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Look What Ive Got....10'000 plus hits Blog Candy Giveaway NOW CLOSED

Ive got 10'000 plus hit Candy giveaway 
Yes folks.....Ive got blog candy.  I have had my blog 3 months almost to the day and I have reached over 10'000 plus hits......yes I had to restart my counter because Im a numpty and me and my blog baby are still in our infancy at this please forgive my numptiness.....yes its a real my house!  Apparently thats pretty good going so I thought.....why not, lets give something away, eh?

I just wanted to say a bit thank you to all my followers and everyone who has ever visited my blog.  I have been made feel extremely welcome to Blogland and without a certain Miss Karen aka Redrottie I would never have had this blog.  She got very bored one night and wanted something to do so I get an email asking me can she make me a blog.....and the rest as they say history.  Ok so its only 3 months history but Im still giving away goodies, heehee.  

And another big thank you is in order to my Angel of Patience, Kathleen aka Kookaburra Crafts who sat to all hours of the morning guiding me through the turmoil a new blogger feels when starting out.  And when I say she is my Angel of Patience, I mean it.  I was crying with frustration, throwing a toodler hissing fit.....I mean there was arms and legs kicking and flailing and I was wailing at the top of my lungs and she finally got me calmed down enough to shut up and listen!!  Im telling you this house was mental when I was trying to change my background.  The neighbours thought there was a Banshee about and living in Northern Ireland.....thats a pretty scary thing to have in your neighbourhood!

You cant really see from the photos the extent of whats on my table because the fabric, laces and flowers are all so white..........white and full of fluffy goodness.  So Ive tried to break it down into sectioned photos and I will write a contents list.  Anyone who has every received goodies from me will know I dont do small parcels and I always but in more than I say Im giving.  With that in mind........THIS IS NOT THE FULL CANDY.......I will be adding to it over the next few weeks so I will update the contents list and this space.

What I would like you to do to be in with a chance to win all these yummy goodies with extras to be added is please be a follower of my blog, all new followers are welcome.  But I will be wary and checking for blog candy shoppers as I like to call them.  Im not talking about genuine bloggers and new followers who blog.  I mean, I do not welcome people who simply go around Candy shopping, that is not fair to my honest followers.  If I find you are merely a candy shopper, I will not add you to the list.  And I will check EVERYONE who enters my candy.  Only genuine bloggers please.  But as I said, all new genuine followers are more than welcome.  

So, Please leave a comment below and put the main picture above and details into your sidebar please.....I do check this....heehee.

And thats it, 1) be a genuine follower, 2)Add my candy photo and info into you sidebar and most importantly for you to complete the entrance 3) you need to leave a comment below.  No Mr Linky here Im afraid.  If you do everything else and forget to leave a comment, Im afraid your entry will not be valid.  You need to do all 3 requirements.   Now for the goodies:

2mm mount board, binders, flowers, pearl strings, laces

Approx 95cm-1m navy lace

Over 50cm of wide 15 1/2 cm wide lace!!  Massive and beautiful

Over 1m cream lace

Over 1m ivory lace

Over 1m white lace

Stick pins - sorry dirty hands from glue and ink! Whats new!

Glass and acrylic pearl beads and large flat back pearls a whooping 15mm

Large and small pearl trim

4 wooden feet/door knobs for altered boxes or mini's etc

My handmade swirl roses

More handmade flowers by moi

More of my handmade fluffy goodness flowers

2 large pieces of fabric, 2 doilies, 10 large 10 small handmade paper,
heart embellishments, 2mm mount board, 2 binders

Another glimpse of fabric and lace and pearls oh my!

Flowers, seed beads, sequins
My handmade metal tassel
1 side of the Crafters Companion embossing board - never used

2nd side of the Crafters Companion Embossing Board - never used
3 of my handmade mini YoYo flowers
6 x Payper Box card and paper

3 x dolly pegs,1 roll stripy ribbon, 2 Spellbinder Creations Roses,
2 x Fluffy Goodness Flowers, 2 x Crazy Daisies

1 long length White Satin Fabric (I make my flowers with this)
1 long length of white stripe satin like fabric (I make my flowers with this too)
Approx 1m of navy lace 5cm wide
1/2m of extra wide white lace 15.5cm wide
1m+ of white 5.5cm wide lace
1m+ cream 3.5cm wide lace
1m+ Ivory 6.5cm wide lace
3 YoYo Fabric Flowers, I Pink 2 Green
2 Vintage paper lollipop flowers
2 large paper Rosettes button centres
2 small paper Rosettes button centres
4 large swirl roses, 2 cardstock 2 papers
6 small swirl roses 3 cardstock 3 papers
4 wooden door knobs/feet great for box feet 
or handles on a mini album or book
2 Large "Floating Meringue" Flowers
2 small "Floating Meringue flowers
2 "Gatsby Wannabe" flowers
1 long length of large pearl trim
1 long length of small pearl trim (I use both for my flower centres)
3 crystal top stick pins
3 triple pearl stick pins
4 blue pearl stick pins
10 large pieces of handmade papers
10 small pieces of handmade papers
1 length of elasticated seem binding type trim
2 x A4 sheets of 2mm Mountboard (great for making books or mini albums)
2 x 1inch metal binder rings on frames (use brads to affix)
1 Pack of heart embellishments/toppers
2 medium doilies
1 bag of seed beads
1 bag of flower sequins and round sequins
1 container of glass and acrylic pearl beads
10 large 15mm flat back pearls (I use these as flower centres)
Crafters Companion Xmas Embossing board
My very own handmade metal Tassel
3 of my handmade mini YoYo flowers
3 x dolly pegs
1 roll stripy ribbon
2 Spellbinder Creations Roses (hand embossed leaves by me!)
2 x Fluffy Goodness Flowers, 1 small floating Meringue, 1 x Whipped Cream
 2 x Crazy Daisies.

As I said, I will be adding to this list over the next few weeks.

Again, be a genuine follower, put my main photo and candy info into your sidebar, and leave a comment below.

This candy will run until FRIDAY 21ST OCTOBER 2011 at 6pm after which time it will close and no further entries will be counted after this time.  I will pick a winner shortly after that and announce it here on my blog.  If the winner does not claim for their prize via email through my contact email at the top right hand side of my blog within 5 days from winner announcement, I reserve the right to redraw and announce the redrawn winner.  I will send your prize out and I will obtain proof of postage.  I am not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the prize through the postal system.  Please be aware this prize does contain sharp and small pieces so please keep out of reach of tiny wee hands.  

Thank you everyone for your support and kindness.  Remember I will be adding more goodies.  The more people join this candy the more goodies I will add.  Ohhhhh its so exciting.....I think Im more excited than you lot are......YIPPEEE!  And thank you for joining in and remember....if you dont win this one....I will have more goodies in the near future.

Have a happy crafty day!

Toodles Noodles.....Loops xxx

If you want, you can buy me a coffee which helps me maintain this blog so I can make bigger and better content, simply click on the image or copy the link below.  No pressure at all, its just if you want to.  Cheers big ears!


  1. Oh my goodness Lee, I can barely type with the excitement!! lol This is such scrummy yummy candy, please enter my name for the chance to win it. Thank you so much for being so generous and giving us the chance to win.

    Romayne xx (DC)

  2. Hey Loops, its 10.30 and boy was it worth waiting for. What a lovely stash. Your flowers, as alwasy, are amazing. I would be honoured to win some of your lovely creations. Congrats on the 10,000 hits. Your blog is always inspirational. Many hugs. Lisa x

  3. Hi Lee. wow cant believe your giving all this LOVELY stach away... Its so kind of you and i love the fact that you include all DC non bloggers. I would LOOOOOOVE a go Please...
    And thank you for all your comments on my wee blog...
    Marleen (DC)

  4. Blimey how many visits, wonder if the Visit Britain tourist board know that your site is one to visit. Well done x x

    Liz H (DC)

  5. Wow, what am amazing amount of candy you're giving away, I just love all your handmade flowers, not got a blog but saved yours to my favourites.


  6. What amazing candy! You r really very generous :) please put my name down for a chance to win, I promise I will ad the link on my blog as soon as I get off my iPad and charge my laptop!!
    Ps. I'm not surprised you've had so many hits, your blog is fab!

  7. Congratulations Lee, wow 10,000 hits is amazing!! I'm having a good drool over your blog candy and my desk is all wet now :) Love your blog and your flowers, Maddy xxx

  8. Hi,

    Congratulations on 10,000 hits, you have a lovely blog, and I have become a follower, and have added your candy to my sidebar. I look forward to visiting your blog again.
    (do carfts Margaretd2)

  9. Love those flowers given me inspiration, hope I ge round to doing it some day soon, so much to do so little time. then when builders mess up a conservatory and it has to be rebuilt, needless to say by different proper builders I had to clear the conservatory instead of craft, and the shelves n my craft cupboard fell down so all of it had to come out and I have had to strengthen the back of the cupboard with wood strips so it holds firm now. I hope,. maybe next week I can get back to card making properly as have a coffee morning Friday 30th at the Hospice to make for.

  10. Well I have to put my name down for this, if only for your scrummy flowers,it would be fab to recieve those, and all the rest of your fabulous stuff, fingers and everything else crossed, Irene xx

  11. WOW!!!!!This is the most yummy candy I have ever seen!!!! Well done on reaching over 10,000 hits your blog is marvellous and a great source of inspiration to us all.
    Sue (Do crafts bearhouse :0))

  12. WOW Lee, this is more than a lot of us have in our stash,just to win some of those amazing flowers would be exciting, but all of this??? just wetting my self, will go round with fingers crossed humming 'it must be ME' lol

  13. Hi Lee, I'm a new follower. Your creations are lovely. I saw your comment over at Kylie's blog (about the alpacas!). I just had to link over and say hello and thank you for bringing a smile to my day!

  14. Thanks for the chance to win some candy. It looks great!

  15. wowee so much gorgussness here I know that not a proper word but WOW I always drool over your flowers, have you on my sidebar, keeping everything crossed.
    Chris x

  16. Lee, congrats on over 10,000 hits! what incredible blog candy you have on offer, especially your own handmade flowers which are exquisite, you are so generous and it is all so gorgeous, someone will be playing to their hearts content for a long time with their goodies. hugs, Fi xx

  17. That's a lot of hits in a short space of time Lee so no wonder you are celebrating. Your blog and your creations - especially those flowers are stunning! Love following your blog, so it's no problem to leave a comment & candy shop (JOKE!) with you!!! Jx

  18. Lee Congratulations on getting 10,000 hits in such a short time. It is well deserved as your blog is so inspiring. Thank you so much for offering the chance for non bloggers of winning your beautiful candy.I would love to be included. Margaret (craftymarg)

  19. LEE your blog is fantastic, congratulations on getting 10,000 hits :0) I have added a link & piccy of your gorgeous candy to my blog sidebar, you are soooooo generous and your handmade flowers are the best xxx

  20. well hun - look how far we've come. from toddler tantrums to 10,000 hits.
    i've managed 60,000+ in 3 yrs and you've managed 10,000 in just 3 months!!!!

    so, what stunning blog candy. amazing. am loving that lace. i really should use it more on my cards. i'd also love to try my hand at more altered stuff but i can barely keep up with my cards! boo!

    kathleen mc xxx

  21. Wow, what gorgeous candy, well done on getting SOOOOO many hits!
    love angiebabe (DC`er) xx

  22. Just seen your post on DC and here on your blog are the most beautiful flowers and your prize is amazing. Thankyou for the chance to enter DiWoodcock (DC)xx

  23. I'm in Lee. Ive told you many times that I love your blog and the wonderful tutorials you provide-glad to support you :-) Elaine-xxx-

  24. Wow...what a lot of goodies, your flowers are wonderful and so is your blog, will be visiting again!!

    mol (dc)

  25. Wow what an arm load of candy your giving some lucky person, congrats on your 10.000 hits thats amazing for such a short time,, I love visiting your blog to see what wonderful creations you have come up with ... I wish everyone lots of luck, am a follower but don't have a blog, so good luck and can't wait to see how long it takes you to reach 20.000 hits
    Hugz Kath
    aka neomer on dc.

  26. Wow Lee fantastic and fabulous candy of to put this on my blog and thankyou for the chance
    Love and Hugs
    Dianne xx :)

  27. OMG this lot is stunning. As a receiver of your lovely parcel those handmade flowers are stunning and certainly would not mind having some more LOL!!! Congratulations on your 10000 hits and to all the rest in the future. Well done.
    Maureen..........x [Mojo1]

  28. oh my word what gorgeous candy! i love all the flowers and the lace is sooo pretty!
    aww i need to make some flowers now, you have tickled my addiction LOL


  29. Can't believe how very generous this is!
    I recently did my first Blog Candy giveaway, and it was not a patch on!
    Been a Follower for a while, and loooove your talent....going back to my little blog to add your candy...thank you!!

  30. wow looks gorgeous hun i did have a blog but wont work for me so here i am fairysue dc and would love for the chance to win something good luck to all an dme to lol lovely blog i gave up with mines now as just wont let me do anythng

  31. Wow Lee you are so generous what a lovely thing to do as your flowers are so gorgeous. I am going to try and add your candy to my blog not sure how to do it but will give it a go. love Alison xxxx

  32. Fabulous blog and fabulous candy! If ever I got round to a blog I wouldnt know what to put on it! Well done, Lea (docrafts name Tonyswife)xx

  33. Lee you have an amazing blog and all your work is so beautiful, congratulations on your 10.000 hits, thank you for giving us none bloggers a chance.

    Kathy x
    kathyscards ds

  34. Thanks for the chance to win such beautiful candy.
    Loving the hand made flowers, you are a very talented lady.
    Kim xx DOCRAFTS Crafty-Sisters xx

    Sorry I don't have a blog yet !!!!!!!!

  35. Hi ya Lee x congrats on 10'000 hits - Redrottie is right it is pretty darn good! x it shows that you enjoy blogging x I have put it on my blog x Happy blogging x Leigh x;

  36. Anonymous

    Lee you have an amazing blog and all your work is so beautiful, congratulations on your 10.000 hits, thank you for giving us none bloggers a chance.

    Nishi xx (DC)

  37. Congratulations Lee on the 10,000 hits your blog is fabulous and so are your lovely flowers. I would love to win your generous blog candy. DeniseH x Docrafts

  38. This is so very very funny. I went through your whole blog a few days ago and could not believe all the wonderful gorgeous flowers you were making. I was going to email you to see how you made these. Stunning!!!! And now I see that your offering these as blog candy!!!!! Wow incredible!!!!!! I will post these for sure on my blog!!!!! And thank you so much for the chance to win this!!!!!

  39. WOW! Lee..Congratulations on 10'000 hits in 3 months,but not surprised your blog is fabulous with so many stunning creations,love all your flowers they are absolutly gorgeous.Thanks so much for a chance to win your fabulous candy,really gorgeous you really are so kind to give us all a chance to win.
    Wendy xx

  40. bloooming heck.thats a lots of yummy in your pics and you are giving it away!!!
    wow ii would love to play with all your scrummy flowers.
    thanks so much hun for the chance to win.
    off to link you up now ;D

    xx coops xx

  41. wow Lee your blog is doing fantastic but I am not surprised as all your creations are gorgeous..and check out that beautiful blog candy...I NEED them handmade flowers!!!
    Thank you so much for the chance to win. you blog candy is sitting pretty in my sidebar :)
    Becky x

  42. What a fantastic blog..I love your handmade flowers. Thank you for the chance to win your fab candy.
    LindaD- docrafts

  43. Hi WeeLee Phew at last I've found the 'box' I'm so chuffed, I getting quite techie. Good Luck everyone who enters this fab blog candy comp. jimsgran.

  44. I thought I was already your follower, but I was not. I am now though - I made sure of that. I will post the photo and a link of your blog candy on my side bar. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. I appreciate your kindness.

  45. Wowww Lee.... love this candy! Would love the chance just to win a few of your fab flowers!
    Christine x

  46. WOW Lee your handmade flowers are just beautiful! Do you sell them? YOu should - I'd buy them!! and that navy lace is the best thing I've ever seen LOL
    Thank you for such amazing candy

    Hugs Laurie xx

  47. oh my lee you are realy a godess what lovely lovely candy thankyou so much for the chance to win

  48. WOW! I want everything! lovely Giveaway, please add my name to the hat! would love to win!

  49. What an eyecatching India we dont have these lovely suppiles...i will be luckiest if i got these my god...

    i have become a folllower...(but sometimes blogger doent make it so pls check n tell if i am not)

    also i have posted the candy on sidebar
    pls visit my blog too some day

  50. WOW Lee what a long list of candy and I'd recognise those creations anywhere!!!!! What a chance to win some of your flowers - OMG :-)

    Let's hope the 21st is lucky in more ways than 1 for me as this is the day that I get the keys to my new house as well! What is it they say? New house, new craft stuff? Oh well, it's something like that ;-O

    xx Happy crafting and glittery hugs xx


  51. Hello!
    You have an awesome candy... I saw your comment at Beccy's and came to see your blog.
    I'm a new follower now and thanks for the chance with this yummy giveaway!

  52. Hi, what amazing blog candy - so generous! Someone's going to be very lucky especially as some of your gorgeous flowers are included. I don't follow blogs as such but have some I pop into now and again and yours is one of those. I have the address saved in my favourites and am looking at your brilliant flower tutorials.

    ValF (DC)

  53. Oh My!! What gorgoeus candy!! Thank you so much for the chance to win. Congrats on your 10,000 hits! Your blog is full of inspiration and fab tuts! X
    Wendy x

  54. simply wonderful giveaway. the candy is gorgeous!! goodluck everyone

  55. Congratulationssssss Leee!!! Wao... I am so happy for you... 3 months... Time is flying so fast... I remember we started blogging almost together and I just loved the flowers u were making...
    Who doesn't want this yummy crafty candy? I will go mad if I get it... really... You knw I am your genuine follower and now off to put the pic on the side bar of my blog...

    You are so generous lady...

  56. Oh, Lee! What a generous giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Sending you hugs, ks :)

    SUZYD (DC)

  58. Congrats!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  59. Congrats Lee on reaching 10,000+ visits!! Well, it's not wonder, your blog is so beautiful and informative! Wonderful blog candy giveaway too! You have awesome taste! xx

  60. Дорогая Ли , я очень рада что встретила ваш блог! Столько много интересного и полезного для рукодельниц. С удовольствием присоединяюсь к вашим последователям.
    Ли , вы не только талантливый человек , но и щедрый !!! Такая замечательная конфетка ! столько нужного для всех видов рукоделия !!!
    Спасибо за шанс !

  61. Congratulations on you 10'000 hits and your giveaway candy is amazing, Just love them handmade flowers, thank you for the chance to enter..

  62. Gosh Lee I would just love to win some of your amazing flowers alone! Well done on your hits bet you get a tonne more! I was lucky enough to have my sister on the phone when I set up my blog as I had absolutely no idea either lol! It's certainly a learning curve (which I'm still on!) Thanks for the chance at your candy its in my sidebar and you know I have been a follower for a while! Hugs Rebekah xx

  63. Wow Lee, are you serious? You are giving away some of your amazing flowers???????? You seriously need to start selling these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. WOW,Lee i did see on Docrafts you were giving this Amazing Candy away.You are so generous i love it all.I will put it in my sidebar when i find out how to do it.I can never remember what to do,haven't done it for a long time.Hugs xxx

  65. Wowzers Lee, this is a beautiful give away! So many fabulous goodies but your homemade flowers have to be the big draw! Congrats on the views in such a short time, your blog is very inspiring and entertaining and I love coming and reading...I thought you were an old pro at blogging! :)

  66. wow this is an amazing giveaway.
    so many goodies.
    congratulations on all your viewings. your blog is amazing.
    thanks for the comments on my blog.

  67. Loops you're so welcome to the bigging up on my blog. I love your blog and hope lots of peeps come and have a look xx

  68. A little visit to thank you for being such a great support over at my blog, I so appreciate it and only sorry I am unable to visit peeps as I would like.

    Your candy is beautiful, you look to have put so much thought and care into preparing it. But please do not include me in the draw, I would far prefer one of the lovely people out there to receive it.

    B x

  69. What a lush selection of goodies - I love your hand made flowers!

  70. Wow Lee such a beautiful lot of candy. I love it all. Congratulations on hitting over 10,000, but I'm not surprised as your blog is amazing which I love to follow. I get so much inspiration from you. Keep up the good work and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. xx

  71. Wow Lee, what a fantastic candy. I'd love to get my hands on some of your fabulous flowers and all the rest is just wow, an added bonus. Congratulations on your 10,000 well deserved hits. Debs xx

  72. Congrats Lee and WOW what delicious candy, mmm beautiful. hugs, Karenxx

  73. What fabulous candy, you are so generous, thanks for the chance of winning ! x x

  74. Jakie fantastyczne kwiaty - zawsze je u Ciebie podziwiam! Z radością wezmę udział w candy - dla tych Twoich kwiatków przede wszystkim:) Pozdrawiam ciepło!

  75. Hi Lee, have posted your candy to my sidebar, good luck to everyone who enters

  76. Wow just found your blog, love your handmade things and your other beautiful things too, I love your story, made me laugh, ooppps may be that wasn't the intention, hope you continue to enjoy blogging, have fun, thanks for the chance, I have a little candy too, not as lovely as yours though he he, hugs Liz xx

  77. First of all Lee, HUGE congrats on the hits hun, not surprised a bit though as your blog is amazing. WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!! this candy is so yummy, scrummy. Thanks for the chance to win it. :o)

    Donna x

  78. Congratulations on you 10'000 hits and your giveaway candy is amazing, Just love them handmade flowers, thank you for the chance to win it!

  79. Hi Lee...Well done on 10,000 hits. Wow your candy looks absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for the chance to win....your handmade flowers are stunning.
    Debbie x

  80. Well i'm not surprised you've had 10,000 hits as your work is just simply stunning and i wish had 1/10th of your talent, thanks for giving us the chance of owing some of it, Luv Sam x

  81. This is my first time at entering something like that and so its all new to me, I love the goodies you have shown and wanted to congrat you on having so many "hits", good luck to everyone who enters and many thanks for your generosity

  82. What incredable candy you are offering, thanks for the opportunity to win it!!

    I am a follower and posted a link on my blog here

    Jenn Zeeb

  83. Holy smokes what a gorgeous candy you are offering! I am really crossing my fingers that it will find it`s way here, lol. Congrats on your huge amount of hits. That is just super in such a short period. On top of my blog, below my header you can find a tab called candybar. In here you can find the link to your candy. The candies are by sorted by date. Thank you so much for the possibility to win these awesome goodies. Have a great day! Hugs...Mona

  84. I just arrived here from Dawn's blog, right in the middle of the candy, lol, that was such good fortune, i hope......hehehe
    No, seriously now, those flowers of yours are simply divine, i see everything, but my eyes keep jumping back to the flowers, you have a great talent and thanks for sharing that with us.
    Congrats on so many hits in such a short time, that only means your work is sooooooo worth it, must still go back and have a look see!!!
    Thanks for being so generous, not sure if you will do South Africa, but sure hope so!!
    lotsa luv

  85. Oh my, oh my, what a delightful candy!One lucky winner is sure gonna be happy. Thank you for being so generous! I'm a new follower and I came form Dawn's blog!

  86. Wow Lee what a treat to come back from Holidays to!!! Big big congratulations on 10,000+ hits...everyone well deserved. Thanks soooo much for the chance to win these fabby goodies. Here's to the next 10,000!!. (all linked up too lol!)

  87. i like your blog it's fantastic.

  88. Hi Lee
    Just hopped over to check out your blog from one of my blog buddies Dawn. What a very talented lady you are. I just love your flowers and what a simply stunning array of goodies you have for the blog candy.

    I have become a new follower, like yourself I have only been blogging since April so congratulations on having so many hits.


  89. Hi there,
    I was sent here by Linda Simpson (above) and am so happy to have found your lovely blog. It's wonderful! Your blog candy has all of the pretty things I just love. Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! Quite generous! I am a new, but will be a loyal follower and I encourage you to come to my blog to enter my 500 follower giveaway which is coming up! I have not posted pics yet, of what I will be giving away, but I will try to do that this week. I am on to posting your photo and link on my sidebar. Thank you for this amazing chance to win! I hope you enjoy my blog and the other ones I have listed that I design for. :0)

    Amy Jo
    My blog:
    DT Member:

  90. OMG!! Lee what a GORGEOUS and GENEROUS giveaway!! Those handmade Swirl Roses are to die for!! Would love to create something with those!!

    I have posted your lovely giveaway on my blog's Candy Corner!!


  91. Congratulations on your anniversary - you are sooo amazing dear Lee and I am so glad that you created this gorgeous blog - you are such an inspiration!!! Wishing you every crafty happiness!!! Big hugs!
    Sankari :)

  92. Congratulations on your anniversary,omg i have never seen anything like it, it is wonderful,hope im doing this right as a new crafter xx

  93. Congradulations on getting so many followers! i came on this because it was on one of my followers sidebar but i definatly think i am going to look on this site all the time because your creations are amazing!:)xxx

  94. Hi, I am a follower, plus I added your candy on my blog...
    I love what I have seen on your blog so far and will back to visit regularly.
    Thanks so much.
    kattfiveinfo at gmail dot com

  95. oh my goodness lee what a great stash ... would love to win your blog candy it certainly looks yummy ... love your blog and often visit especially when I want inspiration ... love your flowers ... and my goodness what a lot of lovely comments you have too ... have added your candy to my side bar ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  96. Hi Lee, i'm a pretty new follower :). I enjoy reading your articles:P - glad to have found you and your virtual creative space.
    hope i can also take part on this candy :)

    rux (copilarim)

  97. I can't believe all the beautiful items in your giveaway. I, too, recently started a blog in August and still need to get my son to help me post photos! I would love to post your photo to my blog but don't know how. I hope my son can show me. Thanks for a chance to win a fabulous prize.

    nice to meet u! Fantastic giveaway!I posted your photo to my blog Thanks

  99. So many yammy goodies!!!
    And hits in 10000 is a BIG WOW!!!
    Svetlana xx

  100. awesome candy, thank you for a chance to win it, I love your flowers.

  101. Great candy, just new to the crafting blog, posted your photo to my blog Thanks.

  102. Hi Lee
    Another new follower here. Absolutely love your hand made flowers sweetie, they are gorgeous.
    Fabulous candy, thanks for the chance to win
    Anne x

  103. Hi Lee,
    New follower here. Saw your candy on a friend's blog and had to come have a look. I love handmade stuff and when I saw yours I just had to have a nosey around. You have some awesome creations on here hun and I'm so glad I found your blog. Off to post a link in my sidebar.
    Dawn xx

  104. Wow Lee it is finally nice to meet you. I have seen you around since I started my blog a few months ago... and 10,000 hits already, way to go! I am your newest follower and have posted and linked about your very GENEROUS and WONDERFUL giveaway. I started my blog just as I brought in hospice to help me with Mom, she had end stage breast cancer and passed on July 31st. I haven't done any scrapping since before hospice (away from home and supplies, sigh) but this blogging world and all the wonderful scrappers in it has really helped me through this time! All the wonderful projects and inspiration has filled my time and my laptop and as I get home more now I can hardly wait to get scrapping again. Thanks for the chance to win such an incredible giveaway and visit me sometime too! (How did you get a counter to know how many hits?)
    Crafty Hugs,

  105. Gracias por poder ganar este candy

  106. Wow, what a great Candy, I'm so gonna link you to my sidebar. Best wishes for the future, Lee - you're such a big inspiration!

    Hugs, Tinkerella / Elisa

  107. Congratulations for getting 10000 hits on your blog site. Gorgeous candy for your giveaway. Love your handmade flowers. Oh! I just bought my crafters companion I didn't know it has a separate Xmas embossing board.
    Thanks! for this chance to win.

  108. Congrats! You must be pretty excited. I am a new visitor, and I have to say, you've got style!

  109. That's big in very short time. Congrats to you. Your candy are gorgeous, i really like your made flowers, what can i say, i am big lover of flowers. Thank you so much for the chance to win.
    Hugs Nataliya

  110. ooohhhh lush yummy gorgeous goodies...thanks for the chance to win your candy Lee
    Mina xxx

  111. Hi Loops

    AMAZING candy - I would love to win and I need to win as I want to show off all the lovely goodies :o)

    I have left you a little message on my blog, so please pop over and take a peek.

    Thank you for your inspiration and it wont be long before you are at 100,000 hits!


    Sam xoxo

  112. Hello Loops :)))

    Boy oh boy am I happy to have fallen on this beautiful blog of yours!!!!!! No wonder you have so many hits wowzers!!! And sooooo generous too :))) Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to all!!

    Tammy very proud new follower!

    PS* I have some candy up for grabs too at Creations LaDiva :) Not as scrumptious as yours but from the heart xx

  113. What amazing candy you are offering Lee - your flowers are stunning! Thanks so much for the chance to win. I've linked a pic in my candy jar and am now one of your newest followers too ;)

    Carol x

  114. thanks for great candy) I am a follower)
    I am new in scrapbooking, and I really need in this amount of goodies you offer. Thank you!
    I linked it on sidebar.
    hugs. Hlora.

  115. lee this is like one incredible candy ! i so want to win it .. my fingers are crossed .. and my heart is thumping .. to win all this
    done everything .. m ur new follower too

  116. What an amazing collection of pretties. :)

  117. Danke für so einen schelmischen Stück Schokolade! Jede Woche, ich bewundere die Innovationen der Nachschub, und dann kam der Tag, da ich sehr hochetsya Sieg! Und nehmen Sie mich in die Liste bitte. Sonniger Tag und die Stimmung:)
    Thank you for such a mischievous piece of candy! Every week, I admire the innovations of replenishment, and then came the day when I was very hochetsya win! And add me to the list please. Sunny day and the mood:)

  118. Follow you on GFC.

    Thank you!
    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  119. Thanks for the chance at winning such a sweet amount of candy
    hugs Nikki
    I've linked you up too :)

  120. So huge candy, I want it ^^!!!! And you've also got a wonderful blog :) !!!
    Thanks for the chance ^^!


  121. Hello Lee,

    it's a gorgeous candy. i love your selfmade flowers. Thanks for the chance to win.

  122. Congratulations, Lee, on all your visitors!! I can see why, your blog is awesome! And what a fabulous giveaway!! Everything is so yummy... but oh, the handmade flowers are the best!!!! Just love them!!!! Going to post on my sidebar now and then back here to pour over your past posts!!!!!

  123. Hello Lee, I am a new follower x
    Thanks for the chance of winning this lush candy. Congrats on sooo many hits x
    Hopefully you will pop on over & visit me too x

    hugs sally x

  124. hi your blogg is so amazing i love the flowers you make they are fantastic
    im not sure of the requirements for entering the give away im a new bloger and dont have my own blog so may not be able to join give away but i just wanted to let you know how great i thought yours was i was directed from angles blog
    keep it up vonnie

  125. Hi Lee! Congrats on 10,000 hits! I am a new follower and love your flowers and tutorials! Your blog candy is incredible! Thanks for the chance to win:)
    Come and visit me on my blog:
    scrappingtodo dot blogspot dot com
    scrappingtodo at gmail dot com

  126. oh thank you for the opportunity, it would be rude not to considering those gorgeous hand made flowers :)
    Hugs Kate xx

  127. What a lovely candy, thanks for the chance to win, I am a new follower..

    Please do drop in my blog some time soon..
    Have posted the candy on my sidebar too..

    Love ~ Iti

  128. Hi lee i came across your blog from craftdotcupcake,such a lovely candy love all the flowers,did you make them yourself? very nice.
    Congrats on 10,000 hits.
    Emjay x (emjay2307 yt)

  129. Congrats on your 10,000 hits hunny :)
    Thanks for a chance to win some gorgeous candy, I do love your lush flowers
    hugs Mandy xx

  130. WOW, congrats to getting 10,000 hits. That is amazing. Thank you for a chance to win.

    Lisa V.

  131. Hi Lee, I am now proud follower 232 of your blog! Congratulations on your 10,000 hits in only 3 months. I am so glad that I found your blog. I just love your style..very inspirational. This is awesome blog candy and I would be thrilled to be the recipient! I am crossing my fingers. I expecially love the laces and your flowers and..just everything. I will be back to visit soon to see what you have created. I have posted a picture of your blog candy on my sidebar. Thank you.

  132. Hi Lee,

    I'm a new follower. I can't get over the amount of inspiration, beautiful projects and ideas that are out there and your blog is one of them. Thank you for posting and thank you for offering up the great candy...amaziing and beautiful. Keep blogging, it keeps me inspired and always curious to see what everyone else is up to.

    Tammy Brownlee

  133. Congratulations for getting 10000 hits on your blog site. Thanks for a chance to win some gorgeous candy,i love the flowers you make they are fantastic.

  134. Super beyond amazing candy! My head is spinning thinking how I could use those gorgeous flowers!
    Congrats on getting 100000 hits - I must say Im not surprised!
    Thank you very very much for the chance to win all this lovely stash!
    Rach :) xx

  135. Hey! Your candy has been added in the Blog Candies section at Feline Playful! Hope you get lots of traffic via Feline Playful blog!

  136. hie.. interesting!! Dont have any blog... but still can i enter??

    GFC: Batool Jafri

  137. lovely candy......i love it.....thanks for the chance to win...

  138. Wowzers Lee!! My goodness.. This giveaway is gorgeous!! I love all of the flowers you're giving away.. They are beautiful!! Love all the other goodies too (of course..) :) Whoever wins this will feel like they've won the lottery! :) Thanks for the chance and congrats on you blog :)
    My Blog ;)

    Ps. Couldn't leave a comment with my user name.. :(

  139. Oh my! Yummy candy u got here :) I'm a new follower, and I hope you can join my blog & candy too, ends this saturday :)

  140. Thanks for the opportunity to win such scrumptious goodies.

  141. Your blog is amazing, I always followed just hadn't pressed the follower button if you know what I mean. Thanks for the chance of this lovely blog candy and congrats on all your hits xx

  142. Congrats on 10,000+ hits!!! I found you through another blog and so glad I did !! have had a look around and your creations are absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait to come back often to see your new creations!!! Thanks for a chance to win some fab candy!! I am now a new follower and I have posted your candy in my sidebar!! HUgsx

  143. wow!! congratulations lee.. Amazing stuff..


  144. Congrats Lee and Thanks for the candy


  145. Goodness, Lee - gorgeous candy! I found you by way of feline playful and Dawn... and so happy I did. Your work is great and inspiring. It's all in the bag now, as the saying goes :)

  146. Wonderful candy Lee, thanks for the chance to win & also for so much inspiration that is on your blog :)
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  147. what a beautiful blog you have.I am now following.I am very ne to blogging so I'm trying to fathom how to link your beautiful candy.thank you for the chance of winning I will be popping back again and again xx

  148. Hello dear Lee!
    congrats on the 10,000 hits! have a beautiful blog, I am delighted to have friends around the world and know the same love for the arts and crafts, I have admiration for people who do wonders with their hands.
    I'm following your blog here with pleasure!
    Woouu! beautiful candy, you're a very friendly, very good person, sweets are beautiful, I can see the love and affection in everything you give away! wonderful
    the link is on my blog ..... I take with love
    To me you are a new friend!
    I am fan my name is Lorena
    excuse my English I used a translator

  149. Hi
    I saw your comment at the flowers post on Melstampz Blog and came over to visit!
    I'm always looking for ways to make flowers and what I've seen so far on you blog is fabulous!
    Yes, I've become a follower and I will visit often to pick up some more hints & ideas!
    The blog candy will be a bonus!

  150. I just found your blog and became a new follower. I'm adding your candy to my sidebar and also adding you to my list of blogs to follow. Your honesty about starting your blog and the frustration that you experienced is refreshing. I used to be such a techie, but alas, the digital age grew faster than I could keep up with (or maybe it's this antique computer that can't keep up!) Anyway, I love your flowers and look forward to seeing more!


  151. Well done on a great blog and for getting all those hits. The flowers you create are super and put mine to shame. What super candy too. You are very generous. I have become a follower and link in my sidebar to your candy. Will certainly be returning to your site to get some flower making tips.

  152. So many lovely craft projects can be made with this stash! Hope I win! Patsy from

  153. Congratulations on 10000 hits. WOW. And oh my what a gorgeous candy. Thank you for the chance to participate. ;o)) You may find a new candy in my blog as well. Have a nice day. Line

  154. Congratulations!!!! And thank you for an amazing candy!!!
    Many more followers and loots of inspiration!!

  155. wow Inspiring. Wish I could do that!!

    You are very creative, and its a wonderful blog, well done, and I do know all about the trials and tribulations of setting up a blog, as I am a newbie, I followed from Lindas crafty peice of heaven

  156. Congratulations on your 10,000+ Hits.I,ve just become a follower of your fab blog,I just love your handmade flowers, i,ll be back to have a longer nosey as off to bed now.
    Thanx for the chance of your yummy candy.
    Trish (-:

  157. well done lee,your blog is fab
    please can i be entered for a chance to win your beautiful candy.
    sue xx

  158. Let me join your taste candy! Hello from the preolimpic Sochi! Here is my link:

  159. I just found this blog, and thanks for a chance at this YUMMY candy! I went back through a ways and there are some gorgeous projects here too!

  160. Hello dear! At first of all, congratulations! You deserve because your space is so lovely! And your generosity with this wonderful candy is so kind, once it could help so many people. Thanks, dear! God bless and have a nice time, Rachel :D
    -Follower's name: Rachel Berault
    -I've posted your candy on my sidebar, by date

  161. Congrats and thank you so much for winning this generous heaping of candy. Gorgeous stash! I especially adore the flowers. I volunteer on the pediatric floor of my local hospital and am always looking for things to make with the older children who just aren't into making paper bag puppets and the like. I would love to use these goodies in projects I do with them.

  162. Huge congrats on all of those hits.Your candy is fabulous.
    Hugs Sue

  163. Congratulations on the success of your Blog. I am new to both card making and blogging and have only just discovered these Candy giveaways and yours is a crafters dream. Thank you for the chance to win all of these marvellous things.

  164. Gosh,so gorgeous candy you give us all a chance to win!!!You have a great blog so of course I`ll follow you sweetie:)Greetings from norway:)

  165. it'll be such a generous package,...=)

    > followed via gfc

    > sidebar pic :

  166. Oh my goodness, I've been meaning to leave a comment all week, thank goodness I just got in!!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog :-D , hugs, Sue xx

  167. Hi Lee wow what stunning goodies and some of your yummy flowers. keeping my fingers crossed

  168. Wow what an amazing blog you have so much inspiration your flowers are so beautiful and thank you for the chance of winning some. luv gina xx

  169. Such a lovely candy! I anything floral and definitely a rose creation tool is something I will treasure very much as it can help me to create beautiful flowers myself
    Heaney xx

  170. Absolutely incredible Lee and your handmade items are gorgeous, Hope your hubby stops the cursor on me! lol. I am new to blogging and struggling a bit to get it going but hopefully will get there. Thanks so much. Hugs Di xx

  171. Such lovely hand made flowers. Took me a while to get your candy up on my blog but got there in the end. Thank you for your help much appreciated.

  172. aww i just love your flowers. your blog is full of great idea's. thanks for sharing.



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