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Handmade Large Tote bag - using Debbie Shore's Tutorial

Handmade Large Tote bag - using Debbie Shore's Tutorial
It's my lovely Mother-In-law's Birthday in early September and she'll be heading away for 3 weeks to beautiful, sunny Cyrus. So, I thought a nice tote bag would be perfect as no-one wants to lug their handbag around with them when going down to the pool. The bag itself has plenty of storage for your ipad or a book or 2, in fact the tote has a tonne of useful storage. I gave this bag to Lorraine, last weekend and she loved it.  I am so chuffed.  HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY LORRAINE!  xx

As per usual, I followed Debbie Shore's tutorial for her large tote bag, with a few modifications by me.  Honestly, if you are new to sewing, Debbie Shore's tutorials are so incredible.  I was just about able to thread my machine when I first made one of her bags and it turned out great.  Her instructions are so easy to follow.  Definitely, give any of her tutorials a go, they're so simple and easy but very effective and perfect as gifts.  I think this is the most perfect one I have made yet....if I do say so myself, lol.  I didn't even make one mistake, teehee.
As well as there being the zip pocket on the front that Debbie shared, I also added a zip pocket to the inside of the bag.  I also added 2 slip pockets which are perfect for hiding your mobile phone in. I made the strap a bit longer on this tote too, the handles being 28 inches long.
I made the base of the bag a little sturdier this time around.  Debbie suggests using H640 which I did, of course.  But I also added a piece of medium weight woven cotton interfacing onto the inside base section to give it a bit more stability and rigidity.  I ironed it onto the back of the inside base piece so it won't be seen and is hidden between the layers of the bag. 
The usual zip closure panel is added to keep all your holiday goodies nice, safe and secure
This fabric was really lovely to work with.  I have listed the seller I bought it from, below with the relevant details.
The side pockets are perfect for that all important bottle of water, to keep you hydrated.  And the pocket opposite is great for the even more important bottle of sun-cream.
And that's it from me folks.  All the relevant shopping purchases are listed below.  I hope my new Blog layout isn't too distracting and it works ok, layout wise on all of your devices.  So far, it looks great on my laptop and phone.  And I think I have worked out most of the bugs.....I even edited the HTML code.....I don't even know what that really means......but I managed it and it worked, teehee,.

Toodles Noodles.......Lee aka Crafty Loops xx
As of typing this shopping list, the links to the items or equivalent are available.  However, this does not mean that in the future, all links will work or the items will forever be available.  Therefore, If a link doesn't work or the item is no longer available, I suggest doing a quick Google search for the items, which should help you out.

Fabric - from Ebay Seller, Details to follow. The main outer fabric is called "Chimney Meadows" by Anna Bella.  Unfortunately, I cut off & discarded the selvedge of the inner one, so I don't have that name, sorry.  But I assume it is from the same Anna Bella line.
Fusible H640 Fleece interfacing - Amazon
Zips, various sizes Ebay.
Medium weight woven fusible interfacing - Ebay

Toodles Noodles.......Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

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  1. another very successful bag and so useful with all it's pockets and zips xx


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