Saturday, 25 August 2012

Secret Envelope Trinket Box

Secret Envelope Trinket Box
Hello my lovelies.  "Well Finally"!! says you......"She's made something"!!  I know, I know but I have been sickie no well you know.  And Im now hitting my second week of the heebee-geebee's and its getting a little boring now.  And of course, I wasn't happy to keep it all to myself, oh no........I shared my cooties with my Scrubby.  And we all know what men are like when they are sick.  They all think they are dying!  Heehee.  Awwww bless him, he's actually been really good.  Through his sniffing, sneezing and coughing he's been making me lots of cuppa's and big Scrubby hugs.

Anywhoodles, my parents have just redecorated their bedroom.  I'm actually very impressed with ma wee Mamma as instead of buying new wardrobes and storage......She ALTERED the ones she had!  I must be rubbing off on her, heehee.  Her bedroom furniture is all really good solid wood, so she painted them all with an antique cream paint to give them a shabby chic style.  They have gone for a beautiful cream with duck egg blue accents.  So I wanted to make them a little something to add to the shabby chic look.

Here it is.  Its meant to look like a stack of old letters tied with a bow, but it is actually a sneaky little stack of letters.  It is in fact a secret trinket box.  I was inspired by the incredible Miranda from MsLiberty25's channel on Youtube.  Click Here for her video.

Pretty little secret box.  I love that old 3d stamp.  I bought a bag of old stamps on ebay for pennies and I use them whenever I can.  The colour of it was perfect for this project.
As you can see, these are a stack of envelopes or are they old love letters?  I have distressed them big time by wrinkling the envelopes up, flattening them back out and going over them with Old Paper and Antique Linen Distress Inks.  I filled the envelopes with thick pieces of cardboard to make it look like the envelopes were stuffed full of love letters.  This lace is just stunning.  It was very kindly sent to me from a lovely lady from Youtube called Dee.  She has a facebook group also.  Check out her channel here
Here is one of my wee Fluffy Goodness flowers with my flower centres.  I wanted to make a spray of flowers that would be secure and not fall off.  So I cut a cream doily in half and used it as the base to glue the flowers onto.The teeny tiny cream and teal flowers are from an Zibbet Store called DiscountCrafts1 and the bigger cream ones are WOC flowers.  DiscountCrafts1's items are just beautiful and at the moment there is a deal for 20% off when you spend $25 and Free Shipping for all orders over $60. The discount codes are on the front page of the shop....Link no longer in service
Here it is without the lace, I did cover the address though lol.  I added some beautiful Recollection bling that the lovely Jean Hall very kindly sent to me.  She was in the USA and found me some Recollections bling.....yippeeeee!  Thats my first time EVER having any blingy flourishes so thank you Jean.
I added little beady sprays too with the flowers, again from DiscountCrafts1 on zibbet
Ta-da!!!  Its a secret trinket box inside!  I used the Prima Pixie Glen papers and the Prima Romantique papers also.  Oh yes, how did I get the secret compartment then?  There are 6 envelopes that have cardboard in them.  2 are left to the side as they are the bottom and top envelope.  I cut a rectangle in the centre of each of the remaining 4 envelopes.  I didn't do each cut completely centre for each envelope, I wanted them to look naturally stacked.  Not all uniform.
Once the gaps were all cut, I glued all the envelopes together including the bottom piece making sure the gaps all lined up into the proper rectangle gap.  The top envelope was still open, as the flap on it is to become the hinge of the box.  I added this pretty Prima paper onto the inside of the envelope.  I left the paper free from decoration so the box can close properly, plus my parents can add a photo if they wish.
Then the envelope flap was glued down one side of the stacked envelopes.  This created the box lid or cover.  Isn't it pretty?  I love it.  
The parts that were cut out still looked untidy though as you could see the cardboard.  So I painted the gap with white paint then added this Prima paper in to the gap.  To tidy up the edges, I added this lace that was sent to me from Dee.  
And this is the bottom of the envelopes.  Just a little piece of the Prima paper with my wee handmade stamp.

And thats it from me for another day folks.  I hope my parents like this for their room.......and if not.....I have a place for it, lol.  I think it ties in beautifully with their design........but then I'm biased, lol.  If you would like a proper tutorial on this, just let me know below and I can do that for you.

Toodles Noodles, 

Loops xx

PS......HELLO MAMMY AND DADDY.......I know you are reading this!  Gotcha!  Heehee!


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Monday, 20 August 2012

Halloween Flowers and Stickpins

Frightful Flora Collection
These are actually Orange and Black, but the camera appears to be making them look red.
(The wee bead spider was actually made by my friend Kerry Denyer on Youtube....thanks Kerry)
Ghoul Stickpins
Ok so I know its a little early for Halloween.......but if its ok to show Christmas cards in August well, I think its more than ok to show these wee guys.  And us crafters have to get on top of these things early you know.

Anywhoodles...........I'm in need of A LOT of "Awwww's" and "Ack you poor wee duck" sort of comments.  I'm sickie-no-well and I'm feeling terribly sorry for myself.  Until a few days ago, I was able to proudly profess that I hadn't been sick with any sort or bug, cold or virus for nearly 7 years.  But then....... my family has a little get together on Monday passed for ma wee Mamma's birthday and it all goes to pot!  The very next day, 3 of us (myself included) come down with the heebee-geebee's!!!  And I don't suffer well when I'm sick.  I will even go as far as to say.......I'm a bloody great big moan.  I even found myself phoning ma wee Mamma from under my duvet and moaning "Maaaaa-meeeeeee, I don't feel well".  And as a child the response to that elaborate moan would have been "Ack poor wee woman.  Get your wee self back into bed and I will make you some toast and a cup of tea."

But when you become an adult, it all changes!  It goes something like this......
(The following sentences are said in good humour and a completely "taking the mick" kinda tone with a little mix of sarcasm thrown in for good measure ((now you know where I get it from!).

Ma wee Mamma - "Awwwwww, are you not well?  Well............(wait for it.....its tea and toast time, Yippee!) Me, your Daddy and your other 2 brothers are just fine and dandy (What the???)  In fact, we feel great, hahaha (OMG did she actually laugh?)  But you aren't alone, because Tara and Jamie are sick too". (my other 2 sick siblings).  But, we are fine, so I just have no idea how you three got sick" (I do believe that there will be no offer of tea and toast at all here!!).

Me - "Well then".......(getting a bit desperate for any sort of acknowledgement of my illness.....there's tea and toast at stake here!) "You 4 are obviously the carriers.  Because if me, Jamie and Tara are sick and you 4 are not, the only conclusion I can come to is......................ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!"

Ma wee Mamma - "Hahaha" she laughs "Is that how it works then? Haha.  Well, since we don't want to get whatever it is you have........we won't be down to visit you".

What????  You won't be down to visit me??????  What about my tea and toast????

So not only did I not get offered toast and a cup of tea.........but I'm not even unique in my plight!  Two of my other siblings had to jump on the "sickie-no-well" band wagon which completely diluted and spread all "Awwww, my poor wee woman"' thin.  So, in circumstances such as must go searching for another source of sympathy.  "Ah-Ha!"........Scrubby!

"Scrubbbbbbyyyyyyy.......I don't feel well"!!!!!  heehee.

Now, on to my new makes.

These are my Frightful Flora Lollipops.  Sorry about the photo but these are actually orange satin.  
I am so sorry, I do not know what is up with my camera and the colouring!  These are not dull in real life.  They are in fact a proper Halloween Orange!  Orange Satin Lollipops with black lace to give them the web type look, with different button centres.  Some of the buttons were given to me by my wee buddy, Maddy (Izzwizz Creations)
Here is another Frightful Flora fluffy Flower.  This is the side profile.  They are beautiful.
They are made with black and orange satin with button centres
These are perfect for your Halloween projects
These are a different type of the Frightful Flora Fluffy flowers.
These are made from Orange satin with soft black lace.  They have a lace centre with buttons.
And finally here are my new Ghoul Stickpins.  Aren't they cute.  The girls are all dressed up in their wee dresses, ready to go out on a date with their boyfriends, heehee.
And here is the other set of Ghouls.  I love them.  They may not be everyone's cup of tea but I love making these.

Thats it from me folks.  I'm off to climb back under my duvet and moan at my hubby for tea and toast, lol.  See you all later.

Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx

Ps.  A big THANK YOU for those who bought my destash goodies on ebay.  Watch out for more coming soon.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Selling a few goodies on Ebay........trying to destash

Flowers Galore.......Going up on Ebay
Here they all are before they went into their little homes.....their packaging!
I have tonnes of flower centres sitting made up too so I thought I'd destash some of those too.

Hey folks.  I know Ive been a bad blogger.  I have a serious bout of Craft's block at the minute.  My room is a complete war zone and looks like a bomb has hit it so its making creating a little difficult.  So, with that in mind, I have decided I am going to destash some things that are just lying about doing nothing.

So, I have set up a Crafty Loops ebay account just to destash some things from my room.  Now, I am a little weird on what I think my stuff is worth, as I usually just give all my stuff away as gifts and RAK's.  So at this moment in time I will not be doing any "Buy it Now" items.  I want to see what my flowers and other bits and pieces go for first so I can get a feel for what they are worth.  And then in future, I may have "Buy it Now" pricing.  I will be adding some things over the next week or two, so please keep your eyes peeled for that. I can come on here and let you know when things are added so you can have a look.  So, here is what I am selling......

These flowers are in packs of two and are the photos are shown above.  Made with my hand made flower centres.  Lace and a stretchy fabric and measure just under 3 inches in diameter.  This is how you will receive them, but they will need fluffing up once removed from the packing.  Photos of them out of their packaging is below.....and above.
These are the smaller flowers, see below.  They come in packs of two and are around 2 inches in diameter.  Again the pink ones are made from lace and a stretch fabric and the green ones are made from chiffon and lace.  Please do not, the photos make these flowers appear more blue in colour in the photos.  They are a light pastel greeny colour.
These are the smaller 2 inch flowers from above, fluffed up out of the packaging.
Side view of them all fluffed up
They can also be less dimensional, for card and scrapbook projects just by flattening the petals down.
These flowers are stunning, made from a light pastel greeny chiffon and lace with one of my flower centres.  They are lovely and soft and fluffy.  Comes in a pack of Two......Only one available at this present time......but more to come.  These are the larger flowers at just under 3 inches
These are a pack of two flowers, made with white lace, and the other the pink stretch fabric and lace.  Only one pack of these available at this time......but more to come.  These again are just under 3 inches in diameter.
This two are using slightly different flower centres, sent to me by my friend Tricia.  Thanks Tricia.  Same material as the others and are just under 3 inches.  Just one pack available.
This is the white flower from above.
Again it has a lovely fluffy dimensional feel to it, but can be flattened down for less dimensional projects.
These wee flowers are so soft and are more of a flat flower.  Come in a pack of 3 in the above colours.  They are really cute and the lace is so soft and beautiful to work with.  I used the last of it on these flowers, and I don't know where to buy more of it, so once the 2 packs are gone - they may not be coming back.  If I can find the lace again, I will let you know.
I also have tonnes of my flower centres made up, so I have just stuck them into wee packs of 9.  They are approx 16mm in diameter.
These ones have the pearls and diamonte style centres.  You can't tell from the photo how sparkly and blingy the diamonte centres are, but they are really pretty.  They are approx 16mm.  NOTE - these particular ones are not up on ebay yet but the others are.
I have a few of these cameos too that I can sell.  There is  no point them sitting in my room doing nothing.  Though I have kept enough for myself, lol.
Here is an wee example of what I did with one of the smaller cabochon's. Isn't it pretty?
Made from Resin.  The smaller cameos are approx 24cmx18cm and the larger ones are 38cmx28cm so they are both a really great size. Because they are resin, sizes are approximate but as close as can be and some wee edges may need sanded down a wee bit to fit in some cabochons.  NOTE: These are not up on ebay yet.

And thats everything folks.  If you have any questions, just give me a shout on the "Contact Me" button above.  Here is the link to one of the items that is up for HERE  To see the other items listed, when you click on the previous link, you can "See other items" I have up for sale.  I only have 10 things listed for now, but more will go up once these are sold.

PLEASE NOTE that at this time, I can only post within the UK only.  As I get a bit more confident with selling on Ebay, I may open it up Internationally at a later date.  But for now, it is UK only.  Thank you.

Happy Bidding and Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx