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Halloween Handmade Fabric Flowers and Stickpins

Halloween Handmade Fabric Flowers and Stickpins Frightful Flora Collection These are actually Orange and Black, but the camera appears to be making them look red. (The wee bead spider was actually made by my friend Kerry Denyer on Youtube....thanks Kerry) Ghoul Stickpins Ok so I know its a little early for Halloween.......but if its ok to show Christmas cards in August well, I think its more than ok to show these wee guys.  And us crafters have to get on top of these things early you know. Anywhoodles...........I'm in need of A LOT of "Awwww's" and "Ack you poor wee duck" sort of comments.  I'm sickie-no-well and I'm feeling terribly sorry for myself.  Until a few days ago, I was able to proudly profess that I hadn't been sick with any sort or bug, cold or virus for nearly 7 years.  But then....... my family has a little get together on Monday passed for ma wee Mamma's birthday and it all goes to pot!  The very next day, 3 of u

Hand Bound Journals with Flower Belly Band

Hand Bound Journals with Flower Belly Band Hey folks, whatabout ye all?  I hear parts of England and Wales are getting some beautiful sunshine.  Any chance of you shoving some of it my Northern Ireland way then???  I swear it has rained constantly over my wee bit of Northern Ireland since June!!  Nimbus came in this morning looking 2 stone lighter and like a drowned rat!!  Now my cat is a long haired fuzz ball and isn't afraid of water or the rain really as it doesn't get in contact with her actual skin because she's so furry and her coat is extremely thick.......but this morning....Well, our poor wee baby was soaked through and her fur was drenched......BUT....the daft cow was sitting IN THE RAIN!!!!  She has a wee house that she can go in to when its pouring but oh no.....Nimbus wants to sit in the rain!  Lol.  Daft cat.  Then she came in and proceeded to try and dry herself off on Scrubby's leg!  He had to actually towel dry her she was so soaking.....she was dripp

More Stickpins and fabric flowers

More Stickpins and fabric flowers Yummy stickpins Ive been adding to my "Grannies Sewing Room" Collection flowers.  Theyre so cute!  I know, I know Ive been a complete nightmare of late.  Neglecting my blog, your blogs, my craft room and thats to name but a few.  And guess what Im blaming it on........yep you guessed it.......the good 'ole Northern Ireland weather!!  I cannot take it any more!  Its dark, dull, grey, damp, windy and bloomin' cold! I have at this moment in time the heating on at full blast and a duvet up round me.  I can't find the motivation to go and craft when its so incredibly grey!  According to BBC newsline Northern Ireland got less than 120 hours of sunshine last month........THATS ONLY 5 DAYS!  And I tell you what.....that was them rounding up or over estimating or something because my neck of the woods didn't see no 120 hours of sunshine let me tell ye. Anyway, enough of my yapping.  Theres another sneaky reason I haven't

A handmade watch and stickpins

A handmade watch and stickpins Lookie lookie!  I made a watch!!  I know!  Its a watch!  Yippee! Ok so after my excitement with Super Geek this morning (see previous post for details), I decided I was going to post the tutorial videos of me showing you how to make the wee shabby chic journal I made.  Its a series of tutorials showing step by step footage of bookbinding.  I uploaded onto YT finally (dont ask) and made them public......for all of 2 seconds when I realised on the second video, one of the most important sewing steps was missing!!  So, Im currently uploading it AGAIN.  So instead of Bookbinding get this instead....... I bet you lot thought I had gone and made another card, didnt ya?  Ha!  No way.  That last one for my brothers birthday was enough trauma to keep me going for a few years, lol. Nope, I am excited for another reason......I made a watch.  As you can see already.  I also chucked out my Scrubby's good watch out of its nice decorative