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Handmade tote handbag - my own design - Burberry style bag

 Handmade tote handbag - my own design - Burberry style bag Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  This bag did not start out this all, lol. But I wanted to share it anyway because although the original bag was an incredibly big failure, I think it's important to show how you can turn a failure into something usable.  Now, it is by no means perfect in any shape or form, but this process taught me so, so much in the bag designing and making realm that I thought I'd share it with you anyway.  I previously told you that I was working on another couple of designs for bags.  And one of them did not turn out correctly or anywhere near how I wanted it to.  Let me tell you, this bag designing thing is not simple or easy, teehee.  But I had already added hardware to the front body piece and made up the inside pockets etc., so I wanted to salvage the hardware and fabric I had used in the hope of making them into a useable bag.  So, with "Tempest my Temper Tool" in

Handmade Mobile Phone Crossbody Disney bag - Mickey Mouse

 Handmade Mobile Phone Crossbody Disney bag Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  My niece, sister and her partner are heading away to Disneyland Paris.  And I wanted to make the 2 wee ladies something that they could carry their phones in and a few bits and pieces but that wouldn't be cumbersome for them to carry around with them.  So, I made these cute wee crossbody bags.  I followed a pattern and tutorial from Owl be Sewing on YouTube.  This is such a great wee pattern and could be used for any occasion but is perfect for trips away or festivals, as it's basically a purse and mobile phone holder in one.  And it is such an incredibly fast make and I made them using Disney fat Quarter bundles that I had so they are incredibly economical on fabric.  You could easily make these bags using scrap fabric.  Plus, the bonus is that it is a completely free pattern too.  Gina does such a fabulous job, walking you through the pattern with a step by step tutorial on her channel.  I hi

Handmade Reusable Shopping Tote/Bag - upcycling vintage fabrics

 Handmade Reusable Shopping Tote/Bag - upcycling vintage fabrics Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  Remember when I shared the wee Peter Rabbit tote with you all and I said that I'd like to make it so there was some sort of closure on it for folding up and storing?  Well, I did just that.  I came across a tutorial over on YouTube, Rosie's Art Studio , where she shared how to make her Eco-Friendly shopping bag .  This is a big tote but it is actually the perfect size for a shopping bag. And it folds into such a compact size too.   And I have so many beautiful vintage fabrics that I like to upcycle into really useable, functional pieces.  So, with my vintage fabrics in hand, off I went and made 2 of these start with, teehee. The bag opens up really big and is perfect for carrying all your shopping bits & bobs.  It has a really large gusset base which means when the bag has items in it, the base opens out nice and wide to maximise on space. Now, when Rosie

Another Peter Rabbit handmade handbag - my own Design

Another Peter Rabbit handmade handbag - my own Design  Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  Back to share another one of my handmade handbags using my own design.  Now, do not adjust your screens, I realise that this bag looks pretty identical to this one .  That first bag, our wee Mamma fell in love with so I gave it to her and she's using it as her "Summer bag".  But my Aunt saw it and got a little emotional over it.  So, my wee Mamma asked if I would make another one for my Aunt. I know it looks identical, but it actually has some marked differences and if I'm honest, this is probably the best one I've made yet. On this bag, I decided to go with a mottled faux leather (all product details are below in my shopping list).  I also did a completely different pattern for the quilting and used black thread instead of the blue.  You will never guess where I got the design for this quilting from!  I saw a YouTube short where someone was making really cool patterned