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A new Handmade Baby changing bag/Nappy Bag

 A new Handmade Baby changing bag/Nappy Bag

Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SCREENS!  This is not De ja vu....or is it?  Teehee.  I realise I shared a pretty similar bag to this around last Christmas. In fact, it's practically identical other than the size.  But I made another one for my brother, as he asked if he could have a matching Paw Patrol bag that was a bit smaller than the original one.  The previous bag was much bigger because you need to carry so many more items for a baby.  But wee Alfie is a 2 year old now and doesn't need as many items.  So I gladly made my brother another smaller bag.  I gave it to him yesterday and Alfie got very excited for the new bag for all his toys.  He sat with me on the floor and carefully placed his toys inside it.  He then got up, flung one of the handles over his shoulder and walked around the dining room table rejoicing that it was a bag for his toys, lol.  I couldn't have asked for a better review, teehee.
Again the same zipper closer as the previous bag.  I used Debbie Shore's large tote pattern/tutorial but I added 2 inches all around to make the bag a little bigger.....but not as big as the original one.
There is a zip pocket on the front of the bag for added security.
The bag has the handles from Debbie's pattern which I extended by 2 inches but I also added the cross body strap as my brother finds that easier to carry, particularly when he has the wee man in his arms.  I have shared the link from the seller on Ebay that I got the strap from.  It works really well with this design
Inside the bag, there is a great zip pocket which has plenty of room for all the items that need a bit more of a secure storing
The other side has 2 slip pockets, perfect for a mobile phone
Again both sides of the bag have expandable pockets so it's handy for juice bottles/water bottles
And that's it for now folks.  I'll be back soon with goodness knows what to share, lol.  It's quickly approaching Christmas so I need to get a wiggle on with all the handmade gifts I want to make.  I will share them as and when I get them completed.

Toodles Noodles - Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

As of typing, the links I share work fine but as time goes by the links may no longer work.  I can not guarantee that you'll always be able to get the same exact item but if you do a quick Google search, I am sure you'll find something similar if not the same.  These are not affiliate links, not that there is anything wrong with that.  These are just the places that I like to buy my supplies from.

H640 Fusible Fleece - Amazon
Paw Patrol Inside Fabric - Ebay seller
Paw Patrol Outer fabric - Ebay seller
Zips - various sellers on ebay.  Just do a quick search.  I like using nylon number 3 zips
Adjustable padded strap - Ebay
25mm D-Ring - for attaching adjustable strap - Ebay

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  1. it's lovely and very satisfying that you such a nice reaction from the little one lol.... soon be making him a back-pack lol xx

    1. Thank you Tilly....funny you mentioned a back-pack...I just said to my brother that I need to make wee Alfie one too. My sister is currently at Disneyland Paris and she has taken her Aristocats back-pack that I made her. Thanks for always commenting Tilly. Lee x


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