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More Stick pins!!! A little more elegant and little less Flamboyant!

More Stick pins!!!  A little more elegant and little less Flamboyant! Here are a few more stick pins I've been making.  I will be including some of these in the 6 blog candies I am giving away, so if you haven't got your name down and you were one of my 301 original followers, get your name down on the Candy post before the 20th January 2012.   Sadly the camera doesn't bring out the detail on some of the beautiful beads, but they still look pretty.  These ones are a little more dainty and elegant I feel than the more flamboyant ones in the previous stickpin post.  I think these would be more suited to cards and altered items like pretty boxes and jewellery boxes. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Ours is still going on.  We are off to my In-laws today for some tasty nosh and a bit of craic and then to my parents tomorrow for even more food and craic!  I'll end up as stuffed as the Turkey on Christmas day!!  I love going to family events, should it b

Tutorial - Handmade paper Peace Rose (Raindrops on roses........)

Tutorial - Handmade paper Peace Rose IF LIKE ME, YOU PREFER TO WATCH VIDEO TUTORIALS, I HAVE DONE ONE FOR THIS FLOWER.  PLEASE SEE THE LINK BELOW THIS PHOTO OR CLICK HERE TUTORIAL - THE PEACE ROSE IF YOU PREFER THE VIDEO TUTORIAL, PLEASE CLICK HERE Good morning folks......IT CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHH!!!  SANTA IS COMING!  Don't you just love Christmas?  And once the big day comes and you've torn open your presents, set up the kids new toys and added batteries into everything, eaten until you have to undo the top button of your trousers and you proclaim "I will never eat like that again" even though you cant help but nibble at the left over turkey every time you walk passed'll think to yourself "Ack well, all the stress, expense and hassle was worth it", lol.  I love Christmas, I cant wait to sit around the table with all 18 of us (this year is a light year!!). Anyway, enough of my waffling ("As if" I he

New flower - Beautiful Rose made from Cardstock - Definitely my favourite to date!

New flower - Beautiful Rose made from Cardstock I really wish the photo showed how it truly looks....its so much prettier in real life   Oh my giddy aunt you lot, I was so excited to show you all this flower that I only made one before taking loads of "Strike a pose" photos and running on here to show you it!  But boy did I make that little rose work for its water!  Poor thing is exhausted from its photo shoot!!  "Wired to the moon as per usual"....I hear you sigh! Lookie, lookie........isn't she purdy (which evidently is my maiden name by the way....not Lookie you numpties....Purdy!).  I made this using the Spellbinders Rose Creation die, cutting just one of the middle sized flower cuts.  This was made using 5 of the same sized flower and then one more to make the leaves.  The die actually does have leaves you can cut.....but I didn't have any to hand so I just used the extra flower I had sitting and used my new distress ink (Thanks Debbi xx) to col

More Stick pins!!! I think Im addicted to these and flowers!

More Stick pins!!! Stick pins Galore!!  These ones are highly decorative ones......the next batch will be a little less elaborate Hello there my wee Loopy Loo's and how are we this crisp Saturday morning?  All prepared for Christmas?  What's that I hear you say as a shoe whacks me in the noggin?  "Im gonna throttle someone if they ask me that bloody question one more time"!!!  I feel your pain......and not because you threw a shoe at me noggin either! Every year I say I will have everything bought, wrapped and delivered by the first week in December.  Aye right!  Lets face it, it may have come to your attention that I waffle a bit and promise to myself to be organised this year is nothing more than a load of dribble!  There was a silence for more than 5 seconds in my head so I had to fill it somehow! Anywho, here are some more stickpins. Edit.....I meant  to say, my wee sister Tara made some of these too....Im trying to convert her into a crafty