafty prizes!

  50. JOAT, Lee this is an awesome giveaway and you are a "nut"....he he

  51. Hi Lee,I'm your new happy follower,nice to meet you!I found your beautiful blog while leaving comments on my friends blogs:)I added your candy image and link to your blog on my sidebar:)Thanks a lot for the chance to win!
    (If you visit my blog I'll very very happy:))

  52. JOAT Hi lee love watchin in the middle of makin your book, you are a very good teacher, You should be writing books, your full of fun on your blog, this is avery generous give away lots of luck, love Joan

  53. JOAT look at all this yummy goodness!

    Congrats on your one-aversary!!! I have been a follower of your youtube channel for only a short while, but thanks for pointing me in the direction of your blog...

    Now I have some catching up to do, cause those beautiful flowers and stick pins have caught my eye!

    Thanks again for your generosity and I love your sense of humor!

    (aka mademoiselle_azphodel on youtube)

  54. JOAT!!What a delightful candy!

    Thax again for your generosity!

  55. JOAT ....
    Hi Lee ,

    Many congratulations on your 1st anniversary .... I love reading your blogs you always bring a smile to my face ....

    Hope it's not too long till your next blog

    Tina xx

  56. Joat! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful goodies you are so generous. Will pop your pic on my sidebar :-) love your blog btw, am a new follower!
    Laura xx

  57. IWAS!
    Congratulations Lee, Love all your altered projects, Fabulous Candy,Thanks for the chance to enter. Have a great evening....

  58. JOAT-Hello dear!Happy blogversary!I really enjoyed their items selected for this drawing and I want to know that I am giving chance for luck to come visit me, because they are expensive items here in Brazil and I would love to win!Hopefully!
    Posted disclosure in the left sidebar of my blog:
    Success and happiness always!

  59. JOAT
    Oh my Goodness... I love all your yummy sweets - they are SUPER cute. Thanks for sharing and giving me a chance to win. You inspire me so...
    Congrats to your 1st year blogaversary!

  60. JOAT. Love your videos, the giveaway is great. Thank you for this chance to participate.

  61. what a gorgeous supply of are way too generous. I love your videos on this and love your a member too..luv Aussie Annie...xx

  62. JOAT
    Happy Blogaversary!!! I always look for your posts (the reader is the first to be verified when i get online;))) so it was a great surprise to find out about the anversary:D!! 1 year!!!! I wish you many more with joy and great projects and lots of friends!!
    I thought it would be fun to also enter the giveaway! Thank you for this chance:P
    I've added it on my sidebar:)


  63. CCM
    Wowwwwww what fabulous candy Lee!!! You're a very generous crafter.... and I love to listen to your voice on you tube and admire those fab nails too!!

    Thanks for the chance of this candy.... I'll pop you on my sidebar now... hope it isn't painful!

    Christine x

  64. Hi! I'm happy to meet your blog and become your follower! I'd love to join the candy too, if I can. Thanks for the chance!


  66. JOAT - WOW Lee, is it a year already? It's gone so quickly!! You must have created so many different flowers and hat pins and loads of loveliness in those 365 days :-) Can't wait for the next year and more yummy, scrumminess!!

    xx Sazzle xx

  67. JOAT Hi Lee, what fabby giveaway's thanks for giving us the chance to win these gorgeous goodies, I love the bloopers on the video, so funny and your nails look fab. By the way I haven't forgotten about having a go at book binding I have all the bit's sitting on my desk ready, things have just been crazy busy lately but I will get there eventually and I will let you know when I do, hope you are well
    Lindsay xx

  68. JOAT - WOW Lee this is a fantastic Giveaway, what lovely candy. I am so glad to have found your blog I love watching you on YT and to discover you have a blog too is fab. Keep up the great work and good luck to everyone. Great Big Huge Hugs Becca xxx (BexSwanson on YT) xxx

  69. JOAT - thanks for the chance to win all that lovely candy. Love coming to your blog.


  71. Congratulations on your anniversary in blogland. Thanks for the lovely comments on my little box much appreciated x

  72. Sorry forgot to add JOAT to my comment.... Hugs May x x x x

  73. JOAT, Hi Lee, I am new to your blog simply because I was unaware of it, now I know where you are I will follow and hope to get to know you a lot better, I know of you on YT and you most likely know of me janbuckley1 I am good friends with Fiona and Rosemary,Marion,Tricia etc etc. I love all forms of art, but I suppose i now do more altered than cards although I make cards, that's how I started, selling them at schools and giving the money to the school fund, you know how it goes. I am going to to now an have a good old nosey at your blog and acquaint myself with what makes you tick, you come with good authority from Fiona lol. Can I just say thank you for doing these giveaways and congrats on your anniversary. Good luck to everyone. Including ME lol
    Hugs and Happiness Jan xxx

  74. ***JOAT*** Hey there Lee. Happy blogaversary to you. Looking forward to seeing your creations in the year ahead. Wonderful giveaway to celebrate. I would so love to have a chance I'm an old follower and I've linked your giveaway to my blog sidebar. Thanks for the chance
    Hugs, Rosalee

  75. CCM - Happy Blogoversary, Lee!! Your blog is so beautiful, I'm happy to be a new follwer! Thanks for the cnache to win your amazing candy, hugs!

  76. Joat....Hi lee, just discovered you on youtube and f rom there to your vids , and am trying one of your books for my little granddaughter who lives over in the will let you know how it goes.

    I visit NI every year as I have a good friend who lives near malone coming over.

    Great blog!! and keep them youtube vids youtube name is sassygal2007, but have only recently started to put craft vids up.

    Anyway...great work again!!
    Elly P

  77. JOAT Lovely candies. Thank you for giving us the chance to win these goodies. And perhaps you would join my blogcandy;

  78. CCM - I love making flowers and over on Docrafts there was alink to your blog. I have visited it in the past though. I have candy too. xxxxx

  79. IWAS. Hey Lee I can't believe it's been a year since Redrottie set you on the blogging path of no return!! lol I have been thinking about getting into altered art for a while now but just don't know where to start so this could be the perfect way. Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing candy give away. Hope to see you on DC again soon! Romayne xx

  80. JOAT! Absolutely gorgeous candies! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  81. CCM - Happy Blogaversary Loops! I'm sure it seems you've been blogging forever!
    Thank you for the chance to win your yummy candy! You're always so generous x
    Wendy x

  82. JOAT. Ooh! errr Mrs. What a wonderful stash of candy Lee. You are so generous hun. Thank You for the chance to win it. :o)

    Donna x

  83. JOAT, oh I love new names :)

    thanks for hopping over and inviting me across, can see some of your gorgeous flowers on both lots of Goodies any attempt to get my hands on one would be a joy lol, but wow you are so generous hun and good luck to each and every one of your entrants
    big hugs
    Kate xx

  84. CCM Hi Lee, ♥Happy Blogaversary♥ Thanks for the chance to win some of your gorgeous goodies.
    Hope you are well, hugs Teresa xx

  85. JOAT. Congratulations on your anniversary. You share so much wonderful art and techniques on your blog. So thankyou for that and also thankyou for a change to win some wonderful candy too. cheers Linda

  86. JOAT!You are so generous!Great giveaway!Thank you for the chance to win!

  87. IWAS
    ooohhhh drool to your yummy candy Lee, wow I cant believe its been a year, time flies by when your having fun dosent it lol...thanks for the chance to win your altered goodies and its always been a pleasure to be a follower
    Mina xxx

  88. CCM. Would love a chance to win your lovely candy. It would actually go to my almost 6 year old grandaughter who makes cards!
    I am your latest follower. Although I have a few candy posts up right now, I have only signed for candy of bloggers I am delighted to follow forever! I do not join and then run!

  89. CCM...Hi Lee, Happy Blovaversary and thank you for the chance to win some of your gorgeous goodies, you are so generous.
    Wendy xx

  90. JOAT
    Hi Lee, thanks for the chance to win. I'm mainly card maker, but I love also altered media art.
    Hugs, Maja from Slovenia

  91. JOAT, wow Lee thank you for the chance to win, your very generous!! congrats on your first year of blogging.I do love to visit you now and again as you make flowers my fav thing!!

  92. CCM

    wow what fantastic goodies fingers and toes are crossed good luck everyone emma xx

  93. IWAS

    Hi, Lee!!!

    Thanks for this chance to win this amazin candy.

    I've add it on my blog here:

    I'll cross my fingers to win this.

    Thanks!!! and I've loved your carft.

  94. JOAT!
    Hi Lee - congrats on your 1 year Blogaversary - I'm a new follower, but I can't wait to see all your tutorials, they just looks so amazing :o)Love your flowers and pins.
    I'm mostly a cardmaker, but I'm getting very interested in albums and scrapbooking etc... I'm going to the US in August and are visiting a couple of Conventions, where I'm taking album and scrapbook classes. Yeah I can't wait.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed :o)

  95. CCM Loops! Regardless of if I win anything (which lol I never ever do) I'll keep following your adventures and loving every second of it. Your creativity always inspires, even if I often forget to say a peep. You've been in my rss reader for a long time!!! Happy Blogaversary!!!

  96. CCM; Hi Lee, Congratulations on your first blog anniversary! I am impressed that you have 473 followers. I have been a follower for quite some time and enjoy visiting your blog for inspiration. You are certainly a talented artist. I have posted your candy on my sidebar.
    As I began my papercrafting adventure, I made cards. Now I am branching into altered art mostly because of the DT that I am currently on. I just completed a mini paper bag scrapbook. I will be posting this on Monday morning. I would love for you to take a look and tell me what you think??

    I would be so thrilled to share some of your wonderful crafting items. Thanks so much for the chance to be part of you give-away. Hugs, Barbara

  97. JOAT !

  98. JOAT- WoW, Congrats on a year of blogging! I'm a fairly new follower, though I think I joind before you posted this candy. Dont know if I said this before but I love thoes pins and flowers that you did, very creative and sparkly! I myself am a bit more into card making, but I have a few Altered art prjects that i'm working on. If only I can get the sketching part down with out using lines then I would be in buisness. Any-who, lovely candy and congrats again on the 1 year!

    XoX~ Sarah

  99. "JOAT".......
    hi lee
    many thanks for another fab candy
    & for the chance to win your lovely give aways.
    sue xx

  100. CCM Love your pins and fabric flowers--so pretty! Thanks so much for your wonderful giveaway and Happy Anniversary!

  101. Hi..

    Lovely candy!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    I shared it on sidebar

    I am your follower.

    Happy Blogoversary!

    Val Rodrigues

  102. JOAT.

  103. JOAT - wow, thank you for the reminder, I had it written down to come back here but then forgot!! Congrats on your first blogaversary!! Your creations are always stunning, so I looking forward to all the new things you have to share with us!! Thank you for the chance to win these amazing prizes!! Hugsxx

  104. JOAT !!wow this is a fabulous candy..thank you so much for a chance to win...fingers and eyes totally crossed:) an old follower !!

  105. CCM Can't believe it's been a year Lee....doesn't time fly when you're having fun! Thanks for a chance to win some gorgeous goodies xx

  106. JOAT
    congratulation! the candy is amzing, thank you!
    i post it here:

  107. CCM - Congrats to you and thanks for a chance at some goodies!
    I'm holding my breath so choose me to win soon! kiddin'
    terriavidreader at yahoo dot com

  108. Wow what gorgeous candy hun i'd love to win anything lol, thank you so much for the chance. Have a lovely weekend. luv gina xx

  109. CCM
    Lee, it all looks FANTASTIC. Luv your blog anyway, I never
    Win anything but
    I thought
    I would like to comment anyway,
    Hugs Jean Hall

  110. JOAT! Wow your giveways(s) is(are) awesome .....but then everything you do is awesome! ;)
    Thanks so much for the chance to win - off to link your pic on my blog :)

    Carol x

  111. JOAT!! Oh my word Lee you are sooooooooo generous!!! Thank you soooo much for giving me the chance to win these amazing goodies!!! I know Im a bit late lol (cutting it fine!) but Im soo glad I got to enter!!!! Thanks again Lee
    Rach :) xx


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