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Secret Envelope Trinket Box

Secret Envelope Trinket Box
Secret Envelope Trinket Box
Hello my lovelies.  "Well Finally"!! says you......"She's made something"!!  I know, I know but I have been sickie no well you know.  And Im now hitting my second week of the heebee-geebee's and its getting a little boring now.  And of course, I wasn't happy to keep it all to myself, oh no........I shared my cooties with my Scrubby.  And we all know what men are like when they are sick.  They all think they are dying!  Heehee.  Awwww bless him, he's actually been really good.  Through his sniffing, sneezing and coughing he's been making me lots of cuppa's and big Scrubby hugs.

Anywhoodles, my parents have just redecorated their bedroom.  I'm actually very impressed with ma wee Mamma as instead of buying new wardrobes and storage......She ALTERED the ones she had!  I must be rubbing off on her, heehee.  Her bedroom furniture is all really good solid wood, so she painted them all with an antique cream paint to give them a shabby chic style.  They have gone for a beautiful cream with duck egg blue accents.  So I wanted to make them a little something to add to the shabby chic look.

Here it is.  Its meant to look like a stack of old letters tied with a bow, but it is actually a sneaky little stack of letters.  It is in fact a secret trinket box.  I was inspired by the incredible Miranda from MsLiberty25's channel on Youtube.  Click Here for her video.

Pretty little secret box.  I love that old 3d stamp.  I bought a bag of old stamps on ebay for pennies and I use them whenever I can.  The colour of it was perfect for this project.
As you can see, these are a stack of envelopes or are they old love letters?  I have distressed them big time by wrinkling the envelopes up, flattening them back out and going over them with Old Paper and Antique Linen Distress Inks.  I filled the envelopes with thick pieces of cardboard to make it look like the envelopes were stuffed full of love letters.  This lace is just stunning.  It was very kindly sent to me from a lovely lady from Youtube called Dee.  She has a facebook group also.  Check out her channel here
Here is one of my wee Fluffy Goodness flowers with my flower centres.  I wanted to make a spray of flowers that would be secure and not fall off.  So I cut a cream doily in half and used it as the base to glue the flowers onto.The teeny tiny cream and teal flowers are from an Zibbet Store called DiscountCrafts1 and the bigger cream ones are WOC flowers.  DiscountCrafts1's items are just beautiful and at the moment there is a deal for 20% off when you spend $25 and Free Shipping for all orders over $60. The discount codes are on the front page of the shop....Link no longer in service
Here it is without the lace, I did cover the address though lol.  I added some beautiful Recollection bling that the lovely Jean Hall very kindly sent to me.  She was in the USA and found me some Recollections bling.....yippeeeee!  Thats my first time EVER having any blingy flourishes so thank you Jean.
I added little beady sprays too with the flowers, again from DiscountCrafts1 on zibbet
Ta-da!!!  Its a secret trinket box inside!  I used the Prima Pixie Glen papers and the Prima Romantique papers also.  Oh yes, how did I get the secret compartment then?  There are 6 envelopes that have cardboard in them.  2 are left to the side as they are the bottom and top envelope.  I cut a rectangle in the centre of each of the remaining 4 envelopes.  I didn't do each cut completely centre for each envelope, I wanted them to look naturally stacked.  Not all uniform.
Once the gaps were all cut, I glued all the envelopes together including the bottom piece making sure the gaps all lined up into the proper rectangle gap.  The top envelope was still open, as the flap on it is to become the hinge of the box.  I added this pretty Prima paper onto the inside of the envelope.  I left the paper free from decoration so the box can close properly, plus my parents can add a photo if they wish.
Then the envelope flap was glued down one side of the stacked envelopes.  This created the box lid or cover.  Isn't it pretty?  I love it.  
The parts that were cut out still looked untidy though as you could see the cardboard.  So I painted the gap with white paint then added this Prima paper in to the gap.  To tidy up the edges, I added this lace that was sent to me from Dee.  
And this is the bottom of the envelopes.  Just a little piece of the Prima paper with my wee handmade stamp.

And thats it from me for another day folks.  I hope my parents like this for their room.......and if not.....I have a place for it, lol.  I think it ties in beautifully with their design........but then I'm biased, lol.  If you would like a proper tutorial on this, just let me know below and I can do that for you.

Toodles Noodles, 

Loops xx

PS......HELLO MUMMY......I know you are reading this!  Gotcha!  Heehee!

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  1. Hi there sweet lady Lee! I am very glad you feel better now and started posting again. Well done to your Mum! And have a great Sunday! The rumour has it... no rain, eh?

  2. WOW! This is stunning Lee. I love the whole design, the soft colours and the wonderful detailing. It's very special and I'm sure your parent will love this too and will treasure it forever.
    I hope you are feeling loads better soon, and hubby too of course!!

    Hugs Sue

  3. This is stunning Lee, where do you get these amazing ideas from hun? Love it!

    Donna x

  4. A superb project Lee, love the project and whole idea of it and beautifully executed of course.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  5. WOW that is so pretty.
    I want to make one now.

  6. Wow such stunning work lee so much vintage style beauty! I am still waiting for that call from RP ya know! I just think he is waiting for the right time to pop round lol!
    Hugs Rebekah xx

  7. So glad you feel better now and posting after so many days.we missed you:(..
    I have fallen in love this trinklet gorgeous!! Stunning!! Love the colors you have elegant!! :)

  8. Good morning Lee,

    Little things and all that, but you wouldn't believe how excited I was when I clicked on the little thumbnail with the name Lee, only to find out that it was my friend from over the water.

    Your poorly time really does seem to have dragged on and I hope you're getting somewhere near back to your old self.

    Certainly looking at your gorgeous makes suggests your old self is returning. Your Mum's revamped bedroom furniture sounds absolutely lovely and I am a tad envious.

    Why I hear you ask ? Well, way back in March when hubby and I were shopping we spied some rather nice bedlinen in John Lewis. We bought it and ordered curtains to match because hubby had the idea he would like to decorate the bedroom.

    Me being me and not very mobile meant that much as I would like to, I'm pretty useless when it comes to decorating nowadays. So you can imagine just how frustrated I've got these recent months every time I look at that pile of new bedlinen and curtains looking very forlorn in a spare bedroom.

    Yep, you got it, him talking about decorating is as far as it's got ! up until last year I'd always done the decorating, but I don't think me, my lack of balance and ladders make a good combination any more.

    Anyhow, what I'm really saying is your gorgeous makes will look quite at home in your mum's bedroom as you explain it and I can even picture it in my mind.

    That's another chapter, when I really came just to leave a comment and thank you for joining in at Allsorts this week.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    B x

  9. Lee - this is absolutely gorgeous. Such a fantastic idea.

  10. when I pop to see your blog there is always something stunning to see, this is so pretty, vintage feeling and love the pale blue on that flower
    Hugs Kate xx

  11. Hi Lee, So sorry to hear you have this cough sneezy bug....I know how you feel because it drags on and on but soon there will be light at the end of the tunnel :) If you can get them, I really recommend "Jakemans" menthol lozenges - they come in a bag like a sweetie can get them in any good chemist...I got the original ones, in a black bag and they taste really nice too!...and really helped me get through the bad days. No medicines helped me at all, not even anti biotics.
    Anyway...back to your fabby post, your trinket book will look wonderful wherever it ends up, I love your flowers as always, so very beautiful and your lacey bits and scrumptiousness...such a feast for the eyes, as your posts always are...Get well soon, Big Hugs, Teresa x

  12. Wow lee this is amazing!! Love how old and vintage it looks and the secret box is very clever! Cant wait to use my flowers :-) thanks again xxx

  13. Oh you creative girl, just look at this little beauty here! What a fine way to stash little trinkets, gems and blings! Get well soon! Hugs, Ira x

  14. Hello Lee
    Sorry you are still not better...... What a stunning trinket box, so much thought and work gone into this masterpiece!, just love it

  15. Sorry to hear you are not felling well.This is Stunning Lee, Your Mum will love it, Brilliant Work. Bernice

  16. Hi Lee.Hope you n Scrubby will soon be lots better.How is the mog.I LOVE this Amazing creation,wish I had your talent.Big Hugs xx

  17. Wow, this is stunning, Lee!! The entire design is fabulous!! What a gorgeous, gorgeous gift!! I absolutely love it :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  18. Oh my goodness Lee this is so so so beautiful! What a wonderful creation! Love it.

  19. Hiya hun, so sorry to hear you've both been ill. I was getting a bit worried about you as you'd not posted for so long. Hope you and scrubby are on the mend now!
    Now this, oh my, I love it Lee - you are such a clever lady - it's blooming gorgeous Karen x

  20. Hi Lee

    great box and im amazed how much it looks like a pile of love letters especially tied with the lace

    Thanks for joining in with our 'its a gift' challenge this week at Allsorts

    Emma xxx

  21. Hi Lee,
    Sorry to hear you are not feeling any better (yes, I do read even if I haven't had a chance to comment...still playing catch up here!) I was just like this last year, and it dragged on and on...
    I hope you start to feel better soon!

    Oh..your trinket box is stunning! You are so clever! It reminds of something my Nan would keep in her bottom drawer, a keepsake of the letters Grandad sent to her when he was away in the army.
    Totally gorgeous Lee :)

    Hugs Elaine xx

  22. Hi Lee, ooohhh this is so yummy and gorgeous and fluffy, I love it and I'm sure your Mum will too! Love the way you have offset the rectangles in your envelopes so they look natural in a stack. Fab design and beautifully executed. Hope you & scrubbie are feeling better today. Maddy x

  23. Wow! Absolutely stunning, as always Lee, what a wonderful idea and so beautiful, those envelopes look absolutely fantastic, I am sure your parents must be thrilled with it
    Lindsay xx

  24. wow this is so beautiful and such a fab idea I LOVE IT
    Hope your back to normal very soon Big hugs Sandra xx

  25. Wow Lee this is superb, so beautiful and feminine, I love it. I've used another of those beautiful flower centers today, they are so pretty. Hugs Teresa x

  26. Like the idea and how you decorate this cute stuff...I will remember this idea and will use if give a touch to Gift Card envelopes.

  27. Just stopping by to say hi, hope you are ok
    Lindsay xx

  28. Wow! How did I miss this gorgeous creation! It's stunning Lee, what a lovely keepsake, I'm sure it will be treasured, it's so beautiful x
    Wendy x

  29. Missed this cos I was outta the country on holiday. Truly inspired creation. Love the idea of it looking lie a pile of old letters. Colours are so good together as well. Hugs Mrs a.

  30. This is just beautiful..I would like to decorate Gift Card envelopes same like that..thanks you share it.

  31. What a fab idea. Love everything about this secret gift box


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