Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Blog Candy - More goodies added

Hi everyone.  I have been completely overwhelmed by the response to my 10'000 blog candy.  So I have added 2 more items to the candy.  I will be adding more...........maybe a few more flowers???  Watch this space.  See previous thread below for Blog Candy Information.

Heres what Ive added:

Never used Crafters Companion Christmas Embossing Board - double sided
And one of my Handmade metal Tassels - see photos below.


My handmade metal tassel

One side of the Crafters Companion Embossing Board

Other side of the embossing board

Thanks again to all my followers, old and new,

Watch out for more goodies......

Loops xx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Look What Ive Got....10'000 plus hits Blog Candy Giveaway NOW CLOSED

Ive got 10'000 plus hit Candy giveaway 
Yes folks.....Ive got blog candy.  I have had my blog 3 months almost to the day and I have reached over 10'000 plus hits......yes I had to restart my counter because Im a numpty and me and my blog baby are still in our infancy at this please forgive my numptiness.....yes its a real my house!  Apparently thats pretty good going so I thought.....why not, lets give something away, eh?

I just wanted to say a bit thank you to all my followers and everyone who has ever visited my blog.  I have been made feel extremely welcome to Blogland and without a certain Miss Karen aka Redrottie I would never have had this blog.  She got very bored one night and wanted something to do so I get an email asking me can she make me a blog.....and the rest as they say history.  Ok so its only 3 months history but Im still giving away goodies, heehee.  

And another big thank you is in order to my Angel of Patience, Kathleen aka Kookaburra Crafts who sat to all hours of the morning guiding me through the turmoil a new blogger feels when starting out.  And when I say she is my Angel of Patience, I mean it.  I was crying with frustration, throwing a toodler hissing fit.....I mean there was arms and legs kicking and flailing and I was wailing at the top of my lungs and she finally got me calmed down enough to shut up and listen!!  Im telling you this house was mental when I was trying to change my background.  The neighbours thought there was a Banshee about and living in Northern Ireland.....thats a pretty scary thing to have in your neighbourhood!

You cant really see from the photos the extent of whats on my table because the fabric, laces and flowers are all so white..........white and full of fluffy goodness.  So Ive tried to break it down into sectioned photos and I will write a contents list.  Anyone who has every received goodies from me will know I dont do small parcels and I always but in more than I say Im giving.  With that in mind........THIS IS NOT THE FULL CANDY.......I will be adding to it over the next few weeks so I will update the contents list and this space.

What I would like you to do to be in with a chance to win all these yummy goodies with extras to be added is please be a follower of my blog, all new followers are welcome.  But I will be wary and checking for blog candy shoppers as I like to call them.  Im not talking about genuine bloggers and new followers who blog.  I mean, I do not welcome people who simply go around Candy shopping, that is not fair to my honest followers.  If I find you are merely a candy shopper, I will not add you to the list.  And I will check EVERYONE who enters my candy.  Only genuine bloggers please.  But as I said, all new genuine followers are more than welcome.  

So, Please leave a comment below and put the main picture above and details into your sidebar please.....I do check this....heehee.

And thats it, 1) be a genuine follower, 2)Add my candy photo and info into you sidebar and most importantly for you to complete the entrance 3) you need to leave a comment below.  No Mr Linky here Im afraid.  If you do everything else and forget to leave a comment, Im afraid your entry will not be valid.  You need to do all 3 requirements.   Now for the goodies:

2mm mount board, binders, flowers, pearl strings, laces

Approx 95cm-1m navy lace

Over 50cm of wide 15 1/2 cm wide lace!!  Massive and beautiful

Over 1m cream lace

Over 1m ivory lace

Over 1m white lace

Stick pins - sorry dirty hands from glue and ink! Whats new!

Glass and acrylic pearl beads and large flat back pearls a whooping 15mm

Large and small pearl trim

4 wooden feet/door knobs for altered boxes or mini's etc

My handmade swirl roses

More handmade flowers by moi

More of my handmade fluffy goodness flowers

2 large pieces of fabric, 2 doilies, 10 large 10 small handmade paper,
heart embellishments, 2mm mount board, 2 binders

Another glimpse of fabric and lace and pearls oh my!

Flowers, seed beads, sequins
My handmade metal tassel
1 side of the Crafters Companion embossing board - never used

2nd side of the Crafters Companion Embossing Board - never used
3 of my handmade mini YoYo flowers
6 x Payper Box card and paper

3 x dolly pegs,1 roll stripy ribbon, 2 Spellbinder Creations Roses,
2 x Fluffy Goodness Flowers, 2 x Crazy Daisies

1 long length White Satin Fabric (I make my flowers with this)
1 long length of white stripe satin like fabric (I make my flowers with this too)
Approx 1m of navy lace 5cm wide
1/2m of extra wide white lace 15.5cm wide
1m+ of white 5.5cm wide lace
1m+ cream 3.5cm wide lace
1m+ Ivory 6.5cm wide lace
3 YoYo Fabric Flowers, I Pink 2 Green
2 Vintage paper lollipop flowers
2 large paper Rosettes button centres
2 small paper Rosettes button centres
4 large swirl roses, 2 cardstock 2 papers
6 small swirl roses 3 cardstock 3 papers
4 wooden door knobs/feet great for box feet 
or handles on a mini album or book
2 Large "Floating Meringue" Flowers
2 small "Floating Meringue flowers
2 "Gatsby Wannabe" flowers
1 long length of large pearl trim
1 long length of small pearl trim (I use both for my flower centres)
3 crystal top stick pins
3 triple pearl stick pins
4 blue pearl stick pins
10 large pieces of handmade papers
10 small pieces of handmade papers
1 length of elasticated seem binding type trim
2 x A4 sheets of 2mm Mountboard (great for making books or mini albums)
2 x 1inch metal binder rings on frames (use brads to affix)
1 Pack of heart embellishments/toppers
2 medium doilies
1 bag of seed beads
1 bag of flower sequins and round sequins
1 container of glass and acrylic pearl beads
10 large 15mm flat back pearls (I use these as flower centres)
Crafters Companion Xmas Embossing board
My very own handmade metal Tassel
3 of my handmade mini YoYo flowers
3 x dolly pegs
1 roll stripy ribbon
2 Spellbinder Creations Roses (hand embossed leaves by me!)
2 x Fluffy Goodness Flowers, 1 small floating Meringue, 1 x Whipped Cream
 2 x Crazy Daisies.

As I said, I will be adding to this list over the next few weeks.

Again, be a genuine follower, put my main photo and candy info into your sidebar, and leave a comment below.

This candy will run until FRIDAY 21ST OCTOBER 2011 at 6pm after which time it will close and no further entries will be counted after this time.  I will pick a winner shortly after that and announce it here on my blog.  If the winner does not claim for their prize via email through my contact email at the top right hand side of my blog within 5 days from winner announcement, I reserve the right to redraw and announce the redrawn winner.  I will send your prize out and I will obtain proof of postage.  I am not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the prize through the postal system.  Please be aware this prize does contain sharp and small pieces so please keep out of reach of tiny wee hands.  

Thank you everyone for your support and kindness.  Remember I will be adding more goodies.  The more people join this candy the more goodies I will add.  Ohhhhh its so exciting.....I think Im more excited than you lot are......YIPPEEE!  And thank you for joining in and remember....if you dont win this one....I will have more goodies in the near future.

Have a happy crafty day!

Toodles Noodles.....Loops xxx

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Flowers using the Spellbinders Rose Creations Dies


The flowers below are the flowers I made from the Spellbinders Rose Creations Die that I recently got.  Its extremely difficult to find here in the UK and particularly in NI and when you do you find them you can spend anywhere up to £20 for it!!  But there was no way I was spending that so I bought it from an American ebayer and it arrived in 9 days and I got it at a much more reasonable price.  I was very chuffed indeed.

These flowers were made using the 4 smallest flower cuts, 2 of the largest and one of each of the smallest.  I can not take the credit for these beautiful roses.  I found a lovely blog that had the tutorial and it was this tutorial that made me fall in love with the die and buy it.  So forgive me for not doing a flower tutorial (for once I hear you cry!!) but if you would like to see the tutorial, please go to the incredibly talented Gabrielle's blog over at Such a Pretty Mess and you will find the rose tutorial there along with various other beautiful tutorials.  If you get the time, have a wee wander around her blog, she does the most incredible and stunning scrapbook pages Ive ever seen.  They are so shabby chic and filled with beautiful vintage girliness.  She is an amazing crafter.  I am not connected Gabrielle or her blog, I was just lucky to have come across her blog and I greatly admire the beautiful creations she produces.

So here are the flowers that I produced so far. I cant wait to try other flowers with this die.  So watch this space, as I will do tutorials on those flowers.

Toodles Noodles....Loops xxx

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Travel Journal with charm

Well, here it is.  A new journal Ive made.  As I said before I bookbind so this journal has been made from scratch.  Ive sewn all the pages together, made the covers etc.  Rather than using cardstock to make the cover, I used canvas.  I bought it on a roll and its great stuff.  So I decorated the canvas cover with glimmer mists, distress inks and then stamped some images and used printed images that are from The Graphic Fairy.  Its a fab site filled with gorgeous vintage images.

The ribbon is tinted with my own hand made glimmer mist and as always the flowers are all hand made by me.  I made the charm as a bookmark but can be unclipped and put onto your mobile phone, handbag, luggage etc.  I showed it in a previous post.

So here are the photos folks.  Any comments are greatly appreciated as always.

My handmade flowers

Beautiful Butterfly

Name done on travel tags

Book charm

Book charm

Inside the cover

Inside back cover

Back cover

Toodles Noodles.....Loops xx

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