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Secret Envelope Trinket Box

Secret Envelope Trinket Box Secret Envelope Trinket Box Hello my lovelies.  "Well Finally"!! says you......"She's made something"!!  I know, I know but I have been sickie no well you know.  And Im now hitting my second week of the heebee-geebee's and its getting a little boring now.  And of course, I wasn't happy to keep it all to myself, oh no........I shared my cooties with my Scrubby.  And we all know what men are like when they are sick.  They all think they are dying!  Heehee.  Awwww bless him, he's actually been really good.  Through his sniffing, sneezing and coughing he's been making me lots of cuppa's and big Scrubby hugs. Anywhoodles, my parents have just redecorated their bedroom.  I'm actually very impressed with ma wee Mamma as instead of buying new wardrobes and storage......She ALTERED the ones she had!  I must be rubbing off on her, heehee.  Her bedroom furniture is all really good solid wood, so she painted them all

Tutorial - How to make a Pinboard (See altered Box in previous post for Pin Board)

Tutorial - How to make a Pinboard (See altered Box in previous post for Pin Board) Here is the pin board I made for an altered Box.  Allo, Allo my lovely friends.  Don't know what the Allo Allo' is about........that show just popped in to my head and I was having a little giggle to myself at that saying! If only you could live in my head for a day, heehee.  Not that I ever saw the show as I was too young but I did catch the odd glimpse of a rerun every so often. Anyway, enough of my randomness!  Aye right, like that will ever happen.  As promised, I said I would show you all how I made the pin board from the altered Steampunk box in the previous post.  This can be made to ANY size you want.  I just happened to make this one small for a box, but if you want a big one for your wall or a small one for a book, this tutorial will suit all sizes of pin boards.  The same techniques and instructions apply. Now as this was such a small pin board, the padding in it is actually

Video Tutorial - How to make a Distress Ink Storage Tower

Video Tutorial - How to make a Distress Ink Storage Tower Handmade Distress Ink Tower Holds 20 Distress Inks or a combination of Distress Inks and Blending tool thingies! Now.....before you even see the video or before I even get to explain what this tutorial is all about, there will be a few things my sister will be doing straight away.....just from reading the title...... First......she'll be all giddy and excited when she realises I'm doing a tutorial with me talking.....which will lead to the second thing she'll do.... Secondly.....She'll quickly jump onto Facebook to one of our cousins facebook page....Jessica (Hi Jess) and she may even text her too.  She'll tell Jess to "Hurry up and get over to Lee's Blog......She's doing a real tutorial with her silly talking and everything!!!" "Why would these 2 things happen?", I hear you ask, scratching your little noggins.  My sister, Tara and our cousin Jess were sitting last s

Another Altered Chocolate Box!! Im not a gorb...honest!!

Another Altered Chocolate Box!! Pretty Shabby Chic Vintage style Box  Pictures are rubbish ..... the lighting was awful!  Bloody winter!  Baaaa! Yes I realise it may seem like its been FOREVER since you've had me nattering in your ear .... but do not despair ....... for I have returned!  Heehee.  I've been so busy since Christmas my head feels like its doing a bit of an Exorcist move and me old noggin keeps spinning around!!  Anywho....onwards and upwards as they say.... I know, I are all gonna be thinking "Another bloody altered box?  How much chocolate do you eat woman??!!"  Well, to answer that question......I love chocolate and could eat it until it came out of me ears.  But to be completely honest, as much as I would love to be able to eat chocolate until it came out of me ears......I cant, unless I dont care about fitting through my doors!!  But, I have been collecting boxes for a long time.  And even when family member get choccies

Such a Sweet Altered Box......Made from a Sweet it happens! My First Altered Chocolate Box

My First Altered Chocolate Box Altered Chocolate box I've made BEWARE.....A LOT OF PHOTOS But its so I can keep a record of what Ive done! Its not a tutorial...more of a "what I did" post as this is my first time doing one of these Yes, thats right.  My scrummy hubby, or should I call him "Scrubby" kindly bought me a box of choccies the other week.  Noooooooo, he didnt put a dent in the car, or buy something stupid (thats usually me does that!) Nor is he playing away from home or has a guilty conscience!  Heehee.  No tricks at all, my husband is merely a big suck and romantic and is always buying me flowers and chocolates.  Always has done......of course he would never admit to being a big softie.  No need to admit it Scrubby.........Ive gone and done it for you and just told everyone over the internet, haahaa! Anyway, enough of my antics.  Here is how this box of scrumpdiddliumptous chocolates ended up.....well, the calories ended up