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New flower - Beautiful Rose made from Cardstock - Definitely my favourite to date!

New flower - Beautiful Rose made from Cardstock
I really wish the photo showed how it truly looks....its so much prettier in real life 

Oh my giddy aunt you lot, I was so excited to show you all this flower that I only made one before taking loads of "Strike a pose" photos and running on here to show you it!  But boy did I make that little rose work for its water!  Poor thing is exhausted from its photo shoot!!  "Wired to the moon as per usual"....I hear you sigh!

Lookie, lookie........isn't she purdy (which evidently is my maiden name by the way....not Lookie you numpties....Purdy!).  I made this using the Spellbinders Rose Creation die, cutting just one of the middle sized flower cuts.  This was made using 5 of the same sized flower and then one more to make the leaves.  The die actually does have leaves you can cut.....but I didn't have any to hand so I just used the extra flower I had sitting and used my new distress ink (Thanks Debbi xx) to colour the cardstock.

All the adornments I just literally threw together to make the photo a bit more pretty.  I don't actually own the Tim Holtz Tattered Clock or the Flourishes dies but my very dear friend Maddy who is Izzwizz Creations here in Blogland very kindly cut me some. Thank you so much my friend.  I know!!  There are actually Tim Holtz dies that I do not possess!  Go figure.  I bought the wee crystal sprays on ebay and the other wee flowers I was mucking about with earlier and came up with these.  I think they look like wee cherry blossoms, don't you think?  I will perfect these as they arent perfect but I think I rather like these too.

Sadly the photos do not do this beautiful little rose any justice whatsoever......yet I'm making you look at them anyway, lol!    So here are the photos.......
300gsm cream linen cardstock.  Ohhhh it would look gorgeous with some stickles painted on or some glossy accent rain drops.....ohhhhh....I wanna put rain drops on it!!

Through the magic of post editing.....the flower with rain droplets.....glossy accents 

Used Crushed Velvet Distress Ink along the edges of the cream cardstock

The Rose itself has 5 layers and then one layer for the leaves

The Crystal Spray I bought from Ebay me if you want the link

Side profile.....the flower has great dimension

These are the wee cherry blossoms I first attempt.  They need perfected a bit.  The two outside ones are cream paper using a 5 petal flower punch. The centre flower is cream cardstock using the Tim Holtz Tattered flowers die.  I prefer the outside ones myself.

This is most definitely without a doubt my most favourite paper/cardstock flower to date.  I say that now, but goodness knows what I will come up with next.  Regardless, its my favourite for now. doubt these roses will be found in the 6 Blog Candies I am giving this is a little sneak peek of one little goodie 6 lucky people will be receiving. That's it from me for another wee while.  Sorry its photos of only one flower.  But as I said, I was so excited about it I had to get it on here asap!  Im an excitable kinda child'd never guess, would you?? lol.

Ohhhhh....not too many more sleeps now until Santa comes!!  Yippeeeee!!

Toodles Noodles.....Loops xx

EDIT - If you want a tutorial, let me know below.  But it wont be done until after Christmas.  Its pretty similar to my other wee paper rose tutorial but slightly different so if you want a tutorial, just say, its no problem. Oh aye....I used hot glue to adhere the rose together.  Toodles.  Lee  xx

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  1. oh.....!!! So beautiful...!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the, romantic, soft, feminine... AWESOME!
    May I know what type of glue used to adhere the petals?
    Heaney xx

    1. Sorry for the late reply! I used hot glue to adhere the petals. Ive done a video tutorial on these flowers. If you go to the tutorials section on my sidebar or Tutorials page, you'll find a video on these flowers. Its called The Peace Rose. Lee x

  2. Fabulous flower - and yes can tell you're excited.... and YES PLEASE, tutorial! tutorial!!
    Christine x

  3. This is stunning! Really beautiful rose and yes i would love to see some rain drops on it, it would be gorgeous. Can't wait for the tutorial.
    Love your cherry blossoms as well.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs xx

  4. Aw-www! Lee, they are fabulous! What a gifted lady you are! hugs, kissinia

  5. Wow!! That wee rose is amazing! It looks so like a rose called "Peace" that my late dad used to grow. I love the way you've staged the photos too. Keep them coming!
    Hope you have a great Christmas and, you never know, I just might get a chance to meet at the next craft fair.
    Happy New Year! Ruth x

  6. Both flowers are great but the rose is really outstanding. A tutorial would be great.

  7. Wow that rose is really beautiful. A lots people like rose. In this rose colour is fabulous. I like this roses.

  8. Ok now purdy, you can take lots an lots of pic's, we don't mind at all, stunning to say the least and also think some raindrops, ohhhh, gorjuss!!!!!!
    lotsa luv

  9. OMH Lee!!! What a beautiful model :))))) I get excited just at reading you and your crafty happiness!!! Gorgeous rose and blossoms!!

    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours my Blogger friend xox

    ♪ ♪ ♫ I'm dreaming of a whiiiite Christmasssss ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ Just like the ones I used to know ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

    Tammy xox

  10. Wow! Beautiful rose Lee, Love the colour 2 tone effect, beautiful x
    Wendy x

  11. WOW Gorgeous flowers as always Lee, i,m putting that spellbinder die on my wish list!!!!!
    Have a Fabulous Christmas.
    Trish (-:

  12. OOOh by the way i quite like the name Lookie Lol!!!!!

  13. OMG!!!! Lee, this is a stunning rose hun. Looks so real , you clever thing. Oh! you just know we want a tutorial. Love 'em! :o)
    Dentist went well too thanks for asking, my choppers are now ready for chocolate chomping again, just in time.


    Donna x

  14. Gorgeous flowers as always hun, you truly are talented.
    Becky x

  15. Absolutely stunning are one very talented friend :o)

    Wishing you a merry Christmas and New Year...
    big hugs Vicky xx

  16. Oh Lee.. these are soooooo gorgeous.. .. Its looking so pretty in the pics itself.. I wonder how this will look in real...
    Love it to the core..... just wowwww!

  17. WOW!! this is so beautiful ,such a gorgeous design and yummy colours - I'd love a tutorial too PLEASE
    Have a wonderful Christmas
    Sue (bearhouse on Do-crafts)

  18. Oh Lee, how pretty is this rose lol.... no wonder you could not wait to show us, of course we need the details, silly girl!!! lol,it will look perfect with a rain drop as well
    Tilly x

  19. How fantastic this rose looks - corse we want a tutorial please - pretty please

  20. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! x

  21. Hi Lee...This is absolutely beautiful. I would love a tutorial please. Hope you have a great Christmas.
    Debbie x

  22. I thought for one dreadful second you were called Lee Lookie lol...oh oh oh oh that is so so lush Lee...stunning and yes please for a tutorial even though if its a die cut I wont be able to make it but I just love looking at your tutorials...thanks for all your suggestions for Phils pressie, I actually got one today phew will wonders never cease
    Mina xxx
    I hope your and your loved ones have the best Christmas ever...have fun

  23. so beautiful lee.its looks so real and i love the raindrops you added :D
    have a fantastic christmas hun.

    xx coops xx

  24. This is stunning Lee, and so realistic, the raindrops are the perfect finishing touch
    Lindsay xx

  25. lee,your flower is so gorgeous and life like,love it,have a wonderful xmas and a fab new year,x

  26. Beautiful rose Lee, love the raindrops. Debs xx


  28. Such a stunning tutorial, thank you for sharing, I love the raindrops they make a fab edition.

  29. Oh my giddy aunt, how did I miss this??? I love the flower, and what you have done with the diecuts, and that shadowing effect, and all the little twiddly bits. The cherry blossoms are all very pretty too. Your raindrops are genius :-) Thanks for the mention Lee *blushes* you're brilliant! Have a great Christmas, love Maddy x

  30. Wow Lee this is gorgeous!!!! You need to start your own flower shop!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!! Hope you had a great christmas and Happy New year to you!!!!!

  31. Absolutely beautiful rose, it is so real looking, I would love to see a tutorial on how to make these. You are very talented.

  32. beautiful rose tutorial. Easy to follow. Thank you.


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