Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Video Tutorial .....How to do a pamphlet stitch book

Hello my lovelies.  Well........My birthday has been and gone.  I turned 33 this year and for some reason all I can think of is "All the three's.........33"!!  It keeps going around and around in my head.  You know.....that cheesy deep voice the Bingo callers use when they call out the numbers?  Yep........I think I'm going to be constantly hearing that in my noggin until I turn 34!  Nooooooo!  I don't know about you lot.......but I thought by this stage in my life that, somewhere along the way a switch would flick and I'd suddenly start thinking like an adult.  Is that gonna happen any time soon?  Because I've just turned 33 and I'm still waiting to be and act like an adult!!  Ask my husband and family.....they'll confirm my immaturity.  I have a 12 year old brother who has more sense than me!  It should have happened by now, right?  Was I over looked or something?  Maybe the "Adult Maker Guys" reviewed my "file" and decided there was no hope for me to be a proper adult so they didn't even bother to promote me.  They just passed over me and went straight to the next person.  Because I'm telling you folks.......My body may be 33 (some bits maybe a bit older....shhhhhh!) but my noggin is protesting profusely and insisting it's still only 18.  There was foot stamping and everything!.....See!?  Completely immature!

Anyway, I had a wonderful birthday and all is well in my world.  I know I promised a giveaway around my birthday.  I'm just waiting on a few more bits and bobs to arrive in the post then I can get a few giveaways ready for you.  Yes I said giveawaySSSSSS.  I hate giving away just one prize to one winner.  So if I'm able to swing it, I like to have multiple winners.  But this is for another day.

Today I'm coming to you with another bookbinding tutorial.  If you've followed my blog, (and if not....why not huh??  Lol), you'll have seen my series of bookbinding tutorials using a Coptic stitch.  After those videos were launched, I received a few emails saying that the coptic stitch looked really difficult for those new to bookbinding.  Don't get me wrong......I'm not telling you its difficult as its actually a very EASY stitch to do.  But in comparison to the pamphlet stitch there is a little more involved in the Coptic stitch method.  Its just that to make the entire book takes a wee bit of time and a few processes.  There is actually nothing difficult about fact the Coptic stitch was the first stitch I taught myself to do so its obviously not too difficult if I can do it first time around, lol.

With that being said, I did have some people say as a first time book maker they were a little intimidated by the Coptic stitch which is completely understandable.  They asked did I have another stitch which would be a good starter stitch for making books.  Well, you all should know by now that there is nothing I love more than a good ole challenge.

So, here is today's tutorial.  It's a pamphlet stitch in a hard cover backing and in my opinions its one of the easiest but very secure stitches to do.  I could have made it even easier by using 2 stitch holes only, but when you make a book, the last thing you want is for your pages to be loosey goosey in your book and have them fall out.  So the pamphlet stitch was my stitch of choice and it worked out great in this book.

Here is the video tutorial below.  If you have a type of book or stitch you'd like to learn, by all means leave me a comment or contact me through the email button above and I'll gladly sort something out for you.  I'm always open to suggestions and requests, so please don't be shy to ask me.  In fact it doesn't have to be a book either.  Anything you want to see me make, just ask me.  I hope you try this extremely easy and adaptable little stitch.  It works on anything from chipboard to leather, paper, fabric or textiles etc.  The designs are endless.  Have fun.....

Thats it from me folks.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I'm still really busy with my brother's and future sister-in-laws wedding invitations so if I'm MIA for a wee while, you'll know I'm knee deep in wedding stuff, lol. Though keep an eagle eye out for my upcoming giveaways.........

Toodles Noodles.......Loops xx

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Saturday, 2 February 2013

I know I don't make cards.....but...

Hey everyone.  I know, I always say that I don't make cards........and looking at this card, its pretty obvious that I don't, lol.  But I needed a couple of thank you cards and thought I'd have a bash at making them myself.  They are very simple because I'm completely rubbish at making cards but I like plain and simple cards.  So this is what I came up with.

I'm meeting up with my wee matey, Maddy Madster today (Ooooo get me with my alliteration ) ......YIPPEEEE!  You all know Maddy, from her Blog Izzwizz Creations and if you don' HERE.  So we are meeting up to have a good aul natter and try to set the world to rights, lol.  All we need is some double sided tape and a good pair of scissors and that'll sort out the world's problems, heehee.  

Anywhoodles, here is my attempt at card making......very simple card making, lol.

I used the butterfly Tonic punch and punched out one butterfly from a blue vellum and the top butterfly is actually a piece from a wallpaper sample.  I love going to B&Q and getting a few wallpaper samples.  Its great stuff to craft with and the paper quality is fabulous and thick.  Obviously due to Copyright Laws I wouldn't advise anyone using wallpaper samples in anything you sell.  But certainly using it for personal use shouldn't be a problem.  I then took a paint brush and brushed on stickles to add a bit of sparkle to the butterfly.
This is a Timmy Holtz stamp.  I love this sentiment.  I also used 2 gold line peel off's to border the stamped image and help make it pop a bit more. 
Isn't that music note stamp just beautiful?  Its from one of my very favourite stamp companies, Crafty Individuals.  I LOVE their stamps.  In fact I love all their products.  If you want to buy this particular stamp which is a whopping 75mm x 90mm, click HERE.  If you fancy taking a look at Crafty Individuals wonderful stamps and products, click HERE or for their Blog click HERE.  Just so you know, I am not linked to Crafty Individuals in any way, I just think they are a fabulous company with beautiful products and incredible customer service too.
That's it from me for another wee while folks.  Its my Birthday this month.....I'll be 33.....AHHHHHH!  So I will be putting together a wee Giveaway soon, so keep an eye out for that.