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More flowers and Scrubby's Operation Be Good Challenge

More flowers and Scrubby's Operation Be Good Challenge
Well ladies and gents, whats the craic with you all this very fine June morning?  And when I say "fine June morning" or course I'm being completely sarcastic as its wet, soggy, windy and damp here in good 'ole Northern Ireland but then, why am I surprised really?  Northern Ireland wouldn't be Northern Ireland without said wetness, sogginess, windiness and dampness!

Anyway, before I show off my pwetty pwetty flowers I want to tell you about my Scrubby's Challenge.  As some of you may Scrubby is a Super Geek and if you have no idea what I am on about please read the previous post by clicking HERE.  As well as being a bit of a computer whizz kid, my hubby has another hobby he's had since childhood called Warhammer.  Its basically a table top game you play with these wee models and you paint them up and stuff.....yadda get the picture.  Yep, he's a complete Geek but he's my Geek, lol.  And I'm not being derogatory in calling him a Geek, I love that he's a computer genius and plays with toys!

Well, the post came at the start of the week with a wee model and a little games manual.  And while the Postman was at it he kindly dropped the above fabric for said flowers through the door too for meeeeeee.  Anyway, we are sitting at the breakfast table, fawning over our new toys and sipping on our morning tea when Scrubby in all his wisdom pipes up and says

"You know what?  I think we should set ourselves a challenge and be good over the next couple of months and just use the supplies we already have for our hobbies"!!!!!!!

Firstly.........Way to go in an attempt to kill your wife you plonker!!!  I nearly choked on my tea and crocked it at the kitchen table with a hand full of Fat Quarters!   After I got over my tea spluttering, I replied

"What you mean like set ourselves a small budget to stick to every month and not go over it?"  Whilst I crossed fingers, hands, arms, legs......even eyes hoping thats what he meant!

Scrubby......"No, I don't mean setting a monthly budget.  I mean be properly good.  Don't spend a penny on anything new.  Just use what we have before buying anything else".

Me.....Well surely you don't mean not to spend one penny? (I say a quick prayer "Let this be a dream, let this be a very bad dream!).

Scrubby...."Yes thats exactly what I mean.  I have plenty of things to be getting on with without needing to buy more and that room of yours is coming down with stuff, so you can't tell me there is actually any more things you really neeeeedddddd".

Oh yes, he emphasized "need" like it was some bad word he was only ever allowed to say once in his life and he was making sure I knew what it meant!  So I'm sitting there, looking at the love of my life, the man I married 2 and a half happy years ago and thought "Now you've gone and done it.  You've gone and waved the red flag to one very pee'd off bull"!

Me........."What the.....?  What is wrong with you man?  Are you telling me you are challenging me to buy nothing?"

Scrubby........."Yes, absolutely nothing."

Me........Completely miffed!  "What like not even when we are doing the shopping and I head off to the stationery stand, I can't even buy a magazine?  Or when you go into the bank and I nip in to Poundland, I can't even buy a 99p frame?  Or if I see a brilliant bargain on ebay for like 3 billion beads for 39p I can't even buy them either????"  Now you must realise, with each and every word my disbelief was growing more and more and with that, my voice was getting higher and higher!

Scrubby........(Who by the way is sitting there grinning at me and is completely loving every little squeaky high note and squirm in my chair that I'm making) "Thats exactly what I mean.  Nada, nothing, not one teeny tiny thing can you buy.  That is unless you run out of glue or double sided tape or something........."

Uh!!  There may be some hope....

Scrubby.........."But I know you won't need anything like glue or double sided tape because I know you have a tonne of it."

Awwwwww!  So close!

Me........Almost in tears at this point like I'm six years of age and just had my favourite toy taken off me.......But whyyyyyyyyy?

Scrubby.........."Oh come on Lee, you know why.  I have plenty to keep me going and you certainly know you do too.  So come on (trying to spur up a bit of enthusiasm from me!), we can be good for the next wee while can't we?  Oh come on, it'll be good to use the things we have and you might even come across stuff that you forgot you had".

Me.......In a rather spoilt brat-ish grumpy voice "Yeah s'pose."

Scrubby.........."Sorry what was that?" (Just to push my buttons a little more!)

Me.........."I said Yes I don't push it."

And with that, my Scrubby laughs, kisses me on the head and sticks the kettle on for another cup of tea!

And so, Operation Be Good was born 6 days ago.  You know how it is ladies (and gents of course), we like to treat ourselves to that one wee stamp, or that new set of ink pads, oh and look 20 million charms from China for only 69p.  Or even grab that magazine that we aren't subscribed to just because its got a "free" set of papers on the front.  So what, we justify it by not smoking or drinking or going out for expensive meals or jetting away on 5* holidays.  We are allowed a treat once in a while.  But on the other hand, Scrubby is right, I do have a tonne of stuff and I need to use what I have in my room before buying more.  But, this has damn near done me in!  So, I would just like to say that even after all my grumping, huffing and puffing, I have decided to be mature about the whole thing and let you all know that............


Yes folks, I would like it to be known that my Scrubby failed!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  And I'm not going to be mature about it.  Let's face it, I don't have a mature bone in my body.  He caved in and I WON!  Im blowing big fat raspberries and even sticking my tongue out whilst waving my hands at the side of my face.  I won and he didn't.  I was strong and he caved like the 12 year old boy in a toy shop that he is!  HA!

Anyway, ahem!  Compose yourself Loops.  Heehee.  On to my flowers, lol.
I just LOVE these flowers.  I think I'm going to call them "Granny's Sewing Room" Collection.  What do you think?
I used this beautiful flowery fabric and then a white linen type fabric that was embossed with wee white flowers and flourishes.  So gorgeous

The thing I love about these flowers is that they can be so dimensional just by fluffing them up, but they can also be used on projects like cards where you want a more flat flower.
This is gorgeous spotty green fabric with the white embossed linen fabric

Look at these beautiful wee blingy babies.  I found these on ebay.  I got a massive big bag of 3'000 of them.....BEFORE Operation Be Good by the way!  I've had these weeks.
I decided to make some more of my pretty flower centres
You all know these ones.  My large 15mm flat back pearls with the bling mesh around the outside
This is a 15mm flat back pearl with 4mm pearl string  
These are my newer ones and smaller.  10mm flat back pearls inserted onto 10mm buckle sliders
And Tada!!!  My newest of the new...well I had to use those 3'000 blingy babies up!  After all, Scrubby did set the challenge to use what we had!
Aren't they cute and perfect for flower centres.
I used a wee buckle slider and blued one of the wee blingy babies into the centre.
Right, thats enough rambling for one day from me folks.  I hope you like my flowers and my wee centres.  You can all leave comments now telling my Scrubby that he has failed the human race, heehee.  Awww bless him, and he thought I'd be the one to cave in first.  You'd think he'd learn by now that there is nothing more I love than a good challenge.  After all, I'm constantly saying on here that I love a good challenge.  He obviously hasn't been keeping up with my blog!  And the moral to this story all Hubby's out there........always keep up with your wives blogs before setting them a challenge!  Heehee.

Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx
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  1. congratulations on not caving in and of course it would be the man that does. Although they are always right hun, and love the way he set the challenge and then kissed you on the head like a 6 year old too. Oh hun proud of you and gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous flowers and fabulous bargain too

    off to search e bay lol

    Hugs Kate xx

  2. Hi Lee well done at not caving in, men are so basic mine always cave's in eventually for two years he said we could not have a dog but I just kept quiet and when I retired showed him a picture of Bella and the next day we went to pay for her had to wait until she was old enough to leave her mummy and hubby actually phoned them up and asked if we could collect her a few days earlier than planned.

    Your flowers are as ever beautiful you are so clever. loads of love Alison xx (keep gloating)

  3. won. Isn't it great when you can put them in their place? lol

    Love the flowers...and the centres..very blingy :)

  4. Well done you for winning!!!!
    Your flowers are stunning Lee, I adore the material you have used and those sparkly centres are fabulous
    All the best, hope you have a great weekend

  5. oh wow how super love your flowers ... I still have the lovely ones that I won in your blog candy ... I have only used one and that was on a special card to my dear Mum ... anyway could not possible part with any of the others unless it was a really special occasion ... lol ... love your new style and love the green ones ... well done on win ... hubbys just do not understand sometimes don they ?? lol ... hope you are having a great weekend and have not been blown away ... happy crafting and love sandy xx
    ps thank you for visiting me ... have missed you ...

  6. such gorgeous flowers and love those wee blingy things - need to know where you got them from hun!

    now onto the imoportant business - yeah one up for us women crafters (and men if you are out there)!
    i don't think the men out there realise that when they challenge us to something like this we put our heads down and just get on with it - never liking to loose to DH's or others ever!
    i'm still keeping to my pledge of UIU and have even set myself some rules over what I can and can't buy for me birthday - no paper, no ribbons - still got loads of them! speak soon Karen x

  7. Good for you winning the challenge, luv the blingy centres and the flowers are gorgeous.
    Chris x

  8. These are so pretty Lee, love the gorgeous material and very pretty centres.

    Donna x

  9. Lee you are a diamond! Your flowers are just gorgeous but your story wins for me hands down, I'm laughing so much tears are about to run down my legs!
    My kids were really into Warhammer a few years ago and I loved painting them, they all still have all of it but never look at it anymore!
    Hugs Laurie xx

  10. Gorgeous Flowers Lee, Love the materials and the centre's are stunning...

  11. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous Lee, love the pretty fabrics and fabulous centres, would love to know which ebay seller you got them from.

    Wendy xx

  12. These are absolutely gorgeous hun! Also thank you for visiting my blog recently your comments are always a pleasure to read! Happy Crafting! xxx

  13. Your flowers are absolutely stunning hon....... as always!!

    And you had me roaring with laughter reading your tale about your brekkie conversation.... Soooooooooo glad you won!!

    Christine x

  14. Awesome flowers! You could fill up a whole garden with those beauties! Love the bling bling ;-)

  15. LOL! Your stories do make me laugh Lee, congratulations on your triumphant win. Your flowers are gorgeous as always and I love those little centers you do seem to find all of the best bargains on ebay, looking forward to seeing more of the pretty things you make with them
    Lindsay xx

  16. Your flowers are just gorgeous Lee, so pretty and feminine and ready to be put in an envelope to the UK lol.
    Love your story, you should be a columnist in a magazine, you are so good with words and detail.
    hugs {brenda] xox

  17. Oh my what a great story teller you are. I cannot believe your hubby gave in before you lol so funny. I love buying all the fabulous goodies as much as I do crafting. Your Grannies Sewing Room flowers are gorgeous and those bling flowers, wow, so many, are lovely too. Karen xx

  18. Hehe it's dull and damp here in Hull today Lee....but you've certainly brightened it up with your tale! Loving those flowers too and those blingy bits are come I never seem to spot these on ebay....oh yeah, you've already snapped them up lol xx

  19. aww congratulations on your win your flowers are stunning , tracy

  20. Oh my gosh, you are so darn funny, Lee!! I love your posts...I laugh out loud as I'm reading!! Congratulation on your so-deserved win!! I can't even go two days without buying something crafty :)

    WOW, the flowers are stunning!! The centers are beautiful!! You did an amazing job...LOVE them :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  21. Hi Lee, Ah, we always win in the end don't we? these men can never get one upon us!:)I love your beautiful flowers Lee and "Granny's sewing room" is a fabulous name for them - OMW all those blingy centres on Ebay? I won't tell you how much I grudgingly paid for five off a site last year...:(( Big Hugs, Teresa x

  22. Hi Lee

    Better late than never they say, but seems to be taking me forever to get back into the crafty mode after the hols.

    And Poppy's escapade hasn't helped, but thankfully she seems fine, apart from being a bit sorry for herself hopping along on three legs. Bat a miracle, cold have been far worse.

    The flowers on this post look totally stunning and inspirational, I'm off to drool over them a bit more.

    B x


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