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Handmade Scrunchies using Harry Potter fabrics

 HANDMADE SCRUNCHIES Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  Look what's back in fashion!  Not that scrunchies ever were out of fashion for me hair is way passed my bum now so it's constantly wrap with scrunchies to keep me from strangling myself with my own hair, lol.  My 2 nieces turn 7 years old this month and next month and I wanted to make them some scrunchies for their birthday's.  Each of their hairdo's couldn't be more polar opposites, with one niece having blonde, shoulder length, Shirley Temple-like, corkscrew curls and the other has straight, brown/fair hair that goes way down her back.  But every wee girl loves scrunchies for their hair and if not in their hair, they love the wear them on their wrists as accessories. You can find any amount of tutorials on YouTube on how to make scrunchies, but they are a pretty easy make and I made a tonne of them in no time at all.  All you need is strips of fabric and elastic.  These would be such easy an

Craft Room Tour 2021 - Very Tiny Craft Room ideas

Craft Room Tour 2021 - Very Tiny Craft Room ideas It's been a long time coming and goodness knows my messy craft room stopped me from creating for far too long, but finally, my room is now a functioning space.  It took some work to finally get to this spot.  My craft room had become something of a nightmare where I bought craft supplies and just quickly opened my craft room door, chucked them in and swiftly closed the door again before everything could spill out.  I was utterly ashamed of how I had let my room fall into total chaos.  I hated the deep pink carpet that was there when we moved in and the awful peeling pink wallpaper and the furniture was just way too big for a smaller than box room.   So, on the 1st of January 2020 (yes...a year ago now, lol) my lovely Scrubby said "Right, I'm taking to that room and everything is being pulled out.  It needs a fresh start".  I've never loved the man more, teehee.  We donated the over sized table and 2 chest of drawer

Tutorial - How to make beaded Christmas charms & Jewellery

Tutorial - How to make beaded Christmas charms & Jewellery  What about ye folks, its Lee here.  How cute are these?!  Ugh, I just love them.  They're such cute makes.  Like in my previous post, these were made using beads and crystals from .  The quality of these products are incredible.  Honestly, I wouldn't steer you wrong.  I'm so chuffed with these. I've been making little Angels for well over a decade now, in one form or another.  Should they be charms, stickpins, jewellery accessories etc.  And these little charms would be perfect for a keyring or as a handbag charm.  You could also convert them and make them into earrings or a necklace pendant. These are so cute!  Little candy cane earrings.  I saw this design on Pinterest and knew I had to do something similar with the glass pearls and teardrop crystals from   They worked out perfectly.  I can't wait to rock these this Christmas, lol We've had Angels and candy canes a

How to make Beaded Christmas Icicles

How to make Beaded Christmas Icicles What about ye folks, its Lee here.  I was recently contacted by  to see if I wanted to try some of their products and do an honest review.  Now, I have not been paid for this at all, they simply sent me some products of my choosing.  I agreed on the premise that any review I give would be completely honest.  Oh boy am I glad they got in touch.  Their site is a bead lovers paradise with so many beautiful items to craft with.  My order arrived within 7 days which is incredibly quick and the products I got are awesome. I'm sharing a couple of videos with you today.  The first is the haul of goodies that I got and the next is a tutorial sharing these beautiful Christmas icicles.  These can be put onto your key ring, used as an accessory on a handbag or backpack or, as I will be using them, a Christmas decoration on my Christmas tree. The quality of the beautiful glass pearls and tiny crystal bicone beads is exceptional.  And the tool

Face Masks with Filters

Face Masks with Filters Hello Folks.  Long time no see......for everyone, I suppose.  These are strange times we are living in and I hope everyone is staying safe and well. I thought, as everyone and their garden gnome are making masks, I thought I would share 2 designs that I have made. These are not my designs, and I will share the links to the original posts. I decided to go with 2 styles, as I wanted to ensure that everyone in my family got at least 2 that would fit them perfectly and safely.  I did change some of the features in both these masks but I will explain what I changed and why I did, below. Firstly, was the Olsen mask that was recommended by a Hospital in the USA.  It comes with a detailed video together with the link to the pattern.  Now, this pattern is a lot more involved in that it isn't just a rectangle of pleated fabric.  You have to cut out 6 pieces of fabric to make one mask.  But its a great design and a really great tutorial.  Here is the link to t

Design your very own personal stamp

Design your very own personal stamp I don't do this very often, in fact, Im not sure I have ever done a particular post like this.  But in a world that is filled with people happy to complain about poor customer service etc., I think it is just as important to shout out the incredible shops that provide fantastic products and customer service.  I wanted to come on today to introduce you to a shop that I really love.  I have added this shop to my "Places I love to shop" page above, but I felt that I should do a little extra, as the customer service is second to none. Discalimer:  I haven't been asked to do this post or sponsored in any way.  I just wanted to let my followers know about a fantastic company.   Have you ever wanted to have your very own personal stamp that you could add to the back of cards or projects?  Or even a stamp to advertise your own blog or shop?  Well, Nicky at Stampingallday  is the place to go.  I bought my very first personalised st