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Homemade Cake Pops - I can't believe he's 21

Homemade Cake Pops - I can't believe he's 21 My wee baby brother turns 21 years old tomorrow...I can't believe it.  There is 21 years between us too....if you can believe that.  Everyone thought he was my baby when he was born, teehee.  He was my wee shadow.  He is currently studying Aerospace Engineering at Queen's in Belfast.  He just found out that he won 2 awards for being the top student of his year.  He's also doing his year Internship and he's loving it.  Did I also mention that he got his pilots licence when he was just 19??  19 years of age and he was flying planes!!   He excels at everything he does but is so gracious and humble....unlike his big sister, lol.   I couldn't be more proud of him, he's turned out to be an incredible young man.   I will gladly shout it from the roof tops that he's an exceptional human being, lol. I made these cake pops and will be making the finishing touches to his birthday cake very soon.  If the cake looks ha

Handmade Disney Aristocats Backpack - Debbie Shore free Pattern

Handmade Disney Aristocats Backpack - Debbie Shore free Pattern I think I'm hooked.  Making these Debbie Shore backpack s is so incredibly easy and super quick and can be made in any size you want.  I made this one for my sister (again....this time she is not giving this one to her beautiful wee daughter.....this one is all for her).  The Harry Potter one I made her mysteriously ended up on the back of my 5 year old niece, teehee.    I made this one a little bit bigger and because I made the first one, I sort of knew what I was doing this time.  So overall this one is just sewn better. I added the toggle clasp which was bought on Ebay I love the fabrics, they are so cute with the cats from Aristocats and the dogs from Lady and the Tramp.  Again, the webbing is from Ebay .  I prefer the cotton webbing as it's softer and very easy to sew through I added the wee extendable pockets on the side so my sister can add her water bottle or even mobile phone to it.  There is one on eac

Handmade Harry Potter backpack

Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I'm back with a real quick make and it is so super easy to make.  I followed a tutorial from Debbie Shore on YouTube and I modified it to work with what I had.  It was so super quick and easy to make and I highly recommend Debbie's tutorials.  I made this for my wee sister, although I have a feeling that her wee daughter might be claiming this one.  My sister has put in a request for another one for her, the next one will probably be Disney themed.  A little side view of the backpack, using a Harry Potter fat quarter bundle.  I bought it on Ebay The backpack has adjustable straps that can fit any size child or adult.  I bought the webbing  straps on Ebay and can be purchased here Debbie used a magnetic clasp on her tutorial, but I went with this toggle instead as I felt it would be a bit more secure.  I bought the toggle clasp on Ebay , if you want to buy your own.  When I make the next one, I'll sew the toggle into the bac