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Halloween Handmade Fabric Flowers and Stickpins

Halloween Handmade Fabric Flowers and Stickpins
Frightful Flora Collection
These are actually Orange and Black, but the camera appears to be making them look red.
(The wee bead spider was actually made by my friend Kerry Denyer on Youtube....thanks Kerry)
Ghoul Stickpins
Ok so I know its a little early for Halloween.......but if its ok to show Christmas cards in August well, I think its more than ok to show these wee guys.  And us crafters have to get on top of these things early you know.

Anywhoodles...........I'm in need of A LOT of "Awwww's" and "Ack you poor wee duck" sort of comments.  I'm sickie-no-well and I'm feeling terribly sorry for myself.  Until a few days ago, I was able to proudly profess that I hadn't been sick with any sort or bug, cold or virus for nearly 7 years.  But then....... my family has a little get together on Monday passed for ma wee Mamma's birthday and it all goes to pot!  The very next day, 3 of us (myself included) come down with the heebee-geebee's!!!  And I don't suffer well when I'm sick.  I will even go as far as to say.......I'm a bloody great big moan.  I even found myself phoning ma wee Mamma from under my duvet and moaning "Maaaaa-meeeeeee, I don't feel well".  And as a child the response to that elaborate moan would have been "Ack poor wee woman.  Get your wee self back into bed and I will make you some toast and a cup of tea."

But when you become an adult, it all changes!  It goes something like this......
(The following sentences are said in good humour and a completely "taking the mick" kinda tone with a little mix of sarcasm thrown in for good measure ((now you know where I get it from!).

Ma wee Mamma - "Awwwwww, are you not well?  Well............(wait for it.....its tea and toast time, Yippee!) Me, your Daddy and your other 2 brothers are just fine and dandy (What the???)  In fact, we feel great, hahaha (OMG did she actually laugh?)  But you aren't alone, because Tara and Jamie are sick too". (my other 2 sick siblings).  But, we are fine, so I just have no idea how you three got sick" (I do believe that there will be no offer of tea and toast at all here!!).

Me - "Well then".......(getting a bit desperate for any sort of acknowledgement of my illness.....there's tea and toast at stake here!) "You 4 are obviously the carriers.  Because if me, Jamie and Tara are sick and you 4 are not, the only conclusion I can come to is......................ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!"

Ma wee Mamma - "Hahaha" she laughs "Is that how it works then? Haha.  Well, since we don't want to get whatever it is you have........we won't be down to visit you".

What????  You won't be down to visit me??????  What about my tea and toast????

So not only did I not get offered toast and a cup of tea.........but I'm not even unique in my plight!  Two of my other siblings had to jump on the "sickie-no-well" band wagon which completely diluted and spread all "Awwww, my poor wee woman"' thin.  So, in circumstances such as must go searching for another source of sympathy.  "Ah-Ha!"........Scrubby!

"Scrubbbbbbyyyyyyy.......I don't feel well"!!!!!  heehee.

Now, on to my new makes.

These are my Frightful Flora Lollipops.  Sorry about the photo but these are actually orange satin.  
I am so sorry, I do not know what is up with my camera and the colouring!  These are not dull in real life.  They are in fact a proper Halloween Orange!  Orange Satin Lollipops with black lace to give them the web type look, with different button centres.  Some of the buttons were given to me by my wee buddy, Maddy (Izzwizz Creations)
Here is another Frightful Flora fluffy Flower.  This is the side profile.  They are beautiful.
They are made with black and orange satin with button centres
These are perfect for your Halloween projects
These are a different type of the Frightful Flora Fluffy flowers.
These are made from Orange satin with soft black lace.  They have a lace centre with buttons.
And finally here are my new Ghoul Stickpins.  Aren't they cute.  The girls are all dressed up in their wee dresses, ready to go out on a date with their boyfriends, heehee.
And here is the other set of Ghouls.  I love them.  They may not be everyone's cup of tea but I love making these.

Thats it from me folks.  I'm off to climb back under my duvet and moan at my hubby for tea and toast, lol.  See you all later.

Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx

Ps.  A big THANK YOU for those who bought my destash goodies on ebay.  Watch out for more coming soon. 
Would you like to buy me a coffee? The site uses Paypal so its super easy.  No pressure at all though.  Cheers big ears! xx


  1. Oh my, Lee, what went wrong there then, I can only suggest you go get ill on our own instead of letting your siblings jump on the band wagon and steal your thunder. How inconsiderate of them.

    But seriously, I do hope you soon feel better.

    Your stick pins are awesome and so are those flowers. And it's certainly not too early for Halloween, I've seen a good few makes on that theme on my rounds this last week or so.

    I often think that some Peeps are so far ahead with their crafting that they will be making for Christmas and the like, before we'v even had the first one....does that make sense, probably not but you might understand what I mean.

    Take case and get better soon.

    B x

  2. Hi Lee, Oh you do make me smile when I visit your blog, I love reading what you've been up to, but so sorry to hear you haven't been well and I hope you feel much, much better's not nice feeling poorly:(
    Love, love love your frightful flowers and ghoul pins...gorgeous and scrumptious! A real feast for the eyes :) Big Hugs, Teresa xx

  3. Awww poor you Lee, I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Your flowers are fabulous, I agree perfect for Halloween. I love those little pins, they have such great faces!!
    Hugs Sue

  4. You are a hoot Lee when you post your stories, so funny. I hope you feel better real soon though.
    Love your Halloween makes, the flowers are gorgeous and the pins really ghouly.
    Your little wee book has been all round with me in California and into Nevada and I have used it too. Done some 'word catching' ie words to trigger memories and ideas and a couple of small sketches too. Great that I had it.
    Take care of yourself.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  5. wow so long between posts for you but when they come along they blow you away, stunning love them all
    Hugs Kate xx

  6. Awwwwwwwwwww Poor Loopy Lee........
    I hope you are soon feeling better, I hope you don't look as bad as your stickpins lol......... they are really fab and love the frightful flowers, they look so squishy

  7. Oh no, you poor thing, to be ill with these temperatures... phew! Get well soon!! Love your stickpins though, they're brilliant and big fun! They're absolutely perfect for Halloween or Cinco de Mayo for that matter! Hugs, Ira x

  8. These are fab lee!
    Hope your feeling better soon, and managed to get someone to do your tea and toast! Lol!
    Wendy x

  9. Fab flowers and pins Lee. I love the colours! Hope you feel better soon hun.

    Donna x

  10. Awwww, you poor thing :( I hope you are feeling much better (and finally got your tea and toast!!) You make me laugh out loud every time I visit, Lee!! And wow, your flowers and stickpins are fabulous!! Love, love them!! :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. I think tea and toast cures everything! Unfortunately, no one makes it for me now but myself. I hope you're feeling better soon. Your flowers are so pretty and those stickpins are the cutest things! I would never have thought I would say that about skeleton heads!

  12. Aww Lee so sorry to hear you are sick! I'm like that with my kids now and they are only small ha! I'm such an unsympathiser (cos I know I pulled so many fast ones when I was small!) So I'm just like "get up and get on you will feel much better soon!" But as an adult we always feel much worse, pity about your lack of tea and toast!
    I love love your stick pins, always have these goulish fellows look great fun and I def think it's time to start thinking halloweeny!
    Hugs Rebekah xxx
    PS I think Kristen is a VERY silly girl for doing what she did to MY Robert, guess he will just have to come running back to me now!!!!

  13. Hi Lee, Sorry to hear ya had the CRUD this week, but no sympathies here... I had them too. No Tea & Toast here either. I didn't even get to crawl into my bed and pull the covers over my head. I do hope you are feeling better though, having the crud just sucks. It's going around where I live.
    Now for your newest creations...LOVE THEM!!!!! I especially love the flowers that look like a bunch of tubes brought together with a button in the middle. The stick pins are just too cute. You get s thumbs up. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
    Hoping you are better. HAPPY CRAFTING!!!

  14. Wow with all the well wishes you should be up and dancing very soon. Hee Hee I do hope you are feeling better.
    Love the Ghoul Stickpins. Those faces are great!

  15. Fabulous flowers and wowwwww to those stickpins Lee...... and giggles to your story (as always!)

    Awwwwwwwwww you poor girl... but hope you're a bit better today - even without the tea and toast!

    Christine x

  16. Hi Lee,
    Hope your feeling better now,I'm sorry but I couldn't help laughing at your post,I promise it was the post not the fact your not feeling well..Gorgeous work again,I love it all...
    Mandy x

  17. Hiya Lee, I hope you feel better soon, these are all gorgeous I especially love the pins that look like they have little crowns on, fabby idea. I must confess I did a daft thing (I do a lot of daft things actually lol) but I was watching some of your flowers and centers on ebay and then forgot and missed the end of the auctions (I do that sort of thing often and it's terribly annoying lol) so will be watching out for the next lots
    Lindsay xx

  18. Hiya.Wishing you better hunni.LOVE your creations.Hugs xxx

  19. Awww Lee **Hugs** want me to come over and make you tea and toast? Im the same when I'm ill I cry for my mam when I vomiting cos she used to come sit in the bathroom and sit and rub my back Adam just tells me to shut up lol

    You poor wee woman hope you feel better soon.

    Loving the Halloween flowers and pins they are amazing!! Suppose one thing comes out of being ill no work and more time to craft if you feel up to it :-)

    Lots of love sam xx

  20. Oh poor Lee I hope you are better now Hunny, I'm just the same when I get ill, I want my Mummy lol, though last time I was ill mine was a little more compasionate lol!!
    Your flowers are stunning Lee and I am in total awe of your pins! OMG where can I get some of those ghoul beads? they are AMAZING!!!!
    I was totally blown away by the gorgeous gift of your flowers and centres you are soooooooo clever, Lee they are far more beautiful in real life and believe me the pictures alone are stunning enough!!
    Thank you thank you thank you sweet Lady
    Hugs Laurie xx


  21. Ove these lee, thanks for the mention :-) the stickpins arebgreatbtoo. So sorry I wasn't there to make you tea and toast, but maybe next time ;-) you did make me laugh too, so that's a consolation lol! Not Ove, that was supposed to be love! My iPad likes to change what I type and then I can't edit or else the comment box hangs and I have to start again, so please forgive all the silly typos. Love maddy x


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