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3 little sloths, hanging in a tree - PayItForward Sloth pattern

3 little sloths, hanging in a tree - PayItForward Sloth pattern
Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I know I shared a Sloth last month, showcasing a pattern from Lisa over on PayItForward YouTube channel.  But the wee sloth was so incredible easy to make, that once I had made my wee Bro's girlfriend, Rose, the first sloth, I just had to make 3 more, teehee.  Again, my 2 wee nieces and nephew will have another stuffed toy to add to their ever expanding collection of handmade toys from me.

I won't make this a long post as I shared the details already on my previous post.  But I have shared the shopping list of the items I bought to make these wee dudes.  These aren't affiliate links or anything....not that there is anything wrong with affiliate links, lol.  These are just the places I like to buy my products.

I just love how these wee guys turned out.  And because I used polar fleece, they are so incredibly soft and squishy.  A perfect companion to any wee ones bed.
Instead of using cotter pin joints to affix his head to his body, I used Lisa's recommendation of using a nut and bolt system along with the joint discs.  I have had a bit of trouble lately with cotter pin joints, with heads and limbs popping off some of my makes......and you never want to witness a child's face when a sheep's head pops off its body,'s a terrifying sight, teehee.  I think the nuts and bolt system is going to be much more secure. And with using a few dots of Loctite gel glue to the bolt, it seems like it will last forever. So far, so good anyway.  
I just love their little faces.  They look so kind, somehow.  This time, I did a row of contrasting stitches around the face and eye area to make it pop a little more, and I love the result.  These wee dudes will be off to their new homes next week.
And that is it from me folks.  I'm not sure what I will be making next.  I wish I could say that I have been busy enjoying the Summer sunshine, but Northern Ireland has had one of the darkest Summer's I can ever remember.  I have never seen so much cloud cover ever during the Summer months here.  Such a strange Summer we've had.  Whereas in England, they've had heatwave after heatwave and parts of Europe have quite literally been on fire! I hope you are all safe and well.  Poor old Northern Ireland always gets the dodgy, dull weather, teehee.  At least it's not freezing..........yet! lol.
Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

As of typing this list, the links to these items are available.  However, I cannot guarantee that the links will always work.  Therefore, I suggest a quick Google search and that should help you out.

Polar Fleece - Light stone - Ebay
Guterman extra strong thread - Ivory -01 - Ebay
50mm Joint discs - Bear Basics
M3 50mm nuts & bolts - to affix the head rather than cotter pin joints - Ebay
Loctite gel glue - to secure the nuts & bolts - Ebay
Acrylic Felt - various colours - Ebay

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  1. Oh Lee... these three cute little sloths are sooooo cute, can I be one of your little family so I don't have to try to make my own hahahaha xx


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