Saturday, 18 May 2013

RSVP Card and a teeny note card .....I know.....another card!

Hey everyone.  I'm back again.  One minute you don't see me for dust and the next you can't get rid of me!   As you know, the reason for me being MICA (Missing in Crafty Action!) is that I was making Wedding Invitations for my Brother, Jay and Karen's pending nuptials this upcoming Summer.  But, now that I have completed all their wedding invitations and the wee boxes they were individually posted in, I have a bit more time to focus on other crafty things.  So what did I do with my new found freedom.....I made an RSVP card for Jay and Karen's wedding.  Go figure!  Anyway, about the Wedding Invitations ..........I hopefully will be showing them shortly.  I'm so excited for them both.  I still have a lot more things to make for the actual wedding day but they can't be shared until after July.

On to the cards.  I seem to have made A LOT of cards lately.  What is going on?  I'm not a card maker!  I saw a tutorial from the incredibly talented Jennifer McGuire (boy if I could make cards like her, I'd be able to call myself a card maker, lol).  She was using the Tim Holtz Distress Markers to colour a stamped image, but she was using the markers as water colours.  Now, I am RUBBISH at colouring (pre-schoolers can colour better than me!), but this video inspired me to have a go.  If you want to see how its done properly, the link to Jennifer's video is HERE.

I didn't use her embossing technique on my card.  But I added stickles to the image just to make it pop that little bit more.  You can't really see the stickles in the first photo but you can just about pick out a few wee sparkles in the above photo.  The stamp is from Kanban and is one of my favourite stamps.  As you can see I went a little too heavy on the pink surrounding colour at the bottom and middle of the image.  But it was my first attempt at any type of water colouring, so I'm not going to flog myself in public for being a little heavy handed.  For a first attempt, I'm pretty chuffed.

And here is my second attempt.  This is just a teeny tiny wee note card I made to go in with a RAK Ive got to put into the post and I wanted to add a wee note card to it.  So I quickly did this one. It turned out not too bad.  I think the shading, particularly on the leaves, is much better in this one than the first one.

So, this is it.  My little cards that I made, which were actually surprisingly quick to make.  I'm pretty chuffed with them considering my extreme lack of talent with cards and colouring.  And honestly, I'm not phishing for compliments.  I know I can't colour and my cards are very simple when I actually make them.  In fact, I'm so bad at colouring and drawing that when it came to selecting my subjects for my GCSE's, my art teacher told me that under no circumstances was I to even consider picking art as I couldn't draw a straight line with a ruler!  Charming!  He was totally right of course, I was completely hopeless at drawing and colouring.  But thankfully art isn't just about a bit of drawing and colouring.  I had a very creative mind and could pretty much make anything from nothing.  But ask me to draw even a Stick Man, well, that's when things got complicated, lol.  The poor wee guy looked like a bus had driven over him, reversed and drove over him again!  Anywhoodles, thankfully I didn't let his comments stop me from creating.  Though I was also very aware of my limitations and not a complete stubborn I decided to pick Music instead of Art, lol.  

I hope you have a wonderful crafty day, whatever you are creating and wherever you are.  Oh Looksie, I don't know whether you've noticed or not.....but Spring is here....kinda!  Woowhoo!

Toodles Noodles.......Loops xx

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Handmade Muslin Fabric Flowers - Muslin Maybe's. And the antics of a lazy cat!

Muslin Maybe's from my Fluffy Goodness Collection
Hey everyone.  I haven't shown any of my handmade flowers in a very long time, so I thought I'd come and show you some of these wee beauties I've been making.  They are part of my Fluffy Goodness Collection and I've called them my Muslin Maybe's.  Aren't they gorgeous.....even if I do say so myself, lol.

I'm very proud to report that today in Northern Ireland it is a clear blue skied day and a sweltering (for us anyway.) 18 degrees.  18 whole degrees!  Thats a heat wave for Northern Ireland.  Ok so its to rain the rest of the week, starting tonight.  But for right now, its sunny and warm and beautiful......and my poor long haired fluff ball cat is moaning and giving off.  It took ages to get her out this morning.  If Nimbus could talk this is how the conversation went this morning (Obviously, Nimbus's grasp of the English language isn't perfect, but she's a cat after all so the language will be a little dodgy of course.)

Me:  Right Nimbus, its a beautiful day, time to get your furry ass outside and get some air about you.  Maybe the breeze will even take away some of your ridiculously large fur coat.

Nimbus:  Looking up at me from her comfy bed with one eyebrow raised.  Are you cereal?  Have you seen how hot its gonna be out der?

Me:  Looking down at Nimbus with an equally raised eyebrow.  Yes actually, I have. Its 18 degrees out there at the moment.  So get your furry butt out.

Nimbus:  Emmmm, HELLO!!  Can you not see the winter coat I be wearin'?  Daft human. I can't take off me coat when it gets warm you know.

Me:  I'm quite aware that you still have your Winter coat.  That's what happens when you have a winter that lasts 6 months.  But why do you think I brush you 3 times a day?

Nimbus:  Head titled to the side.....Cause you be me slave?

Me:  Hell no, I'm not your slave. Don't be so cheeky.  (Who am I kiddingI'm sooooo her slave) Come on now, get out of your bed and go out.  I'll brush you outside and we'll get rid of some of that fur of yours.  After all, you have started to shed and I'd rather brush you outside.  It'll feel all lovely and relaxing.  Come on you.

Nimbus:  Turns around in her bed and shows me her butt.  Nope I ain't movin nowheres.  I be very tired.  It's hard work chasin' dem der birdies you know.

Me:  What?  I look around to see if anyone just witnessed her turning her back on me.  It wasn't a request Nimbus.  Get up off your grey furry ass.  And anyway, when have you been chasing birds you lazy big lump?  You've been lying there all morning.

Nimbus:  Oh I be chasin' birdies all right.  You just don't see me, I be that good.  Nimbus then turns her head and looks at me with a bored stare, yawns and settles down to sleep.  

Me:  Oh hell no Misses, you aren't giving me the cold shoulder.  I'm the dominant one in this relationship (I think I'm trying to convince myself on that one!).  GET UP......

So now I am trying to physically pry her from her bed.  But Nimbus is very good at playing dead.  She goes completely limp and floppy with her head just hanging there in defiance.  She even closes her eyes and everything.  She manages to insert her claws into her bed and as I try to get her up, the floppy lump comes with the cat bed and all.  Now my cat is not small.....oh no, she was the extraordinarily large kitten in the litter.  When she was a kitten she had these massive clod-hopper paws that were out of proportion to the rest of her body and she was constantly tripping over them.  But the vet did warn us that she'd be a big cat when she got bigger.  So you try getting her out of bed in her limp, floppy, playing dead state.  It's not easy I tell you.

So I finally manage to get her pulled out of her bed and attempt to get her upright on the mat at the back door.  But no, now her legs don't work.  So I'm trying to lift her onto her feet, but she is still playing dead.

Me:  Oh for goodness sake Nimbus!  You'd think I was taking you to the vet or something.  Get up and go out and chase the bees.

Nimbus: Looks up at me with a scowl.... I ain't goin' nowheres.  It be too warm out there and I don't like chasin' bees.  They keep stingin me nose.

Me:  I said chase the bees Nimbus, not grab and try to eat them you twit!

Nimbus:  Nope, look me legs don't be workin' so I'm goin' nowheres.

Me:  Right you, enough of this.  You are going out that back door should I have to physically lift you and make you play.

Nimbus:  Now wriggling in my arms and trying desperately to get back into bed, starts whaling...Noooooo, I is not goin' nowheres......Nooooooooooo!  She's giving off so much you'd think she was being murdered.

Me:  Wrestling my massive cat into the back garden....You will go out and you will enjoy it.

Nimbus;  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, nooooooo it be tooooo warm.  Ahhhhhhhhh help meeeeeee/

We both collapse on the grass in a heap and Nimbus has a bit of a roll about, gets me to scratch her belly and under her chin.  She's now on her back, purring contently and looks up at me with her feet in the air and says.....

Nimbus:  Actually, it be quite nice out here you know.  Now.....brush me slave.

So after all that fighting, she actually enjoyed being out.  She got brushed and pampered and she lay on the grass lapping up the attention.  My Scrubby chased her around the garden and played with her which she absolutely loves.  She loves a good play.....once she's out.  Its just getting her out there that is the major problem, lol.

Anywho, enough of my antics with my lazy big cat.  Onto the flowers.....

 I've used a medium weight Muslin so they hold their shape really well.  I just love how the edges fray slightly, they look so shabby chic.  The centres are just some vintagy buttons I bought on ebay.
You can fluff them up to be as dimensional as you want or flatten them down for projects that you don't want dimension on, like on cards.

The buttons are beautiful.  These flowers are just under 3 inches wide, but thats at the very widest point.  So they aren't that big that they can't be used on projects.

They are so pretty.  The muslin is natural coloured so its a creamy colour.  But this fabric takes colour really well, so you could use your Cosmic Shimmers/Tattered Angels Sprays on them etc., and they's look delicious.
I love that button
The wee ones are smaller, just under 2 inches and are just as stunning as their bigger sisters.  They are made slightly different to the bigger ones and the petals are slightly more rounded too.  
They are made with the same muslin fabric and have teeny wee crocheted flowers and buttons in the centre.  They are stunning in real life.  I cut the crocheted flowers from a vintage crocheted table runner I bought on ebay.
Thats it from me folks for another day.  Enjoy that big ball in the sky whilst you can because it never hangs about for long.....not in Northern Ireland anyway, lol.  Rain tomorrow again....oh joy!

Toodles Noodles, Loops xx

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