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Ever wondered where I like to crafty shop.....?

Ever wondered where I like to crafty shop.....?

Ok.....a bit of a strange blog post, admittedly.  But I know that I always love to see what new crafty bits and bobs people buy, where they buy them, where the best deals are, best customer service, what crafts items are up and coming etc., etc.  So, for exactly that reason, I have set up a "Places I Love to Shop" page here on my blog.  You may have seen it, sitting up there at the top of my page, you may not have seen it.  But, now that I have added a few of my favourite places, I thought I should give you a heads up about them.

Now, before anyone starts thinking that these shops have paid me in craft supplies or that I am on a Design Team or something.........I'm not.  And in any matter what, I would NEVER recommend a shop for either of those reasons.  If a shop goes up on that page........its because I have received excellent customer service, great prices and I think those shops or sellers warrant having their businesses getting a great big 'ole shout out from me.  However, should there ever be a time that I end up recommending a shop that I happen to be on a Design Team for or have reviewed a product on their behalf, I will always be up front and tell you.  But as I said.....I don't care if someone pays me in Prima Papers from now to the end of days......if their shop is not one that I think should go on my ain't going up on my page.  If I recommend a shop, its because I wholeheartedly feel confident in them so much so, that I will gladly promote them on my blog to all my Crafty Friends and Followers.

So, click on the link on the left top of my blog, titled "Places I Love to Shop" or click HERE to go straight to my favourite shops page and have a wee read.  And, if there is a shop that you would recommend or think I should try out.....let me know.  This page will constantly be up-dated and added to, so let me know your recommendations and please do pop over every so often to check out who I've added.  And if you do place an order with any of the shops that I recommend, don't forget to tell them Crafty Loops sent ya!

Have a beautiful weekend and be safe.....whatever the weather is doing in your neck of the woods.  Northern Ireland has snow!  Oh the joys!!

Toodles Noodles.....Loops xx


  1. Hi Lee, I love the new look of your blog, great work! Fab idea to have a shop page and encourage us to spend more pennies :-) Maddy x

  2. Hi Lee, Missing your posts. Hope all is well & that you have a lovely Easter.


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