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RSVP Card and a teeny note card .....I know.....another card!

RSVP Card and a teeny note card .....I know.....another card! Hey everyone.  I'm back again.  One minute you don't see me for dust and the next you can't get rid of me!   As you know, the reason for me being MICA (Missing in Crafty Action!) is that I was making Wedding Invitations for my Brother, Jay and Karen's pending nuptials this upcoming Summer.  But, now that I have completed all their wedding invitations and the wee boxes they were individually posted in, I have a bit more time to focus on other crafty things.  So what did I do with my new found freedom.....I made an RSVP card for Jay and Karen's wedding.  Go figure!  Anyway, about the Wedding Invitations ..........I hopefully will be showing them shortly.  I'm so excited for them both.  I still have a lot more things to make for the actual wedding day but they can't be shared until after July. On to the cards.  I seem to have made A LOT of cards lately.  What is going on?  I'm not a card

Handmade Muslin Fabric Flowers - Muslin Maybe's. And the antics of a lazy cat!

Handmade Muslin Fabric Flowers - Muslin Maybe's.  And the antics of a lazy cat! Muslin Maybe's from my Fluffy Goodness Collection Hey everyone.  I haven't shown any of my handmade flowers in a very long time, so I thought I'd come and show you some of these wee beauties I've been making.  They are part of my Fluffy Goodness Collection and I've called them my Muslin Maybe's.  Aren't they gorgeous.....even if I do say so myself, lol. I'm very proud to report that today in Northern Ireland it is a clear blue skied day and a sweltering (for us anyway.) 18 degrees.  18 whole degrees!  Thats a heat wave for Northern Ireland.  Ok so its to rain the rest of the week, starting tonight.  But for right now, its sunny and warm and beautiful......and my poor long haired fluff ball cat is moaning and giving off.  It took ages to get her out this morning.  If Nimbus could talk this is how the conversation went this morning ( Obviously, Nimbus's grasp

More flowers and Scrubby's Operation Be Good Challenge

More flowers and Scrubby's Operation Be Good Challenge Well ladies and gents, whats the craic with you all this very fine June morning?  And when I say "fine June morning" or course I'm being completely sarcastic as its wet, soggy, windy and damp here in good 'ole Northern Ireland but then, why am I surprised really?  Northern Ireland wouldn't be Northern Ireland without said wetness, sogginess, windiness and dampness! Anyway, before I show off my pwetty pwetty flowers I want to tell you about my Scrubby's Challenge.  As some of you may Scrubby is a Super Geek and if you have no idea what I am on about please read the previous post by clicking HERE .  As well as being a bit of a computer whizz kid, my hubby has another hobby he's had since childhood called Warhammer.  Its basically a table top game you play with these wee models and you paint them up and stuff.....yadda get the picture.  Yep, he's a complete Gee

A wire spine Journal and the Spring Cleanathon!

A wire spine Journal and the Spring Cleanathon! Wire Bound Journal First off......HELLO!!!!!  Heehee, I know we have been like a passing ship in the night lately but life has been getting inconveniently in the way of blogging lately.  And then to top it all off an innocent suggestion made by me has turned in to a full blown Spring Cleanathon!!  Oh yes my friends!  After hearing my Scrubby open the craft room door in an attempt to retrieve some sort of computer thingymabob medoodaa a few weeks ago, I heard him let out the most obvious of pee'd off noises, walk out backwards and loudly closing the craft room door again and he subsequently stomped down the hall like a huffy child who had just had his lolly taken off him for bad behaviour. an innocent and somewhat empty gesture I suggested maybe the Craft Room needed a good gutting out and we could add some shelves up for extra storage etc.  Well!  As I was somewhat an empty gesture, thinking the very idea

Im Back!!!! The Story of Scrubby - The Super Geek!

m Back!!!!  The Story of Scrubby - The Super Geek! Panic Over!  Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who very kindly gave me advice on me not being able to comments on other folks blogs. My Scrubby is a bit of a Geek.  And Im not being derogatory in calling him a Geek either.  In fact, its very handy having a man who can build a computer with his eyes closed should the need arise.  And believe me.....the need has arrived twice already for my parents.  My Scrubby is the computer genius in our family and gets regular contact with family members I havent even heard of before!! Anyway I didnt need to change browsers, I didnt need to untick "stay signed in".........All  I needed to do was........ well, heres how the story goes....... 2 days ago - Thursday 10th Me...." Scrubbyyyyyyyy....something is wrong with my blog.  When I go to other blogs that have the comments below their posts, its says Im signed out and I cant leave messages.  And then I go back to my blog and